Labor Day WEEK LONG Bonuses!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by dreamweaver, Sep 1, 2020.

  1. Faelynn Active Member

    Please do not say "for all" if that does not mean ALL. Meaning, non-members. If it is limited to members, then please explicitly state that in your announcement. I always have a sub, so it makes no difference to myself personally; however I do know multiple folks that do not run subs, and we had our hopes up with this one that this meant that they would get to have the bonus xp for this event. Please revise the OP and keep in mind for future announcements.
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  2. Almee Well-Known Member

    Siren, I've been periodically playing FF XIV since the BoL release. It's a pretty good game but hard for me to play at my age.

    I'm just about to the point where I have to buy the game, if I'm going to continue to play when EQ2 is down. I've been putting it off because I wanted to spend my money on EQ2 stuff, which is way overpriced, and I'm too cheap to buy it unless it is on sale for a reasonable price. Who knew DP is so rich they don't have to hold sales on major sale days now. I never had the luxury of doing that when I owned two stores.
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  3. Fikkif New Member

    Double coins on previous Hunters? What the heck? Are you serious. This is such a slap in the face.
  4. Edaine New Member

    Still waiting on a ticket to get answered, but it should be noted that I was waiting around the quest NPC for the feather to pop to knock out the new weekly Ahoy and Big Baddies quest. As soon as the feather popped, I picked it up and killed the named in The Blinding. Well, we did not get the double bonus. It seems I picked the quest up before the double event started, a minute later. Might I suggest delaying the NPC from giving out quests until after a double event starts? That's 48 Peculiar Tokens I don't know if I'll be getting back.
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  5. Seth Active Member

    you clearly do not play on kaladim.
  6. Faelynn Active Member

    Welp, seems that this XP bonus IS, in fact, for everyone including non-members. That being said however - one of my friends' first night at this was wasted because he logged in, saw in the Welcome screen "XP bonus live now for members only", and immediately logged off because it said "for members only". While we do appreciate that it is active for ALL, as advertised on this post, would it be too much trouble if the devs could update that text, perhaps have two versions of that XP bonus graphic to have it use when XP bonus is activated, depending on whether it is activated for ALL or for members only??
  7. WhysperWynde Well-Known Member

    I and my 20 characters, 18 on Skyfire & 2 on Kaladim, are VERY GRATEFUL & APPRECIATIVE of all this extra bonus & double stuff, particularly experience. Double Status would be Oh So Sweet because my Ogre Gorralok Oggrok has been saving up shinies, questing & cooking (she's our provisioner) for the righteous black Lion Mount whose name I can't remember right now = needs 3,000,000 SP & is hovering at 248,+++,+++ right now. Or maybe it's 300K & she's got 248K but she's been hankering for it forever & driving us all craycray!!!

    But I certainly can't complain about such an excellent game that takes up most of my blissfully retired life and y'all do realize that Dark Paw Studios doesn't have to give you anything in ways of bonuses, yes? A little gratitude goes a long way towards future bling!
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  8. WhysperWynde Well-Known Member

    Forgot to add that I gave ALL my 18 Skyfire gals BackPacks & we are wearing them showing instead of cloaks. Of the type with 44 Slots I think it is, very expansive. My Kaladim girls already wear backpacks instead of cloaks. 2 of my Skyfire characters have FrostFell Backpacks that don't have extra slots but are very festive, Ogre Gorralok Oggrok has a Sinister FF pack with flaming eyed skull hanging in back and Monk Lettiah has a Merry FF pack with candycanes & baubles dangling. Also one of my 3 Kerrans Khajiinet has THREE fancy costume backpacks; I didn't know she was such a pack rat! LOL

    ALSO, Everfrost is LOADED with triple & double harvestable nodes - bush on top of log on top of mining node! It's great, I've been harvesting like crazy there. Is this true of other places in Norrath? Haven't checked yet. Is this part of the bonuses we've been thrown for holiday week? There is so much to do now = gotta get back to it!!!
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  9. Melt Actually plays the game

    If this post is indicative of the community, why would I?
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  10. Baphmistra Active Member

    yerbo said:
    “Are you SURE there's no Limited Time Familiar drops? :(
    This reminds me of an idea I had a long while back. Since it rains almost every April First or so, we could always do a familiar tie in to Bristlebanes' Day. Simply have it raining familiars, cat and dog familiars. This way it really would be raining cats & dogs. :D
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  11. Baphmistra Active Member

    Sadly I have about 8 before I get to post something, so be happy you only have 1 to deal with. :rolleyes:
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  12. Almee Well-Known Member

    Yes, you can find packed nodes in various areas now. I think it is great. For the first time I've been able to level harvesting fairly evenly between the skills instead of having foresting and trapping fall behind. I really enjoy harvesting so much more now.
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  13. parissa Well-Known Member

    I have a character on tle gathering dust... why put effort into another character to get shoved into AB when you get to current content again (already rode out the other ones)... i played in beginning, tle isn't anywhere close to original imo.... still once again.... you don't have to be rude to Dreamweaver just because you didn't get what you wanted from him... you might not like what he posted, but its not just about you or me.... there are others in this game that might be trying to catch up... and could in fact use those things... i think thats what everyone forgets...even if its not good for you... it.might be for others... like the one person that wanted to try tle but felt they could never catch up to everyone else...
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  14. Dude Well-Known Member

    This is the thing that people seem to ignore/miss. There are multiple bonus events throughout the year. Not everyone will benefit from all of them. The people trying to enter/return/catch up need the double XP. This is a great event for them. Others may not need the XP, but may really appreciate the mount/research/merc training reduction items. Next event others will benefit from different things. That's ok. Just enjoy it for what it is and you'll likely get the event you prefer next time.
  15. Wulfgyr I've got friends in EQ2Wire places

    Hey Almee,

    Not sure how long it's been since you last touched FFX|V, but the free trial was altered with the recent patch. Now you can level up to 60, the Heavensward expansion is also included, and I believe there's no time limit. As you know, there's no chat restrictions, so don't need to worry about that part of Siren's post. :D And of course, you can always pick up a second/third/fourth job by speaking to the requisite guild receptionist without having to start an alt; I can't remember if there's a restriction on number of character slots, tbh.

    Hope that helps!
  16. Seth Active Member

    Again, you clearly dont play on the TLE. Double XP week sure why not I'm sure some people want to level alts / maybe start on the server, but wake up call, we're half way through Kunark, we where served trash on a plate, People exploited it like mad , daybreak did nothing. Okay understandable bit too hard to do a rollback at the start of the server launch or to lock a zone I get it , takes them 5000 buttons worth to do it, oh wait they locked tones of raid zones on live when they where not tuned correctly.

    Mid way through content, it's still awful, mobs have a billion HP and do no damage or mobs 1 shot you and have a billion HP.
    Time sink much.

    Midway Through we get an event that is supposed to be an event, Hunters coins, since your on Live , hunters coins are a currency you collect similar to ethereal coins ( except you can do them all the time since they have no end date ).
    Getting Previous Tier Hunter Coins When we're Midway through a trash expansion that was meant to be good, already getting the Newer Hunters Coins and we dont receive the new versions.

    I get it I get it , it's Daybreak and DayLoveToBreak.

    But at this point, I mean sure you can say " but their are people wanting to play catch-up or whatever, what are they catching up to exactly? a current Expansion riddled with Bugs and Exploits that should have been fixed years ago? Or the - hate gain on tank gear? Or the new " Turq Adorns " you can move to overpowered gear because they are 10x better than set bonuses ?

    Best part is you can buy all these adornments off the broker haha, Hey daybreak can I buy a few Krono's from you ? KKTNX

    You know what would have been awesome? Using Our Veteran Rewards XP potio - oh wait they removed those due to " Balancing Issu-*Cough*"-Cash"es "

    Know what else would have been awesome? Not Claiming that Pack on one of my characters which they said could be used on any Server, Ahh wait Kaladim is a no go for it ? KK TNX , not going to return it to me Even After I petitioned ? KK TNX.

    Like Honestly, I am pretty sure the Majority, yes talking the majority here, are crafters and raiders. Okay So Crafters get Moonlight Event and Tinkerfest and Heroes Festival and Nights of the Dead and Frostfell and Brewday and Easter events + a thousand more I am sure.

    Right now let's see what raiders get.

    Okay so lets think, Hunters okay Old Coin Hunter Events Okay, next thing would have to be I actually dont know, have we ever seen double loot from raids? SOE used to do that, I know that much. Okay so we still have 1 thing.

    Right next thing ahh yeah Broken bosses, Broken Raid Gear, Raid Gear that get's muted within a heartbeat, Mobs on Roids that need 50 injections of Narcan to be brought to tolerable.

    More imput is Greatly Appreciated.

    A Humble Player that is using his Voice.

    Trust me or dont Trust me, I'm golden when it comes to solid good Non-Thieving , Wholesome Companies, those that listen to the community, those that Act Upon it, those that stand by their own Code and ToS, those that Appreciate and Value their Community and their Paying Customers, Those that are not crass or ignorant or sly or belittling or hostile or those deliberately Ignoring people / servers.

    You know how insanely Easy it would be for a company to say to their community " Hey Guys so the reason we're doing X or Reason we're not doing X is because of X and our game plan forward is still in progress / undecided / already determined/ still gathering more data.

    Want to know what DBG do?
    Example A. -
    Example B. -
    Example C. -

    Just to reiterate This is not a " Hostile Post " As the copy and paste macro I got from Dreamweaver in a private message stated, clicked his link he provided to find this section with my post not even on it, so I'm not sure what my " offense " was.

    However the Post I did Write was incredibly Mild and a viewpoint On the current state of the game in relations to what I and plenty of others have went through.
    To have it removed is like you want the large majority of the community who dont actually like the way your running things and are waiting for the game to be sold to someone else to be quiet while you work behind the scenes and slowly kill the game off.

    Like Honestly what was it that you brought recently? Struggling to keep like 4 games alive and you buy something else...Is that meant to be the next World of Warcraft or something or the next Overwatch or the next Fortnight lol.

    If you cant run your current games correctly, why buy something else and expect it to go any different ?

    Again to Reiterate, this is not a hostile Post and it's not targeted towards anyone specifically just the Daybreak Company Name and to those inside it who feel what they are doing is actually for the players.

    Would Love to see a full raid of Daybreak Employees log onto Kaladim and use mixmatched raid armour to kill Tangrin. Infact we will be lenient, you can use next expansions ward of elements armour.
  17. WhysperWynde Well-Known Member

    I have 2 Characters on Kaladim but rarely ever play them. What is it about Kaladim? I forget why even that server is different from others but it seems to take more effort to kill stuff there. Is that the idea of it? More challenging? I just get bored there honestly. I even remade those same Characters to join my other 16 on Skyfire. Maybe someone could explain the MERITS of Kaladim to me?
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  18. Dude Well-Known Member

    The TLE servers are supposed to be more like the game was at launch. That's all.
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  19. parissa Well-Known Member

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  20. parissa Well-Known Member

    Does this one have housing in it like eq2?

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