I really hate Sol Ro boss mechanics

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Justmeagain, Dec 9, 2017.

  1. Justmeagain Member

    I think the thread says it all. I really dislike these boss mechanics. Every single one of them feels like I am playing a game of Simon (which I was never good at). I feel like these mechanics would be better off reserved for heroic dungeons or raids not solo dungeons required for signature progression

    Currently on the dragon Sovaliz and even after reading the wiki I don't understand what they want. I figured it was as simple as clicking the claws but even when matching them I get instant killed. Was just as annoyed with previous bosses requiring you to remember which pot an enemy went to or which enemy you killed last from which pot etc. Even other dungeons have pretty annoying mechanics such as having to pacify all the enemys around the final named in POD dungeon or the power drain of healerbot 5000. Instant kill when you fail these minigames shouldn't be a thing.

    I was late to the game in KA but at least once I got a handful of mediocre gear (handcrafted and then panda gear) I ran into little problems with KA dungeons. Enjoyed running them over and over again for currency quests because they were low stress and simple to understand. With POP dungeons I feel like once completing the signature questline I never want to step foot into them again. They take forever, too many trash fights with too little rewards, and are high stress on every other boss fight. I shouldn't have to keep a notepad beside of me every time I enter a dungeon just so I can play Simon says style games!
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  2. Melkior Well-Known Member

    While I applaud the Devs for trying to come up with new and entertaining fights that aren't just button mashing, I must admit these fights aren't remotely fun. I'm not a fan of instant death for single mistakes in a script (I know the dragon claw one allows one mistake without a death). It's on thing if it heals the mob somewhat, or you take damage, but instant death and restart is annoying. I don't even mind that mechanic for a quest or other one time event. But to have to do that as part of a regular encounter is tedious. It's not that I can't do them, it just isn't enjoyable.
  3. Alenna Well-Known Member

    and if you don't do it within 30 seconds it is instant death.
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  4. Greene Active Member

    I had problems on this one too! I *swear* I was clicking the correct, non-mirrored claw but it would cut me. I quit for the day on this very same fight. And randomly on the run back I would get one shot from nothing and die again, it was odd.

    Thank you to Zeddelicious on IoR server for helping me out. Odd that when I clicked stuff with him in zone it suddenly worked.

    I LOLd when he asked if I was wearing paper armor while getting one shotted. Yes, yes I am....
  5. Kielex Well-Known Member

    I have no issue with these fights, instead of having everything tank and spank this is a nice change. However, the Sovaliz fight is illogical, which is the main issue what people have. as the claws script isn't mirrored (which it should be because the structure of hands/paws/claws has always been mirrored, I mean your thumb isn't all the way on the left on both hands).

    The heroic scripts are more difficult than the solo ones, however, if my healer can heal and do the sovaliz heroic script at once it means that it is not too difficult (have 2 dpses do it instead of a dps and the healer ;P, easy peasy).

    The soloes are a proper preparation for the heroics, and I suggest you learn the scripts.
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  6. Kraeref Well-Known Member

    I hate one fight that is not necessary at all in both solo and heroic when you have to damage Solusek Ro himself to spawn the avatar of sun. Why do we need to do it at all? Why just not let him talk and get it spawn without the fight? Just so much waste of time.
  7. Kielex Well-Known Member

    Because the Avatar of Sun has very, very low HP?
  8. Kraeref Well-Known Member

    Nope. Not really. In heroic zone Avatar is x2 epic. Solusek Ro is x4 epic to deal with. You need to bring Solusek to 90% of health to trigger the script. It can be done, he doesn't really hit hard, it just takes time. The fight is a time sink :)
  9. Torquem Active Member

    I do agree, I hate those instant deaths too. I would have definitely prefered adds spawns instead...

    Why not an "easy version" with adds if errors, and a harder one with the instant death script ?
  10. Revel Well-Known Member

    Solo version isn't even worth doing more than once.
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  11. Jhen Ro Active Member

    Memory to follow boss = too much. Make the room fill with adds with low hp and follow it to the next room. Like it goes to top, you kill adds and then go top. Do that every 20. Remember one, not incrementally more and more.

    Claws match = too much. Remove the timer, remove the instant death - make it spawn adds or take health away or something, and enough with the memory game mechanics. One person I raided with last expac has memory issues and I don't think will ever be able to do this fight. Make the claws white so you can see them. One friend is color blind and almost quit the game over this one fight was so mad.

    Corridor of 8 just felt like padding the zone, honestly. Felt more an annoyance than part of it.

    Disease PQ = Too much. Overly difficult. Too much A to B to C to D. Neat, yes. Well designed, yes. But people who even know exactly what to do struggle with this.

    Ratticus = too much. Make the bats hit hard, don't make a fail condition.

    Francine = too much running around.

    Frostward in thunder duo = Too much yet again.

    White and Red ring to joust in and out and both can be up at once and insta die = TOO MUCH. Make the rings not the same size. Make white ring smaller than red, and can satisfy both if in right spot.

    People keep saying it's one fight when talking about one or another.

    Lot of just one fights though.

    Individually they are good - but they are all TOO MUCH.
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  12. Xavion Well-Known Member

    i honestly hate solos because of these gimmicks seriously save it for heroics and raids not solos. I mean i hate these boring gimmicky things so much i literally only run the gears in the machine solo or monolith of fire and maybe if i feel like it the masks one all because the other dungeons have way too much instakill frustrating hassle scripts that aren't worth it. If anything devs make adv solos versions of these with those gimmicks and leave solo alone. I mean im literally only doing very little content of the xpac due to how much hassle these dungeons are and the drops aren't making it worth the hassle. I fanything make the dungeons have higher drop chance for oranges or recipes or spells dependant on the level like soluek ro ones could be highest % chance while the innovation ones could be lowest %
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  13. Chrol Developer

    The So'Valiz fight won't instantly kill you in the solo version if you click more than one incorrect claw after tomorrow, and you'll be given a bit more time to click the correct claws. Also going to make the claws mirrors of themselves so it makes more sense, as Kielex pointed out.

    And Rallius' bats in solo will do percent damage after tomorrow's hotfix instead of instantly killing you, although they'll probably end up killing you if you pull a bunch of them along with Rallius.
  14. Fendaria Member

    I've been ported in the solo version of the bat fight. You might want to look into removing that port for solo.
  15. Chrol Developer

    No, but that's actually supposed to be curable, so will get that fixed for tomorrow. Thanks for bringing it up!
  16. Jhen Ro Active Member

    Want to point out that despite the too much comment earlier in thread, this is still my favorite expac so far. Really love it.

    And what? Changing them to mirrored versions now? Sigh. The confusion that is going to cause is going to stink.

    Also had my colors flipped earlier - torden blizzard floor, change the red to be smaller. Difference them of 5m. So you can satisfy both without blowing up. Crit'ing once....as a bard with dagger storm one time and BANG two rings up? Sigh. No sign even of how long to wait or how slow to dps before you can do more to move to next color either, so takes too long.

    I hope my feedback is not taken as being negative or criticizing, not meant to be. These overly scripted fights just feel like... just too much.

    Maybe I'm just bummed cause they've already driven two of the people I play with away, and nearly two others as well. Maybe I'm just bummed cause these zones feel more like "Look what I can do!" instead of part of the game play.

    Thanks for being open to tweaking them, though.
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  17. Wgrace Active Member

    lol funny, they are my favorite zones.
  18. Kari Well-Known Member

    We had gotten a good system worked out for our dps to call out the claws, now that they are mirrored we are going to have to figure out something new.
  19. yuiop Member

    Thank you for changing the claws to mirrored.
    I don't know why it was so difficult to grasp the way it is now, especially since I know how it works, but it was.
    I ended up printing out the pic that was on wiki, and laying it in front of my keyboard the same way the room is orientated.
    Then, on the 2nd and 3rd part of the event I would just say out loud the numbers on the clock that the claws represented, and glance at the map to orientate myself and Badda-Bing! GTG:)

    It's probably the same as playing an aircraft game and pushing "up/forward" on the joystick, and the plane actually going "up".
    Doesn't feel natural, and once you get stressed you revert back to what is natural, and that's when it falls apart.

    So again, Thanks!
  20. Alphonsus Well-Known Member

    That's a shame, this fight is perfectly fine the way it is. Not a fan of dumbing down fights, just cause people don't know how to figure something as simple as this one out.