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Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-opteius, Oct 7, 2007.

  1. ARCHIVED-opteius Guest

    First off, I am new to eq2 so maybe this is common knowledge but....

    Transmuting. What is the best way to level this? It seems impossible. Ive spent 30g today buying rares and making mastercraft crap tailored pieces to melt and im still only at lvl 15 transmuting.

    I dont understand! How do people level it up cheaply???????
  2. ARCHIVED-Wyrmypops Guest

    I took my main and did a load of quests in Greater Faydark. Got a load of rewards to melt. And made an alt, who duly sent him any quest rewards and dropped items he found that were possible to be sent for melting.
    Course, once you reach 100 you get no updates from melting items, so don't go breakdown and start making things until you get to that point. It'll only depress you, as there's no pristine exp as there are with making the best result of a combine with other crafts because it doesn't advance that way.
  3. ARCHIVED-Varvar Guest

    Well, I don't think there is a way to increase transmuting skill both quickly and cheaply. However, you can mitigate the damage to your bank account.
    Up to skill 100, you get skill updates for breaking treasured, mastercrafted, legendary, and fabled items down into the shards, powders, and infusions. After 100, you only get skill updates for actually making items. Some of the recepies you have for transmuting actually give exp to your base tradeskill profession... no chance for transmuting skill updates with those. You need to make the right items.
    The unfortunate part is that the items that you make to increase your transmuting skill don't sell very well, so save some of those shards and powders to make some stuff that is actually marketable. (Search broker for the best-selling items.)
    When I log in to my transmuter, I hit the broker and take coin from sales, then search for treasured items in the level range that I know I can transmute. Its frustrating to click through all of the pages of AppIV spells, however. I buy the cheapest items reguardless of their level because you get skill updates for grey recipies, too (albeit a little less frequently.)
    Don't forget to check for legendary, mastercrafted, and fabled items also. Occassionally you find a gold mine of stuff for sale with good prices.
    I could make mastercrafted stuff to break down, but I think that would be a waste of time and money.
  4. ARCHIVED-Calthine Guest

    It's often said you can skillup Transmuting fast or cheap, but not both.

    Since you can get skillups on grey recipes (the chance of a skillup bottoms out at 25%), one strategy is to roll a new toon of the same alignment and farm the newb Isle for drops and rares. Pass them to your Transmuter through the shared bank. I seem to recall someone maxed a new Transmuter in three weeks by dedicating themselves to this method.

    Remember there are no Pristine bonuses for Transmuting, so don't bother with the Legendary (and more expensive) adornments unless you got all the components without actually paying cash for them. Start monitoring your server's market to see what Transmuter-made adornments sell and which are just going to be vendor trash.

    A handy-dandy FAQ: The Transmuting FAQ
  5. ARCHIVED-Milamber_le_mage Guest

    It's very hard for me to level my transmuting skill, I'm around 117 and I keep all tresured and adept 1 in banks and on alt banks.
    I choose the cheapest way to level transmuting (I'm poor so it's not a choice lol): harvest rare , making mastercrafted , transmuting ..... but It's way toooooo long ! anyone can help me ? do you know another cheap way ??
  6. ARCHIVED-Jrral Guest

    Milamber_le_mage wrote:
    If you're above 100 Transmuting skill, you can't get skill-ups by transmuting things. You can only get them by making Transmuting adornments/items. The only reason to transmute items after level 20 (skill 100) is to generate raw materials for making things.
  7. ARCHIVED-Timaarit Guest

    Milamber_le_mage wrote:
    Like Calthine said, there is no fast AND cheap way. It is either fast and expensive or cheap and slow. With the fast way you can get to 350 in a day or 2 but it will take about 120 to 150p. The cheap but slow way is to farm for treasured/legendarey/fabled items with a low level alt. A bit faster but equally cheap way is to farm those items with an appropriate level alt, this means if you can make t3 adornments, you need lvl 20 to 29 items. This is because it is slightly easier to gain skillups when doing adornments closer to your actual skill.

    For example when I had 100 skill, I got 1 skillup for each 3 t1 adornments I made, at 300 skill I gained 1 skillup for each 7. And at this point I gained 1 skillup for every other t7 adornments I made.
  8. ARCHIVED-JesDer Guest

    Timaarit wrote:
    That is misleading. As already stated, the bottom chance for skill up is 25% no matter what level difference there is. You do get a much higher chance of skill up on even con recipes (seems to be around 75%).
  9. ARCHIVED-Whysprr_Wyrd Guest

    Varvar wrote:
    If you put the string '-appren' (no quotes) in the name field of your search you can eliminate all those annoying app4s.
  10. ARCHIVED-Whysprr_Wyrd Guest

    What I discovered fairly late in the process (doing it the expensive way) was that T2 and T3 transmuting is the most time-and-money efficient. The ratio of powders and fragments in those two tiers lends itself to running your transmuting recipes only to the first quality level. You get the same skill-up chance in a third the time, usually at lower cost per skill point than with the higher level recipes.
  11. ARCHIVED-Calthine Guest

    Whysprr@Kithicor wrote:
    I have two searches. One for Treasured/Attunable, one for Treasured with the word "Adept" in them.
  12. ARCHIVED-Belaythien Guest

    Whysprr@Kithicor wrote:
    Will this stay the same with RoK? Are there any indications that they will change levelling off grey recipes? EQ2 has become highly unreliable lately, with all the status loot, spell upgrades, etc. changes. Is it safe to keep low level items to level transmutation once RoK is released?

    I know the NDA is still around but maybe some Dev made a remark somewhere, as they sometimes do.
  13. ARCHIVED-Rijacki Guest

    Belaythien wrote:
    There hasn't been anything said about the skill chance cap changing and Domino is pretty good at giving info even on changes to come.
  14. ARCHIVED-JesDer Guest

    Rijacki wrote:
    I would also think that the fact they changed tinkering to match transmuting would also support that.
  15. ARCHIVED-Domino Guest

    Belaythien wrote:
    I certainly have quite enough other things on my plate without nerfing your transmuting skill ups! Besides, my own transmuter is still stuck somewhere in the 125 region ...
  16. ARCHIVED-sokil Guest

    I lvled my transmuter fast then slow as I ran out of plat. total costs... around 60plat. Now I am maxed and what is the return? Not much becuase most players think I should tranmute for free "because it does not cost you anything" or give a 1g tip. These ones are almost as bad as the ones that say they want a transmuter then ask for adornments for Sta/wiz not having any idea what they are speaking about. When I tell them a good website they say it is too much work. Blah. The only return on my 60plat is that I do not have to pay someone to transmute for me.
  17. ARCHIVED-Belaythien Guest

    DominoDev wrote:
    Thanks for the information. So there's one ray of hope ... what with all the platinum I wasted for level 67+ masters for my chars Guess I can start planning my way to level 75, instead of feeding loot from twinks to the competition
  18. ARCHIVED-Thantoes Guest

    Jesdyr@Unrest wrote:
    I haven't seen or heard about this --Where did you see that? (thank-you)
  19. ARCHIVED-Generic123 Guest

    The biggest single problem with transmuting is that when you break something down you turn around and use it to level instead of making it available for other recopies. This means weapon adornments are basically worthless because there are so many of them produced during leveling but other adornments are hard to find because everyone uses the material to level their transmute instead of making adornments people want.
    The whole system would work better if the weapon adjournments were changed to normal recipes and given to some needy trade skill and you leveled transmuting by breaking stuff down much like you do in the early levels. At least the product of getting transmutting skills up would get used by someone instead of just geting vendored for a few copper.
  20. ARCHIVED-Belaythien Guest

    Generic123 wrote:
    Weapon adornements sure aren't worth much for the producer, but the reason why other adornments are so expensive lies in many other factors which most people simple deny to see. Nothing is as expensive as adornments: components are very expensive, materials from items are unpredictable -> risk which has to be payed for, keeping a stock of material and adornments is pricy and has to be payed for, etc. These are the reasons why adornments are expensive. Not the fact that people use transmuted materials to level.

    Things would not change if you no longer need fragments/etc. to level. In lower tiers people wouldn't create them because profit is too low. It's the same for mastercrafted armor in anything but T7. There hardly are any and those that are there are way overpriced. In higher levels nothing would change as hardly anybody uses T7 adornments to level. Even IF they were used people would just create more materials by buying stuff from the broker. It wouldn't get cheaper as prices on the broker in T7 are just slightly over the NPC price, even for legendary stuff. People would create less transmuted material and we'd be back where we are.

    Removing transmuted materials from levelling a transmuter would only change things in the first few weeks of RoK. In the long run it wouldn't make much of a difference. Sure treasured weapon adornments aren't worth anything but the NPC price, but I think it's good. People get prepared to spent A LOT of money and unless you are prepared to do that, you won't make a good transmuter. Everybody else benefits too, as they get cheap treasured adornments. As a transmuter myself, I think it's a win-win situation ;)

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