Labor Day WEEK LONG Bonuses!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by dreamweaver, Sep 1, 2020.

  1. Tkia Well-Known Member

    Well, according to some posts back up there apparently we do ...
  2. ODD3 New Member

    @Dreamweaver please argue on our behalf for double (or triple) STATUS this coming week.
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  3. Silresa Member

    Haven't played in years - any info on exactly what/where these "limited time" drops are? Is it all newer content? Strewn about? If anyone has some info/links that'd be swell.

    Or, wait.. are they only dropping for a limited time, or are the items themselves time limited and expire? There's a crazy huge amount of conflicting and confusing info out there for EQ2 at this point.

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  4. ianiention New Member

    I'm sure there'll be a "Limited Time Solo Quest drops" as well?
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  5. Grawl Member

    I have to agree with this. Why double previous coins?
    I'm happy with the double exp, but why not current Kunark coins?
    This honestly doesn't make sense.

    I'm not being ungrateful, but a lot of people left Kaladim TLE because of itemization. Double exp only is not going to bring people back. You need to offer more to get people back onto the server/game. Please help TLE server last longer.
  6. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    Usually any type of Mission can reward them. It's a good reason to go around the Luclin overland zones and complete the drop and click missions.
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  7. Katzandra Well-Known Member

    If the event starts at 12:01 AM PDT on Thursday 9/3 and ends at 11:59 PM PDT on Thursday 9/10, can we pick up a second set of double experience weeklies on the last day of the event and complete them after the event ends?

    This needs clarification just in case the event is supposed to end on Wednesday 9/9 at 11:59 PM PDT before the second set of weeklies come out. We don't want to be disappointed when we go to get the quests on the 10th and they don't reap doubles! And if we can get a second set for doubles, it is nice to plan ahead so we don't miss the opportunity!
  8. Tanto Done, finished, gone.

    Sigh.. you know that little voice in your head before you post something? "I do want to ask this question, but... what if they haven't noticed, and it's something that looks like it'll be of benefit to us?" Maybe instead of pressing Post Reply, you just silently delete what you've written and wait and see?
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  9. Breanna Well-Known Member

    All the complaints going on about the free stuff is crazy. This is exactly how we ended up losing all the vet rewards because people kept complaining. You guys do realize they could do absolutely nothing right. Be appreciative of what you're getting and ask politely for maybe next time could we please have double status since it's been so long :)
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  10. Katzandra Well-Known Member

    My guess is that it is ending on Wednesday just before midnight and this was a typo. I like my clarification in advance.
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  11. Katzandra Well-Known Member

    On behalf of those of us who maintain small guild halls for our alts and have been anticipating the annual Labor Day double status (double guild status??), could we please get it reinstated?
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  12. Breanna Well-Known Member

    I second that!!!! I was also hoping for double status since it's been a while but..... didn't happen so hopefully Dreamweaver can put in a request for Thanksgiving :) Since we usually get the free stuff on holidays. PLEASE! :D With sugar on top (or whatever topping will get it for us)
  13. Thand Well-Known Member

    I wish they would do familiar exp or spell reducers again
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  14. Cassta Well-Known Member

    Thank you Devs! Reading the posts, I know we would all like to see every existing bonus listed. However, I suspect even then someone would comment there were "too many" choices. :p Thank you again, it is a special surprise to be receiving these bonusus for a full week vs. a weekend.
  15. Thatdarncat Active Member

    Thanks to the team for the bonuses. Even when they aren't exactly the ones I would have wanted, it's always good to have whatever comes into the rotation this time around. Having them for a full week is great, too.
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  16. Roshaun New Member

    Huzzah. Now I can cap my last six tradeskillers.

    Early request for double guild status during Gear Up Level Up again. I don't mind waiting a year between guild status bonuses, as long as we get them!
  17. Dude Well-Known Member

    Getting a free gift is getting boot leather from an overlord? lol ok
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  18. Chris Thompson Active Member

    Just curious- for all means "all members" or "all including FTP"?
    Cuz the in-game opening pop-up says "Members only"

    BTW Not ********, just asking
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  19. dreamweaver Developer

    The bonuses are member bonuses as far as I am aware.
  20. Siren Well-Known Member

    Download the free version first, Almee! I haven't tried it yet, but I think you can get a ways through the game with maybe 1 character per account or something like that? I'm sure it's chat restricted like they all are, so gold farmers don't hijack the chat windows, and the free one probably has a level cap, but it's a good way to try it before you pay another sub fee.

    NotD is incoming, then Frostfell then Erollisi, so I probably won't bother with FFXIV til early next year. Plus, sooner or later another PvP server will eventually open up here....Good luck and let me know how it is, though. :)

    PS/ Thanks for the bonuses, Dreamweaver and Darkpaw! :cool: I just got some time off. Perfect timing!
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