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Discussion in 'Fighters' started by select20, Mar 10, 2019.

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    I finished leveling my favorite class which is the Paladin. I like paladins across all games so I had to do that one first. I'm looking to level a 2nd tank just for the sake of having two tanks that different as much as possible from the paladin.

    Between these two, which feels most different from the Paladin playstyle?
    Also are Monks still geared more towards single target and Zerks towards AoE?
    Is the Zerk still considered an a more offensive tank than the Monk?

    Oh one more, I leveled my paladin by following the dungeon progression by level thing on EQ2i. I'm looking to do that same again just since i like leveling like that as it's mindless. I saw some people talking about leveling throuhg Agnostic dungeons using the group finder. Is that faster/better than moloing through dungeons with just a merc?
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    All things considered equal I think Monks have an edge on Zerkers for dps all around (thanks to dragonfire). However Zerkers are so damn fun and bring significantly more offense capabilities to groups (monks have more defense group capabilities). Aggro will be more of a challenge on a zerker than a monk, mainly since the state of the game is based on how high your potency/fervor is, which hurts some of the zerker taunts. Monks have a ton of positional stuff on low cool downs which doesn't rely on potency or gear. When scouts are aoeing for 60billion every 15 secs, the only thing that will hold aggro is hate transfers and lots of positional's (which monks have both). But again, Zerkers are a lot more fun to play (completely subjective :)

    Hope this helps.
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    What about Monks vs Bruisers?
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    Their dps is low. My warden can solo content more effectively.

    Their tanking is ok. Their dps is ok ... they are viable. Though now i have the fighter rune. If u don’t have the rune, it could be worse.

    The devs know exactly the issue with bruisers but haven’t touched them. Nothing for PoP, nothing at all. It’s a dead class to them .. they won’t touch bruisers anymore. Though i love the class and find it funnier than monks. I like the vicious combo and void strike boosting all your melee attacks. I love close mind but almost all fighters now have an equivalent.

    Anyhow efficiency wise they are bad, but if u like their playstyle, they can still manage stuff. And once u wanna play with the big kids, u just betray

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