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  1. Erole Member

    Feedback (if there's a better place to put these, lmk): Guild Amenity: a change to the fuel merchant or depot, either make the stacks of fuel go higher so that it takes less time to refill the fuel depot or allow us to put a set amount of coin on the fuel merchant and they always supply the precise amount of fuel you need for each combine (until the guild runs out of plat on the merchant).
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  2. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    I still believe they (DPG) should stop being stubborn, bite the bullet, and do what a myriad of other games do and utilize the talents of a horde of volunteers will do for absolutely no compensation whatsoever and would sign a contract stating that, write story lines and quests for them, do the basic CSR show up in person and collect information from people to pass on to the paid staff, wind up monkey db entry, and anything else that they can oversee easily with a single person supervising the volunteer horde. I know this works, I did it for Origin and continued on with EA until the hired me more than 10 years later.
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  3. Breanna Well-Known Member

    I don't think that is a bad idea at all. And if they don't like the ideas they don't have to use them. I've seen some RP people do some very nice stories, so I don't see why they wouldn't use that talent, especially if they don't have to pay.
  4. Erole Member

    FEEDBACK: Guild Amenity: Planar Weapon imbue 'forge'
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  5. Ronoc Member

    an Accession trainer and maybe a room designed for trophies for those guilds that want a separate place to store them.
  6. Sniper Member

    Guild amenity update the banner guy to maybe have some up to speed banners to place in raid zones.
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  7. Ronoc Member

    uhhhhh, have you seen Luclin? its nowhere near what anyone that has played or worked on the game wanted. DBG made a mistake on when to release it, and it failed. And your saying that this is a game that DB wants? Even they said that. They acknowledged their mistake, and i sure hope they don't do it again lol, bc it would be kinda dumb of them to do it. And when they ask for feedback, they and listen to them. It would be kinda mean to ask for feedback, only to not listen to it. All i'm saying is your wrong about what you are saying. The dev team works really hard the release these expantions. And you have no right to try to tear them down for it. Keep doing what you are doing Dreamweaver and your team! You don't deserve this kind of comment.
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  8. Ronoc Member

    OMG how about a face mask as a limited item on marketplace!
  9. Frubar New Member

    FEEDBACK: Guild Hall Amenities

    Familiars Wild Questgiver Good - Steward Aelin

    Familiars Wild Questgiver Evil - Steward Kres

    Overseers Vendor (Quartermaster)

    Overseers Charged Quest Giver (Administrator Agent)

    Ascension Trainer

    Fast Travel Door/Item to "Mercenaries for Hire" Room Good

    Fast Travel Door to "Mercenaries for Hire" Room Evil

    Set of 3 Musicians that play music (can change music by right clicking) like Bar of Brell or Mushroom Lounge in Thalumbra or Sanctus Seru

    Set of 3 Entertainers (shooting fireworks or dancing) like many live events have or Sanctus Seru

    Set of 3 Loyalty Merchants (Merchant, Realtor, Armor) or Buy Separately

    Londair Inygad (Adorning, Tinkering, Transmuting Trainer)


    Pet Merchant

    Armor, Jewelry, Weapon Depot (like Tishan's Lockbox that handcrafted or tradeable items can be deposited and withdrawn)

    Furniture Depot

    Gold Dragon Statue (from Dragon Attack! Anniversary Event in Antonica and Commonlands)
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  10. Apau New Member

    how about a new merchant you can trade so many infusers to, so you could upgrade the infuser to the next level..i have soooo many in bags it is not funny and nothing to use them on, also why was the mount removed from the steel crates RNG, i never read anything about it, wasted alot of money trying to get it, only to find out i need to spend a ton more to buy it for coins...why is it not still in the crates like the merc is.
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  11. Erole Member

    FEEDBACK: guild hall amenities

    Treat exchanger and love note exchange or 'all purpose' exchanger

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