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Discussion in 'Zones and Populations' started by ttobey, May 6, 2015.

  1. Breanna Well-Known Member

    They are cute little buggers
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  2. Prox Active Member

    Loved having my big dog , he was by no means a giant. He was an 95lb Shepard /Wolf mix. He enriched my life for 16 years and was my constant companion. 5 years later I still feel the loss. I know he is still with me, watching over me though. My significant other has a small dog , who is a sweet thing. Not the same though.
    I am not sure how you feel about cats , have a look at a Maine coon cat . They are amazing and grow very large. Sweet as pie though.
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  3. ttobey Developer

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  4. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    Lookie here!!! This is a Giant Continental. You can also Google Oak Creek Farms. Not sure why the link wont work right, have to paste it in browser.


    This is the bunny I want!! Ttobey you could make a bunny mount like this!!! But not before the BROOM MOUNT!!

    *Starts the Brewday Parade Version 2. First to go is a troupe of small Fae and Arasai struggling to hold down a large floating effigy of Ttobey wearing a Leprechaun suit and a Green Top Hat carrying a mug of Guinness. Second is a marching group of pipers both celtic pipers and bagpipers. Third is our first float of the Parade, well what do you know, it is Kaitheel, surrounded by worshippers, thanking him for all of the events and holidays and for listening to all of the requests that are made all year long, he has tables of Kaitheel treats and his favorite beverages and a cadre of treat and beverage guards, lining the edges of his float are Brewday Bubble Launchers. Next ……*
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  5. ttobey Developer

    There already is a rabbit mount.
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  6. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    I know, but it is not a Giant Continental Rabbit, its just a mutt rabbit.
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  7. ttobey Developer

    I had a great comeback for that poor rabbit mount but I don't have time to get called back over to HR right now.
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  8. Bludd New Member

    Was it because it was a travel rabbit?
  9. ttobey Developer

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  10. Prox Active Member

    Slips in and sets Ttobey alarm for 4 am Saturday morning. Must be adding the Flying Jackalope ,want to be able to get mine early.
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  11. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    *Sneaks in and resets the Ttobey alarm to 6:00 am as the only mount going in is the BROOM MOUNT*
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  12. ttobey Developer

  13. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    Why would you get called BACK over to HR? I have never complained about you. Seems that someone with a handle that starts with Kan would be the one going BACK to HR, I know what he said to people.

    Did you see Ttobey? I reset your alarm to 6:00 am, that other person set it for 4:00 am, you would be very tired. I am the nice one, not the psycho you think I am. *smiles sweetly*

    Only 207 days *does the Snoopy dance around the thread*. Well its time to continue the parade.

    *YAY.... its a troupe of Riverdancing Halflings launching Fireworks using the Gnomish Fireworks Launch-a-ma-jig 10000, lookie some of them are forming ale mugs, next we have another Ttobey effigy, this time he is dressed in a red body suit with an attached mask, a blue cape, blue gloves, and blue boots, he looks just like the Budman and he is carrying a mug of lager, this effigy is being held down by a group of satyrs wearing signs that read give us our questlines in Lesser Faydark back, we are bored standing around with no purpose. Now we have a cadre of teeny tiny brownie flutists, they are wearing the same signs as the satyrs, just a lot smaller, they are playing Crazy Train, imagine that!!! …. Next we have …*
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  14. Prox Active Member

    That may make me the psycho ......(que devious laugh)Muhuhahahha!!!
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  15. Prox Active Member

    Must be sleeping in today , getting rested up for tomorrow.
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  16. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    He better be working tomorrow or he missed a day and we all saw what Pijotre said.
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  17. Pijotre Well-Known Member

    I'm willing to cut him slack if he is in office today and just switched the days, as we could term the friday the saturday part of his free weekend, but if he doesn't report back to us within the next 24h I'll have to ask Niami to lend me the RPoD.
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  18. Prox Active Member


    Ttobey is busy with the Flying fire breathing Jackalope.
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  19. Prox Active Member

    A little nostaglia
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  20. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    The jackalope is in line but it is behind Pixi's snail, which is behind Lera's Cube, it is in front of Errrorrr's Goose though because Errrorrr disparaged the BROOM MOUNT. It is also in front of the possible tentacled thing because we have not heard back from Zedd on whether he wants a tentacled thing yet and Ttobey is the one that said he doesn't.
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