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Discussion in 'Fighters' started by Teld, Feb 15, 2014.

  1. Teld New Member

    I am curious what monks are using for tanking. If the theory is to use a priority system or more of a fixed rotation. Also how do you interweave taunts?
  2. Errrorr Well-Known Member

    Personal rotation: (Full defensive) for zones like Dom.
    Inner Focus (3 Triggers)
    Superior Guard (1 Trigger)
    Tag Team (9s)
    Tsunami (22s)
    Inner Focus (3 Triggers)
    Superior Guard (1 Trigger)
    Bob and Weave (13s)
    Stone Cold + Provoking Stance (11s or so)
    Inner Focus (3 Triggers)
    Superior Guard (1 Trigger)
    Tag Team (9s)

    You get the picture. Use your shorter reuse stuff first, as it'll be up again sooner. Adapt to situations, don't use blockers if you don't have to.

    Don't be afraid to ask for death prevents etc from healers.
    Use Mountain Stance as much as possible (It'll be up 90% of the time unless unlucky).

    Generally you don't have to use a fixed rotation, but you pretty much can if needed.
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  3. Silzin Active Member

    Since Superior Guard will Stone Skin any type of attack and is only 1 trigger i normally hold it for AoEs that nothing else will do. But other then that Errorr's advice is spot on.
  4. Teld New Member

    Thanks for the info, what about CAs?
  5. Errrorr Well-Known Member

    Would out what 'order' works best for proccing combination [Monk line AA]
    Use AoE's wisely, combined with Mantis Leap if required for AoE aggro.
    The rest, just look at them sensibly and pick a somewhat logical order.
  6. Brickfist Member

    I usually start with mantis star (drops mobs total hp's on the pull) then baton flurry to speed up my spam. Combination is so far down my list on dps that I don't even worry about it anymore, if it procs cool, but I'm not going out of my way for it.
  7. Silzin Active Member

    Combination is normally # 5-7 on my parce... so i have my CA rotation set up to get 3 full Combinations each set, with each overlapping in case i get a missed hit. Also if you go Right Side Prestige or Double Conversion to make sure you use Dragonfire before you use Rising Dragon.
  8. Silzin Active Member

    i just loded an ACT log from raid last night and looked... Combination was not 5-7th... it was around #15 on parce. but it still did over 10k on a 1 mil zone wide. ok so i guess timing it is not that impotent. but it is still a little bit more dps that you can get out of your monk.
  9. Rasttan Member

    Our CA 's don't hit hard but you should try get combination off as much as possible it will out dps your CAs not using an order to fire it off is just wasting dps since it's so easy to do. As far as taunts use them every time they are up assuming you have the added damage to taunts in every AA spec like you should, they hit pretty hard but don't break a combo chain to use them.

    Combo is usually 7-10th on my parse May as well use it since there isn't a CA order any better
    I tossed a parse up you can check out combination there 66 procs in 9 min about 25k dps

    The parse is in the section under auto attack hit rate
  10. The_Cheeseman Well-Known Member

    Here is the basic order of attacks I use when pulling named:

    Pull with Peel (locks target and builds a lot of aggro)
    Hit Mantis Star on incoming (max HP debuff is uber)
    Master's Rage (avoidance debuffs)
    Pressure Point (mitigation debuff)
    [Baton Flurry] (I don't use this in my current spec, but it would go here)

    Now I start my major burn rotation:
    --Try to hit the next three bwtween a single auto-attack round--
    Crane Flock (DPS buff)
    Tormenting Assault (From Draconic Effigy, WDB buff and major threat boost)
    [Combat Mastery] (I don't have this in my turtle spec, but it goes here in my normal spec)
    --Now I begin my standard CA rotations in groups of 3, arranged to maximize Combination procs--

    Combination 1: Highest priority (if these are up, use them immediately)
    Striking Cobra
    Rising Dragon (If this resets Dragonfire, recast that as soon as it expires, before the end of Combat Mastery)
    Five Rings

    Combination 2: Medium priority (use as time allows)
    Frozen Palm
    Roundhouse Kick
    Waking Dragon

    Combination 3: Low priority (control effects/stuns can be saved for tactical use, if needed)
    Arctic Talon
    Rising Phoenix
    Silent Palm

    Other attacks are used only when these are down. Bear in mind that the major limiting factor on your Combination procs is the cooldown of your Punches (Striking Cobra, Frozen Palm, Arctic Talon) so make sure to time your attacks so that you can toss a combo every time a punch attack refreshes. Combo #1 contains all attacks with matching recast timers, so it is easy to time. Once you finish the alpha strike, you can easily follow-up your punch attacks with the quick-refreshing Roundhouse Kick and Waking Dragon to complete more combos. Do your best to maximize your Combination procs, it does a lot of damage if used correctly.

    Make sure you have the Dragon AA, "Ancient Advance", it turns your taunts into some of your best attacks. With this AA your taunts should always be on cooldown. No excuses.

    For tough fights like in Dominion, I prefer a temp-buff rotation like this:

    Start temp cycle (total melee immunity for 43 seconds):
    Tsunami (22 seconds)
    Bob and Weave (13 seconds)
    Tag Team (8 seconds)

    Warn the healer(s) when you hit Tag Team to let them know to activate their death-prevents/temp buffs on you for when your cycle ends

    As Tag Team starts to expire:
    Mountain Stance
    Body Like Mountain
    Brawler's Tenacity

    You will need to survive for about 45 seconds until Tsunami refreshes and your next temp cycle can begin. Use Provoking Stance, Inner Focus, Superior Guard, Mend, Draconic Shout, and such to fill in the gaps as needed. But do your best to save some for your second cycle, since you won't have Tenacity for that one.

    Second temp cycle

    The time between your second and third temp cycles is the most dangerous, since you won't have Tenacity up. Make sure your healers are prepared. Hopefully you saved some of your emergency abilities.

    As your third temp cycle begins, you basically start over at the beginning.

    Using this strategy, you are immune to melee attacks for roughly 50% of total combat time, and you can easily coordinate with your healers to maximize buffs during the periods between your immunity cycles to minimize incoming damage. Just make sure you communicate with your group!
  11. Lyonhearrt New Member

    I have a question on the combination. Does the order punch, kick, jab matter? I mean must I follow that exact order or can I kick, jab punch? Just looking for clarification.
  12. Silzin Active Member

    the combination does NOT matter, no. but what ever order you decide to start it in it is best to repeat that order all 3 times. this way 1 missed CA will... the combination chain can just continue ... i am to tired to finish the explanation... maybe tomorrow if this does not make since.
  13. Indrajit Member

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