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Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-evhallion, Apr 13, 2008.

  1. ARCHIVED-evercrak Guest

    but its they way i am going now whit Tainted heals and Dispel magic
  2. ARCHIVED-evercrak Guest

    but its they way i am going now whit Tainted heals and Dispel magic
  3. ARCHIVED-Anivias Guest

    Sentinel's fate lvling/dps Build
    Well i managed to get my adept3 lvl 83 rogue pet, and i wanted to try a build focused on this familiar. Why ? I found that theres many quest in Sentinel's fate asking you killing XXX mobs to update and i wanted to kill a bit faster. Sooo here is my build.. it's focused on the familiar keep it in mind.
    Oh and as a feedback.. Now my rogue pet is killing so fast.. so fast i feel useless :D
    Ok its based on a 170 AA pool start.
    Heart Constitution 5/5
    Swift Journey 5/5 (or anything else)
    Root Mastery 5/5
    Runic Protection 5/5
    Bewilderment 1/1
    TSO Summoner
    Minion's Constitution 5/5
    Minion's Critical Strike 5/5
    Pet Weapon Mastery 1/1 (5AA)
    Summoner's Soothing 5/5
    Minion's Mark 1/1

    Possess Minion 1/10
    Animated Dagger 10/10
    Parrying 4/10
    Wild channeling 10/10
    Shadow step 10/10
    Cabalist's Cover 4/10
    Minion's Zeal 10/10
    Reanimate 1/1 (2AA)
    Animist's Transferance 4/10
    Minion's Barrier 5/10
    Minion's Uproar 10/10
    Aptitude of the Theurgist 8/8
    Cabalist's Aura 8/8
    Elemental Toxicity 2/2 (4AA)

    Enhance: Nightshade 5/5
    Enhance: Chains of Torment 5/5
    Enhance: Dispel Magic 1/1 (2AA)
    Enhance: Necromantic Pact 5/5
    Enhance: Grasping Bones 5/5
    Enhance: Mortality Mark 3/5
    Tainted Heals 1/1
    Enhance: Soulrot 5/5
    Enhance: Bloodcoil 5/5
    Enhance: Pandemic 2/5
    Total: 170 AA
    Sooo whats the plan now ?
    Archlich's Lifetap 5/5
    Minion's Mark 5/5
    Wrath of the Undead Servant 1/1 (2AA)
    Disease Mastery 1/1 (2AA)

    Enhance: Pandemic 5/5
    Enhance: Bloody Ritual 5/5
    Lifeburn 1/1
    Enhance: Consumption 5/5
    Now.. you've got 18 AA to spend.. you can choose to go for Bloodpact or Ooze Crawler..
    Once you've got 70AA look at SF AA again.
    Minion's Adeptness 5/5
    Minion's Soustealing 1/1 (5)
    Noxious Debilitation 5/5
    Well.. at this point you might be 90.. it's time to think about a raid/group or a solo-tank build again.
    Feel free to comment or give any feedback :)
  4. ARCHIVED-Hardain Guest

    Drop the scout pet, get Expert mage pet and start researching for it so you eventually get it mastered. Scout pet is **** atm and has been for years. If you need better tank, then use the tank pet.
  5. ARCHIVED-Garlin1 Guest
    go to the AA tab (to lazy to type it out). That is a 250 AA build.

    Gonna move things around a bit, mainly points of FD focus into deity pet for the extra INT for more dps.
    It works just fine for me. With the right group build I am parsing 26-30k+. No caster buffs I am still doing near 20k.
  6. ARCHIVED-Vresk Guest

    Hello, I'm new to the necromancer class and recently back from a year hiatus. I am hoping to get some updated information on an AA build focused on dps. I'm not sure which pet to use, the scout or mage, and there appears to be conflicting suggestions thus far. Can anybody help me?

    Thank you in advance.
  7. ARCHIVED-Garlin1 Guest

    One post back is my AA build which is current. It is a very useful and powerful dps spec for groups or raids. Only thing I would chance is putting points into master strike and/or deity pet. Just haven't got around to figuring out what I wanna remove points from first.
  8. ARCHIVED-Vresk Guest

    Thank you for the quick reply. I saw your post and followed the link, but found the AA tab very difficult to read, so I wasn't having much luck with it. I'll look at it some more and see what I can glean from it.

    I was also wondering though... which do you rcommend, the scout or the mage pet? I realize this can be situational, but I'm not even sure which situations call for which pet. :)
  9. ARCHIVED-Garlin1 Guest

    Mage pet, the scout pet is still the weakest line in our pet lines. They gave it a little love, but nowhere near the amount it needs. It still melees like it is in jello and the flurry chance etc just doesn't do it.
  10. ARCHIVED-Vresk Guest

    Wow, still? Glad you responded. Thank you.
  11. ARCHIVED-joeyfishcakes Guest

    Is there any post on updated Solo/leveling tree since latest expansion?
  12. ARCHIVED-Captain Apple Darkberry Guest

    joeyfishcakes wrote:
    There was/is no need for a change in regards to a solo/leveling AA setup.
  13. ARCHIVED-Trensharo Guest

    I second the post above. Even when I first looked at the game in TSO the OP's way of going down the AA trees for a solo/tank pet build seemed pretty re-re.
    Yes, Tainted Heals are great, but your damage is so terrible you'd have been better off starting off as a Conjuror and then waiting until you had 50-60+ AAs before you bothered betraying to Necro if that's what you want to play...
    Also, some discussion must be given to whether or not a new/leveling player should level with the mage or tank pet. When I betrayed to Conjuror I didn't use my Stoneskins or pet stonskins - or even my pet heals on anything but Heroic and Named MOBs. I used the Mage pet from basically 30'ish to 60 with no issues. I cannot see the benefit of doing a tank build even for leveling since I can't imagine a 60 Necro has worse surviveability than a 60 Conjuror given the Fears, Roots, Stuns, Life Tap/AE Life Tap and Tainted Heals.
    The conjuror forum has all sorts of information and discussion about this. This forum seems a bit barren.
    Sorry if it feels like I'm just complaining. If I had the knowledge and/or experience I'd contribute it in a New York second.
  14. ARCHIVED-Jasuo Guest

    in all honesty you will get more info on the forums which must remain unnamed, they are and have always been a better collection point for info concerning this game
  15. ARCHIVED-Zeronx Guest

    Could someone please post an updated AA Progression chart like what the OP did? I am coming back after almost a year, and am lost. I want to know first and foremost the proper sequence for a Tank (Solo) build. Thank you
  16. ARCHIVED-Reiella Guest

    Right now it's a bit awkward since the AA trees just changed. I believe most of the differences now though are going to be you don't need to take filler AA to go down a specific tree.
  17. ARCHIVED-Xalmat Guest

    I can make a new AA thread in the near future.
    In the mean time here's roughly the DPS spec that I'm using on my Necro.
    Play around with the STR tree however you see fit. Do note that, because of Blood Pact, Reanimate isn't a good option in my opinion for us. And the Necro tree is about 30% needed AAs, 70% Filler.
  18. ARCHIVED-Solarax Guest

    Here is what I use as a raider . This is a slightly different spec than I have been using since I changed a couple points around in the Heroic tree to drop the points in Prowess ( I did hours of parsing on this );et250...1t300a@3080a001

    With this AA setup you will notice that
    Crit is not maxed ( guild and content only require about 410cc unbuffed )
    NO teamwork ( had to many problems with it)
    Shadow Step is at minimum ( doesnt seem to work half the time)
    Re animate is present ( AND USED A LOT in the new content)

    in the Heroic tree points are in HP and a receint change from 8 in prowess to 8 in ET as the loss of 138 int from prowess made almost zero difference but on raids a 3.2 second longer ET will make more of a difference
    I run right side prestige but as we sometimes have 2 necros in raid ( I know Right!!! ) the other necro runs left side for self re animate ( parses well below my parses )

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