Level Cap 95 Requires New PVP Gear

Discussion in 'PVP Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Nemas Ravenor, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Nemas Ravenor Guest

    I would really like to ask for a statement from a developer on this issue, because with the next expansion the level cap rises to 95 and with it there will be all new 95 Raid Gear. This new gear will make all of the still brand new Level 92 PVP gear that thousands of us are grinding tokens to obtain utterly obsolete in two months.
    So, please Mr. or Ms. Developer "will you be creating all new LEVEL 95 PVP gear that will go live the SAME DAY the new expansion comes out or will we have to wait months, or a year for a new update?"
    If you don't do that you will be negating every minute all of us have spent grinding out the tokens for the new 92 PVP Gear.
    I'd like to be clear: I love the return of the Avatars and what it could mean for open world contested PVP on Nagafen, but my biggest problem is the time invested in obtaining this new 92 gear only to find out it will be worthless in two months.
    If you want raid gear to be the ultimate in PVP gear, fine, but then why all the effort to create level 92 gear and entice us to grind for it by saying it will be useful in PVE, when there is an immediate increase in level and gear coming up.
    Please, I know it is futile to ask, but a statement from a developer should be made here.
  2. ARCHIVED-CrypticEnigma Guest

    Nemas Ravenor wrote:
    TBH since our pvp dev is doing double duty of tradeskill/pvp dev I highly doubt we will get any new lvl 95 pvp gear...maybe down the road months after live but at live dont see it.
  3. ARCHIVED-General_Info Guest

    Daalilama@Nagafen wrote:
    I'll laugh if not only the dev creates TS recipies but puts your 'new pvp armor' as armorer recipies off the bat.
  4. ARCHIVED-Shredderr Guest

    I fully believe they will just upgrade the stats on the pvp gear during an update , without having to create new gear . A simple solution .
  5. ARCHIVED-kamochi Guest

    I wish my glass what half full but if history has anything to teach us is that the pvp gear we just recieved will be outdted and there will not be a replacement for over a year that is comparable so we will once again have to raid and get pve gear to mix and match simply to compete in pvp as the lvl 95 raid and drop gear will be better than the pvp jewelry and most likely better than the armor. Alredy it is a toss up between the proc gear and leathiality/toughness. when you compare lvl 92 gear to lvl 95 there will be a difference or why have lvl 95 gear drops at all?
    The logic behind it is that they just put a lot of man hours into giving us new pvp gear that works for a small portion of the EQ2 population.
    I hope I am wrong.

    On a side note: raiders did get the shaft when the allowed heirloom havoc marks as it now takes very little effort to get full pvp gear for a lvl 92 toon using a lvl 30 ranger which is why I suspect the lvl 95 raid gear will be much better than the pvp gear. Raiders are the bread and butter of EQ2 and the base that keeps other players. Of course they could make lvl 30 raiding and allow them to trade the lvl 92 gear that drops to their alts:) just saying.
  6. ARCHIVED-Nemas Ravenor Guest

    Shredderr wrote:
    This isn't terrible and I won't complain about this if it is put out live same day as the expansion. REALLY WOULD LIKE A DEVELOPER TO COMMENT PLEASE.
    What are your plans for PVP Gear when the level cap goes up to 95? Thousands of players need to know if they should bother farming tokens anymore to buy 95 gear, or should they go back to working on their PVE toons, and/or find a raid guild on Nagafen to try and kill Avatars?
    Please tells us ahead of time what your plans are... as in N.O.W.
    thx :)
  7. ARCHIVED-Nemas Ravenor Guest

    Bump until a developer comments.
  8. ARCHIVED-razu Guest

    Perhaps they will make a tier 4 (level 95) set of gear. Same concept as right now, you must have the Tier 3 (level 92) piece before you can purchase the Tier 4 upgrade.
  9. ARCHIVED-BlueEternal Guest

    That is most likely what will happen. ^
  10. ARCHIVED-Nemas Ravenor Guest

    razu wrote:
    If this is most likely what will happen then it would be thoughtful for a developer to confirm this is their plan or not. And tell us if this, or anything, will go live same day as the expansion.
  11. ARCHIVED-Astornoth Guest

    I like your optimism guys but camon that patch that we recently got was filling 2 yeahr gap on PvP/PvE gear so I expect this post will live rather long ;).
  12. ARCHIVED-Nemas Ravenor Guest

  13. ARCHIVED-raydenwins Guest

    Also concerned if there will be t4 pvp gear or at least increase the stats on the t3 gear to make certain that pvp gear is better than pve gear. Looking for SOE response
  14. ARCHIVED-Cathulla Guest

    Thank very much for bringing this up as i was also NOT pleased with how soe lets bg players collect DUST yet again . yes after 95 has been out a while our hard earned max 92 bg gear will be 2nd rate junk . so whats the plan this time soe give us new gear then make it crap a few months later . then make us collect dust again for 6 months like before . not pleased with your bg work only 3 zones and one i totaly hate Klack where you get no heals it's just a waste of time . i was hoping bg would be a good way to gear my alt's but once again you make me doubt if it's worth my trouble for more than one toon . GIVE us 95 bg gear or upgrade the T3 - 92 after 95 comes DO Something SOE not nothing like before .
  15. ARCHIVED-sveppir Guest

    Please do not act like we do not deserve an answer.
    What is it going to be and when?
  16. ARCHIVED-sveppir Guest

    sveppir wrote:
  17. ARCHIVED-sveppir Guest

    Nemas Ravenor wrote:
    Still anxiously waiting for a response.
  18. ARCHIVED-diabloii Guest

    +1 for new T4 gear once we hit 95.
  19. ARCHIVED-sveppir Guest

    Shredderr wrote:
    How would that make 92 gear on par with level 95 gear?
  20. ARCHIVED-Balrok Guest

    SOE Live... wait in the shadows a few more days.

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