hrmm nerf or fix?

Discussion in 'Dirge' started by ARCHIVED-ZaltexRed, Nov 25, 2004.

  1. ARCHIVED-Dirgy Guest

    Double Post Lameness.
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  2. ARCHIVED-Ailsa Guest

    Thank you for your post. What you said makes perfect sense, from a programming point of view. I am sure they are working on it currently and we will see the fix soon.
  3. ARCHIVED-Griz Guest

    Why would they "fix" this but leave bow-kiting unchanged? Both bow-kiting and Lanet's are both tremendous wastes of time that technically allow you to kill things above your level, but no one actually does them because you could melee 3-4 white cons in the time it takes you to kite one orange/red.

    I wouldn't bet on a real fix to Lanet's any time soon.
  4. ARCHIVED-Ailsa Guest

    Didn't you read his entire post? The quickest way for them to TEMPORARILY fix it was to reduce the damage. It takes a lot more coding and a lot more hours of programming work to correct the other stuff that makes it useful in kiting. I am sure once they are done with that, they will increase the damage again.
  5. ARCHIVED-gsn42 Guest

    Temporary is a permanent state, as history tells...

    this is why i often get mad at SOE... they make "temporary fixes" which make me want to quit... by the time im irritated enough to quit, they change the skill again... but, in every case of this happening, they didnt change it back to the original or even close to it, but to something far different and equally useless...

    keeping out kiting is a pipe dream unless you sacrifice general gameplay... and im not prepared to sacrifice my gameplay just cause people want to kite
  6. ARCHIVED-Tekkor Guest

    Well I just made 22 last night so I never got to see it how it was. Probably a good thing as I would be mad with this change. Right now however this power is really COMPLETELY USELESS. Piercing Shriek does more damage then it so there is almost no reason to really use it. The "weaken" part of it I really dont see doing much of anything. To say I was disappointed with this song when I got it is an understatement.

    They need to do as a couple others suggested... put the damage back to how it was or maybe say 15% lower then it was and make it so you cant move while using it or it disrupts. Then go ahead and put like a 10-20 second timer on it or something. That should completely get get rid of the kiting problem and make us have a song that is useful instead of a totally useless ability.

    I really hope they patch in the fix to this very quickly.
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  7. ARCHIVED-jrsein Guest

    Yes, it's very easy. Cheap shot (stun), Attack off/run behind mob, Backstab. I did this with sneak attack on my scout all the time..but supposidly the "overpowered" backstab can only be used once every 5 min..I don't know what fight last more then a minute or two.
  8. ARCHIVED-Yolos Guest

    Am I missing something? I think some of you think this is the upgrade for Piercing Shriek. The piercing Shriek upgrade comes at level 26 and is called Luda's Wicked Warble.

    Now, back to Lanet's. Its going to be hard to fix this one. Maybe have it cost more power and put the damage back in. I still use it when pulling, but the main reason I use it is for Trickster's Grasp.

    Use Lanet's as the final move for Trickster's Grasp and you'll love it again.
  9. ARCHIVED-Ailsa Guest

    Hmmm... never thought to try that since it doesn't seem like the stun lasts that long. But I will give it a shot.

    However, I still don't think people should be comparing a Dirge ability to an Assassin ability.
  10. ARCHIVED-Ophiel Guest

    I'd been hunting in RoV several days before and after they nerfed escape. We were fine in both cases, but I dont solo.
  11. ARCHIVED-Yolos Guest

    I think shortening the range is enough. Put back the damage, keep the length of time to cast, and keep the ability to move while casting.

    Most of the problem stems from being able to outrun the mob while Lanet's does its thing. Make the range shorter and the kiting goes away.
  12. ARCHIVED-VelvetAcid13 Guest

    Lanets Excuciating Scream, Am i doing something wrong, i'm lvl 22 at the moment and this spell just doesn't seem to do anything, it doesn't show up as doing any damage to the target ?
  13. ARCHIVED-Tekkor Guest

    Lanet's is a "Time Bomb" sort of song. You play it on the creature and then it "detonates" the damage a good bit later in the fight. You can see what i mean if you go use it on a grey con creature. Just play lanet's on it and then stand there letting creature swing at you a bit. After a short period you should see a blueish explosion of notes go off and it will take mental damage.

    Basically the idea behind the song is it was a great song to pull with or use right as a fight started if in a group. Then a few moments into battle "Bam!". But they severely nerfed the damage on it. Im lvl 23 and still only have it at App 1 and it only does it seems like 30-70 max or so. Looking to upgrade it to see if the effectivness increases. Hopefully Sony will come back and fix it soon.
  14. ARCHIVED-VelvetAcid13 Guest

    I'll have a closer look at it tonight then in solo, i've only used it in a group a few times so far which is why i probaly didn't notice it then :)
  15. ARCHIVED-Tekkor Guest

    With any luck the 2 hour patch they are doing today will fix it to be a bit better then the current nerfed version.
  16. ARCHIVED-arieste Guest

    I have the adept for lanet's. It was doing 350-450 prenerf, is doin 70ish now. Only using it for tricksters now as someone mentioned. Havent tried it since patch today (forgot) but it wasn't in the notes, and I figure it would have been if they'd fixed it.