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Discussion in 'Podcasts and Other Media' started by dreamweaver, Mar 26, 2020.

  1. Uncle Active Member

    can kandar explain pot mit/combat mit in more detail because i posted a few months back about teh curves in heroics (t1-normals) and t2 challenge cause as it stands now as scout i ddid nto begin to put a dent tinto t2 named encounters until i was mainly t1/t1 raid geared @ almost 180k pot imho this shouldnt be this way.. and this is why half of your heroic content not being ran by pick up group @least on skyfire..

    after listening to podcast three.. i have this .02 if yuo want things liek flurry to be useful maybe turn back on conversion foir it or add it to other then tank stat gear and remove the pentality off def packed of heroic ~raid mobs

  2. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    Dreamweaver, can you clarify this statement to specifically state where you are advertising (medium used), where that's happening and specifically how you're targeting old players or new ones? Since you indicate that we don't see it, I'm curious why this is the case since many of us have extremely broad backgrounds across many of the current mediums. I think if you're looking for suggestions, it would be helpful to know what and how you're advertising now in order to formulate some solid recommendations.
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  3. Adene Member

    This is maybe more of a Dreamweaver question than a Kander question, though it would probably necessitate interaction (or at least reading) from more people than you two: Would you consider adding another forum section to the EQ2 Development section called Suggestions (or whatever suits), and styling it in a similar way to the Bug Reports section? One suggestion per post, Upvote suggestions you like so ideas with broader appeal float to the top, and add tags to indicate things like "We'd love to do this, but holy crap the time involved is way beyond what we can do," "Not sold on this yet, please elaborate," "This is great and fairly easy to implement, we'll look at slotting some time for this," "In the works, please look forward to it," and "Dear god no, a thousand times no." With, you know, shorter tags than that. :p (Also, if something a bunch of people like gets a "No way, no how, never" tag, a short blurb about why you guys hate it would help a lot, barring the occasional troll requests that probably need no explanation for the "no" response.)
  4. dreamweaver Developer

    Not at the moment, but that might be an option down the line. In previous iterations on other communities I've moderated those have been fairly rife with trolling and factional wars between players with little benefit to development teams since calendars are made so far in advance. Not completely against to be clear but not something I am going to implement at the moment.
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  5. dreamweaver Developer

    Lots of those things I can't actually talk about because of how it works, but I would say that if it is a major digital platform we are likely doing some form of advertising on it and we are utilizing the targeting tools that are available including indicated interest and similar things.
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  6. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    Thanks for prompt response. Unfortunately, I won't be able to share ideas I might have absent any idea of what or how you're doing it. Secrecy is fine and I get it, but it means people like myself can't help you if it's hidden behind a curtain, haha.
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  7. Adene Member

    Fair enough. I have (perhaps unrealistically) high hopes for our ability to restrain ourselves, but I can imagine it creating a headache, or at least a substantial additional time sink. Thanks for the quick reply!
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  8. dreamweaver Developer

    I would say that if you want to share general ideas or talk about theoreticals we can, I just can't get very specific.
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  9. ThornNaturesoul New Member

    Crafting is one of the only reasons I have stuck with this game for so long. After the last few expansions and especially after "Blood of Luclin" it seems that the developers or someone behind the scenes hate crafters. Its been getting worse and worse what with putting all the level crafting books behind an unlock, to the fact that just about everything we make is useless in BoL. I mean even the house item recipes that comes with the Sanctus Seru prestige home are widely miss-proportioned and nearly useless. also those buildings that can't be used as anything.

    My question is...
    Why, why do they seem to not care as much about the crafting?
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  10. Mizery New Member

    When you update the in game browser, seeing as how we are all quarantined to our homes, can you bring back /pizza or /grubhub?
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  11. Kittik Well-Known Member

    I dislike this. This makes it hard to know what questions are being covered in which episode. Unless there is a Table of Contents or something for each pod-cast. (I don't know how pod-cats work.)
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  12. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    I would personally like to know if DPG would ever be willing to utilize the skills of the roleplayers in writing storylines which could then be turned into questlines for Heritage Quests, Signature Quests, and all of the quests that we have loved since the beginning of the EQ2 Norrath that we all love and are passionate about.

    The roleplayers do this every day. We also have among our communities some of the most knowledgeable players in the lore of EQ and EQ2. This is a huge untapped resource for DPG and it could be utilized for free!!!! I mean just take a walk through some of our player made lore libraries if you are in doubt.
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  13. dreamweaver Developer

    Since episode 4 was the first one that took questions directly from the thread I am going to be posting the questions asked with the notes/posts each week.
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  14. Pixistik Don't like it? Don't play it!

    There have been so many questions asked and ignored for so long now you will never get them all answered.
    Podcast works like a couple of people sit down and chat and questions we have are asked of someone who is supposed to know the answer.
    What it has been so far is all of the answers are things they are trying to get to, or they are aware of etc... to sum it up, its just 20ish minutes of your life you will never get back.
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  15. dreamweaver Developer

    Everyone has their own opinion but it's unfortunate that you think that.
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  16. Zylara Well-Known Member

    Sorry i know im spacing out questions but some are only occuring to me as Im playing
    Anyways next question is....Are they ever gonna have a linking system for accts that use same credit card, I dont have a problem paying per acct but it would be nice if I could hand stuff over to my other acct at times, i understand it may not be doable but just would be nice
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  17. Bentenn Active Member

    figure out how to reforge and those 3 "tank" pieces reforge nicely.. oh look it doesn't have weapons skills or spell skills.. hmm snacks just make everyone over 3500 plus anyway.. this is what annoys when when we want everything.. u want flurry and ability doublecast on the same item.. or the ability to have doublecast and reforge from haste into flurry lol.. figure out reforging and you will be fine.. right now there is really only 2 classes that can get past the raid avoidance flurry buff and heroics is an easy day to reach...
  18. Litoeon New Member

    Major concerns over itemization to this day on TLPs - It's been voiced far too long to ignore
    Stat crunch / squish is inevitable, all numbers are getting out of hand now

    I do love hearing an attempt to revamp AA's and class balance though <3

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  19. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    Appreciate the offer, and I understand having restrictions, but absent any information, it's like asking someone to paint the Mona Lisa with a blindfold on, haha. My value is in analyzing your situation and exploring how effective your current system is and whether there may be other, more productive, alternatives. And no, I'm not looking to be your consultant, haha.

    Questions to ponder:
    1. Is your subscription rate heading in a positive direction based on current company goals?
    2. How is the platform you chose actually targeting potential players?
    3. Depending on the answer to No. 2, are your player demographics aligned with the platform you're using?
    4. When was the last time demographics of your player base was analyzed and how was the study conducted?
    5. Are the costs of your advertising netting the results you want and are they being analyzed to determine efficacy?
    6. Have you, in the last 3 years, surveyed returning/new players to determine what prompted them to return/try EQ2?
    7. Of those players, what percentage of players are actually still in game after one year?

    This ought to give you some things to chew on. If you've got answers to them all, then you'll be, forgive me, beery happy I'm guessing, haha. If there are any questions that you're not clear what's being asked, send me a PM and I'll clarify.

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  20. SolarFaire Member

    Question about PvP. (I'm not a fan, personally). I know over the years there have been separate servers, along with the battlegrounds, and arenas and so on... Here is a suggestion, since we continue to always have people asking about a return of PvP; Why not set up a system like the Priest of Discord that we had in our original Everquest? Allow those people that thrive on PvP to go see the PoD in game, and be permanently flagged as a PvPer, and they can be fighting in any overland zones. (think Duels) but can be engaged, and with Mercenaries immediately dropped when attacked/attacking another PvPer, and can only be healed or buffed by fellow PvPers that are in their group. It would be fun, I think, to watch these people going at it, like a Raid of Gnomes vs Halflings in Antonica. But let these players have that option, without anyone else being ambushed while they are going about their PvE lives.

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