I Hate and Despise Arcade Games

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  1. Aterskia Active Member

    ya YA! me'es perplexed'ed toes!o_O
    Me'es KOMPLEETLEE agrees wif her sentiment!!

    Wyells me'es fullee endorse "paying homage" to wells-knoen Classics, me'es noe, Noe, NOE! wanna pway "Super Nintendo/Sega Genesis" weres wun FORCED to go furst to "point A" an OHNEE wen dun wif "A" kin yu's goes to "Point B" etc.

    Dis be'es a ROLE-PLAYING environment. a "Pway as yu's self, or as sumbudiELSE, through a STORY" venue.

    an ifn me'es as a lebel 1 wanna runs fum Surefall Glade awl da waies to Kelethin
    (an survive me'es DID! noe deafs!):cool:
    me'es shuld be'es abul,.. abul to -- "Take Responsibility" fur me'es. ohn. ackshuns.
    me'es noe wann, nor nee, ehni Momi!!:mad:

    an ifn me'es stub me's toe or skin me's knee,..:(
    den sew bee ets!
    Den me'es kin practice Bind Wound;) an/or morr-sew fullee realize me's NEED fur heps!
    h/t to me's gud fends Astrall an Sturmlocke.:D:D:D:D{me'es knoe fur fact, me'es noe be's here, wifout der heps!!}

    Wyles me'es knoe doin such a more-komplikated environment takes...
    (looks aghast):eek: Effort, an Time, me'es awlsew KNOE dat EXPERTISE is larglee untapped fum da DEVs;
    an dat PAYOFF inna terms uhv Quality, Enjoyment, & Immersion are AWL werf ets!!
  2. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    Oh, i just thought of three more "Immersion breakers".

    - In the Estate of Unrest, the ghost of Garanel Rucksif is perplexed as to why his haunting powers doesn't work on you. As you approach the final battle against him, he comes to realize that you're a PLAYER hiding behind a magic glass screen and tries to jump out to get you. He breaks the fourth wall to realize that you're a player with a keyboard behind a monitor. This is canon to the story. You cannot complete the Estate of Unrest and bring peace to the haunted family within without the bad guy directly addressing YOU as a player.

    - It is common habit for most players to just mindlessly click through the top dialogue boxes to get the quest and move on. During Bristlebane's Day, when you talk to Bristlebane himself, clicking on the top box repeatedly results in him not giving you the quest:

    Bristlebane: I love seeing all the fun being had this time of year. I'm as happy as a boarfiend riding a bovoch! Makes me want to dance like an imp in a flame!
    Player: That sounds good to me.
    Bristlebane: You just picked the top choice, didn't you? You don't even know what you agreed to.

    When you finally do get his quest, he sends you into a dungeon to rescue Firiona Vie (read: Princess), who has been kidnapped by Danak Dorentath (read: evil lizard boss). When you finally defeat him and you rescue Firiona, she transforms into a red-and-white colored Fungusman who tells you that your princess is in another castle. The Grand Prankster himself breaks the fourth wall to address you as the player, just to pull a Super Mario Bros joke on you.

    If you can't enjoy pop culture, then maybe you should go find some video game based on the Game of Thrones series, so you can enjoy the humorless doom and gloom of the Song of Fire & Ice novels.
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  3. Twyla Well-Known Member

    Cusashorn I love what you've put here on this thread; however, the complaint isn't about these little "Easter Eggs" it's about having to PLAY an arcade style game in our lovely world of Norrath. I hate donkey kong and was overjoyed we could bypass that, some of us are older now and our reflexes aren't what they used to be. :rolleyes:
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  4. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    Yeah, my point was that Norrath has always had pop culture references despite how some players think it ruins the immersion, including some that are canon to the game's story and worldbuilding.

    I'm all for MORE arcade type games, but I also see the desire and indeed a *need* for an alternative around it. I guess.... giving an alternate option to just turn Grave Grange into killing the waves of enemies without the instant-fail condition with the plants.
  5. Priority Well-Known Member

    Yea, we get that the references have always been around. They haven't always made entire encounters or zones based on old games.

    I will admit, i liked the novelty of the zone though I do wish there was a more expeditious way to spawn the named after youve done it a few times.
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  6. Zeoni Member

    May as well Have some fun. Oh Noes the Developers are having fun.
  7. Tkia Well-Known Member

    People are perfectly entitled to be upset if something in the content blocks them from completing mandatory quest lines. Pop culture type references may be annoying but they can be ignored. Maths/logic type content may be beyond a player but they can be looked up on the wiki and don't prevent game completion. However, content that requires a certain level of reflexes or physical dexterity is a game breaker if you cannot do it as there's no way to fix it. That kind of content should never, ever be encountered in the middle of a mandatory linear questline as everything is going to stop right there. And you really can't afford that in an aging game with an aging playerbase as the problem is only going to continue getting worse. This kind of content needs to remain optional or come with an alternative solution.
  8. Priority Well-Known Member

    I get the sentiment of this statement. However, at what point do you draw the line on what requires "too much" dexterity? Should a reasonable adult be able to complete it? Should my 2 yr old be able to complete it? Should a corpse?
  9. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    Maybe the zone can be tweaked so that the orc skeleton waves don't start attacking until the player has placed all of the plants? This will give the players the time to set them up without having to be rushed.
  10. Vlahkmaak Active Member

    I actually loved the Donkey Kong themed named fight. Now if they can only work in an Evil Eye Pac Man/Mrs Pac Man type maze. Also, Evil eyes would make great mercs and a new player race. Every ten levels or so a new Eye stalk could pop out granting a new gem slot for spells/abilities :) New season Celestial Eye chanter merc that heals like a gardening goblin too ftw! hurry up and take my money - before the wife does.
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  11. Almee Well-Known Member

    I couldn't agree more. It drives me nuts when the devs try to add elements from other types of games to the sig lines.

    I have no grief with adding these as optional quests or tasks but they have no place in the sig line. Many of us have been supporting this game since it was launched when it was advertised as a MMORG with crafting being separate from adventuring. Ever since, it has been slowly evolving to include less adventuring and crafting and more nonsense from other types of games or rip offs of other similar games.

    If you all think all these non-MMORG features add to the value of the game then put them in as optional content for the players who will enjoy them. Leave the sig lines to normal adventuring and crafting activities. Thank you.
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  12. Tkia Well-Known Member

    You wouldn't have to worry about the problem at all if you simply avoided making that type of content mandatory in the middle of a linear questline.
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  13. Priority Well-Known Member

    Well, dexterity covers anything from WASD movement, jumping, rock avoidance, moving in circles.

    Its fairly wide and Im not sure that grave grange requires a ton of dexterity. Sure, my 2 yr old cant manage it, but im not sure Id want her to be able to handle all of the movement challenges present in the game or id have next to zero enjoyment. Ask me how excited I was about raid tanking VoV content. Heres a tip. I quit for 6 months because it was a snoozefest
  14. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    Biggest concern I'd have is if anyone is making sure all these little references, games, activities or anything else are in the public domain and not copyrighted. Wouldn't be the first time someone thought something was cute, but didn't bother to check if there was a copyright infringement involved.
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  15. Taled Well-Known Member

    Well, good news: Grave Grange has absolutely nothing to do with either of the sig lines in Renewal of Ro.

    You don't even have to do it for the epic spell updates if you hate it so much you're willing to handicap your drop rates.

    The only time you HAVE to do it is for the alternating weeklies, IF you want to complete those weeklies.
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  16. Taled Well-Known Member

    I'm no lawyer, but considering they are all homage and not direct copies I'm fairly certain there is no risk of copyright infringement. Daybreak also has a solid legal department.

    The only thing I've seen that might have come close was the 8 bit Donkey Kong theme when you killed the gorilla.
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  17. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    When something is copyrighted and you essentially "borrow" it and use it elsewhere, you can call it what you like, it's a copyright infringement. That's tripped up a lot of people in the past. If it's in the public domain, no problem. When you use the action sequence and the music is the same recognizable theme, that can be problematic. Again, if it's public domain, it doesn't matter.
  18. Taled Well-Known Member

    Oh, I'm aware - That's why I said the 8-bit donkey kong theme may have been an issue but I'm sure they checked that out. The others haven't ever been direct quotes or copies. Grave Grange, for instance, is not a direct copy of Plants vs Zombies but I could see where someone could potentially argue for it - However, PvZ is just a generic tower defense game with a specific skin on it, so I don't believe it would hold up unless you specifically copied their IP.
  19. Bramdar Active Member

    I mean, I'm not copyright lawyer, but at least in the US there's plenty of legal precedent for parody and fair use. It's not a public domain vs copyright infringement issue.
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  20. Taled Well-Known Member

    Thank you - For some reason I couldn't think of the word 'parody' for the fair use exclusion to copyright infringement in the US when it comes to the issue, when I was using 'homage' lol.