Kander's Candor Episode 6: It all sorta blends

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  1. dreamweaver Developer

    Kander's Candor Episode 6 is here!

    You can find it on Anchor, Spotify, iTunes, & Stitcher (It's also on our website HERE if you don't want to use those services.)

    Want to ask a question?


    It's time for another episode of Kander's Candor, Dreamweaver and Kander are still at home and trying not to melt in this episode. But it's time to talk about TLEs, Spells, and Veteran's Rewards!

    Questions answered this week!

    Aradar -
    Is there any cooperation with the EQ1 team, when it comes to sharing good features? Here are two major things I would like to see implemented in EQ2 that is available in EQ1: 1: Option to filter spell effects to "My spells only", "Group spells" "My spells and NPC" etc. It's a much better option than the current EQ2 one. 2: Can we have EQ1 loot system please? It's such a great feature in that game, to have the game remember if you want to greed, need or never loot the item again.

    Rippit -
    1. So this question specifically applies to TLE, (Kaladim) I would love to know the thought process behind removing what can easily be classified as the most nostalgic or defining part of the game, set bonuses. 2. Add on to the above question. Will we see set bonuses return in the most crucial expansions, such as RoK and even more so TSO? This change sucks the life out of the game.... 3.Will we continue to see additional content such as the Avatars? I think this was a great addition for the TLE how ever to make this more successful and engaging/fun for the community the loot should be "Top Tier" and properly itemized, a defining mage weapon should not have scout stats etc...Moving into ROK/TSO the avatar charms should be the greatest thing next to sliced bread

    Replay -
    I would like to know if there are any plans to expand on the Guild hall amenities and rewards for guild levels past 100 (or whatever the level is that stops giving amenity slots). Also, I, for one, loved the Arena areas (not the battle grounds), the pvp areas like in Maj'Dul, etc.. We held guild FFA and Last-man-standing challenges; and sometimes just hung out for a change of game pace. Is there any way to introduce these back into the game? Being a 20-veteran of EQ/EQ2, I always looked forward to the veteran rewards. I was disappointed to see them done away with. Can these be brought back?
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  2. Bludd Well-Known Member

  3. Zick New Member

    I click on Stitcher link above i get
    Kander's Candor Episode 5: The Rainy Day Episode

    Started to listen and i said wait i heard this episode already lol
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  4. Bludd Well-Known Member

    could rename podcast to sam and kyle's awkward truths podcast
    or that could be a side-podcast

    thanks again for these, nice to hear youve hired someone new
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  5. dreamweaver Developer

    Oh that's weird it should go to the general stitcher page not the specific one. Thanks I'll check on that.

    Edit: It went to the general page for me, maybe it was a cache issue?
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  6. dreamweaver Developer

    Yup! They are deep diving into everything right now, but they'll make an appearance eventually.
  7. Naneeje Well-Known Member

    Thank you for all the work that is being done and it's really too bad that a few people need to ruin the fun and that it has to be brought up, but it's important to address the issues. Thank you for that. We are caught right in the middle of it on Kaladim.
    Thanks for Kaladim, and thanks for the showdown!
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  8. Breanna Well-Known Member

    I think Kander was wrong about the quest in POM, it wasn't that there were too many of them. People were complaining about the grinding, having to do the same quest over and over and over again to get the faction built up. Just an observation of how different people see things differently. I do understand you guys don't have the man power to do them like you used to.
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  9. Mercychalice Well-Known Member

  10. Mercychalice Well-Known Member

    I agree. It wasn't that there were quests. It was that the faction was required to progress the signature line from ALL 3 FACTIONS at the start. THAT was the complaint. I personally loved that there were so many quests. I just didn't like the way the Signature line was built around, A) needing only one faction B) needing total (50k) faction to complete achievements for them and C) that they didn't just build the Sig line to use all the quests, no faction needed for any of them, so that it still used the entirety of the quests in the land.
  11. Sealyn New Member

    FEEDBACK: Suggestions for guild amenities: Reforge Specialist and Ascension Trainer.
  12. Erole Member

    FEEDBACK: I'd like to see more tinkering recipes available on the guild merchant.
  13. Sealyn New Member

    They asked for the feedback during the podcast. Dreamweaver said we could provide that feedback on the forums by identifying it as feedback. Kandor asked for ideas for GH amenities.
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  14. dreamweaver Developer

    Your feedback was both rude and non constructive as a majority of your posts have been. Which is why they've been removed, I actually leave up lots of discussion and a quick perusal of the boards will show that. If you'd like to rewrite things as opinions instead of statements of facts I'll take a look.
  15. RedBB Active Member

    But it's the truth... These are issues that people have flat said "I'm out because of _______". People aren't here to say YAY! We're here to voice our concerns and complaints. I can say there are a few things that are an improvement but right now players or coming in saying "NOPE!" and logging right back out. We can bite the bullet and acknowledge the elephant in the room or we can play dumb and break out the unicorns and kittens. You wanted feedback, you have it. Now what the team does with it is their own choice. In this case they tossed it into the dumpster. So there ya have it. I see it as falling on deaf ears at this point and will join the exodus when I have received my dollars worth of entertainment from it. Until then DB is cut off from any more funding until previously mentioned issues are resolved. If you think what I said is rude I would steer clear of Majdul general chat LOL.
  16. Dahakon Member

    Not sure where top post this or it might get moved but my question is / feed back : Would it be possible for the Overseer Mount Training Reduction items 5 10 15 20 30 40 days you get from overseers to become stackable. currently atm there not able to stack to more than 1 even tho they have the same name and it would be handy for the ones that u can store in your shared bank to be able to stack above 1
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  17. dreamweaver Developer

    I would put this in the big question thread.
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  18. Dahakon Member

    kk just reposted it in other thread tks
    keep up great work loving the podcasts :)
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  19. Erole Member

    FEEDBACK: Guild hall amenities: a Jack-of-All-Trades class trainer - that way my s/o will stop complaining that all my Alt mercs are huuuuge.
  20. Vixen New Member

    Pretty sure this has been asked a million times for something that it is extremely stupid not to have done since they were introduced. Item management plagues this game and year after year we get more and more things to make it worse because they dont stack, or there is no where else to put them.

    Make everything belong to a depot, personal or otherwise. Let us put our 500000 house items in one. Let us stack every item that is the same.... to include the transmutation stones. I know that this has been requested time after time, with the problem only getting worse.
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