Guide for new level 100 monk?

Discussion in 'Fighters' started by Indrajit, Jun 5, 2019.

  1. Indrajit Member

    I had a free level 100 character laying around so I decided to roll up a monk.

    Are there any guides about how to get started with him?

    I'll be starting out slow and maybe using him to PL at first so high AE dps build would be nice too. Maybe with some self-heals if they have those. (Can you tell my main is an SK? :) )
  2. Tupperbeast Active Member

    The Right Answer is learning by doing. Learn the Class and learn the spells, look the aa Build and put the Points in.
    Copy other Players dont help really, why is easy we all have other Play Styles.

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  3. Indrajit Member

    That's funny, all of the hundreds of people who write threads discussing the details of how to play the monk (or other classes) don't seem to agree with you. :) But it's all high level stuff, not much for beginners.

    And there are some very good guides out there for other classes that give advice that I would never have figured out in a hundred years.

    But thank you for posting. At least you increased the post count.
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  4. Tupperbeast Active Member

    I understand you and what you want and yes there are guides that are good but they do not help you to play the class you have to play in the end.

    Just learn your abilities to find out about the class itself, say all defensive tactics when and where to use which spell.

    For DPS say AOE there is not much on the monk or let's say it so Dragon Fire FTW)))

    You can go to EQ2U and look at Monks lvl110 check the AA at 350, but dont look at the Pot or so some goes Raid or have awesome stuff.
  5. Indrajit Member

    I find things go much faster and effectively if I look at what the experts do and then modify it to meet my preferences.

    This post seems useful. It took me a while to find it though.

    Here is the basic order of attacks I use when pulling named:

    Pull with Peel (locks target and builds a lot of aggro)
    Hit Mantis Star on incoming (max HP debuff is uber)
    Master's Rage (avoidance debuffs)
    Pressure Point (mitigation debuff)
    [Baton Flurry] (I don't use this in my current spec, but it would go here)

    Now I start my major burn rotation:
    --Try to hit the next three bwtween a single auto-attack round--
    Crane Flock (DPS buff)
    Tormenting Assault (From Draconic Effigy, WDB buff and major threat boost)
    [Combat Mastery] (I don't have this in my turtle spec, but it goes here in my normal spec)
    --Now I begin my standard CA rotations in groups of 3, arranged to maximize Combination procs--

    Combination 1: Highest priority (if these are up, use them immediately)
    Striking Cobra
    Rising Dragon (If this resets Dragonfire, recast that as soon as it expires, before the end of Combat Mastery)
    Five Rings

    Combination 2: Medium priority (use as time allows)
    Frozen Palm
    Roundhouse Kick
    Waking Dragon

    Combination 3: Low priority (control effects/stuns can be saved for tactical use, if needed)
    Arctic Talon
    Rising Phoenix
    Silent Palm

    Other attacks are used only when these are down. Bear in mind that the major limiting factor on your Combination procs is the cooldown of your Punches (Striking Cobra, Frozen Palm, Arctic Talon) so make sure to time your attacks so that you can toss a combo every time a punch attack refreshes. Combo #1 contains all attacks with matching recast timers, so it is easy to time. Once you finish the alpha strike, you can easily follow-up your punch attacks with the quick-refreshing Roundhouse Kick and Waking Dragon to complete more combos. Do your best to maximize your Combination procs, it does a lot of damage if used correctly.

    Make sure you have the Dragon AA, "Ancient Advance", it turns your taunts into some of your best attacks. With this AA your taunts should always be on cooldown. No excuses.
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