hrmm nerf or fix?

Discussion in 'Dirge' started by ARCHIVED-ZaltexRed, Nov 25, 2004.

  1. ARCHIVED-ZaltexRed Guest

    Just wonder if any other 22+ Dirges have noticed there Lanets Excuciating Scream doing considerably less dmg after the 7am pst patch?

    Wondering if its the way it was supposed to be or of the Nerfstick has come!

    Have asked a few other Dirges on my server and they are getting the same issue.
  2. ARCHIVED-gsn42 Guest

    most dmg ive gotten is 66... if this is going to be our new dmg for this skill, im quitting... cause all i am is dmg and debuffs... take away my dmg and im just useless debuffs
  3. ARCHIVED-ZaltexRed Guest

    yup, same here, went from 200+ down to 80 max for me, thats lame, when assassins get a 900+ backstab every like 5 mins, and all that good crap. Hopeing this is a patch issue they didnt forsee and it gets fixed soon.
  4. ARCHIVED-gsn42 Guest

    well, thats only against noob monsters... against yellows and oranges they only do 400~, but its still unacceptable
  5. ARCHIVED-Griz Guest

    What's with all the completely unannounced changes? Looks like they're slipping into the SWG pattern of releasing very incomplete patch notes and making the players find everything else that was changed which causes a storm of "nerf or bug" threads which never get any response.

    How much damage did this skill do in beta? Does Misfortune's Kiss still totally suck or was it upgraded to replace the loss of our ONLY HIGH DAMAGE ATTACK?
  6. ARCHIVED-Leuna Guest

    A'ight, I got my picket sign...

  7. ARCHIVED-arieste Guest

    this sucks, in the 2 levels (im 22) of being a dirge I have got 2 useless spells and 1 useful, and now they just nerfed the useful one making it 0/3. I understand that they want to take away kiting, but they could have just taken away the agility debuff and made it direct 400 hit. This is a horrible way to fix something. My soloing ability just went down majorly :(

    (oh and the change was announced in the patch notes, and it did say that they are "working it". But if this is their idea of "working" something -- reducing damage by 80%.. that is kind of extreme. Make healer;s top healing spell 80% less effective and you'll have a revolt. Just cause dirge is a small class, doesnt mean we can be nerfed into oblivion.

  8. ARCHIVED-Froren Guest

    i dont know what to make of this, mine did almost 400 damage and now it does about 100

    i also have no idea how this helped kiting, you can't run away from a mob fast enough to avoid getting hit, so it's effectively taken one of the primary solo abilities away from dirges since you have to fight the mob anyways if you want to just use Lanet's
  9. ARCHIVED-Ophiel Guest

    26 dirge here, and this was far and away my favorite spell. I was doing 380 max with it app2, and it was a huge chunk of my dps. Now it's doing 80 dam, roughly a fifth what it was doing before, if this was your answer to people using the "time bomb" effect to kite, devs, it is the wrong answer. It has a long range, shorten the range. Add a few seconds to the "explosion" factor. make it instant with the dd part first and the debuff part after. Don't cut down the damage, god <cry> This and the escape changes have me like scared to log on my dirge in the mornings, I dunno how I'm gonna be smacked with the nerf bat next.
  10. ARCHIVED-Ophiel Guest

    Oh, and for the record, I wasn't too disturbed with the escape changes.... but this one just boils my oil something fierce. I can live with 30 min escape. The odds of me having to use escape twice in 30 mins were slim to none. All I'm saying is I get this feeling of impending DOOM everytime I log on my dirge now. I know the patch notes say you are gonna revisit Lanet's but as it is right now, I wish I would have gone troubador (oh and it's spelled troubadour grr).
  11. ARCHIVED-VelvetAcid13 Guest

    I'm a level 20 Dirge at the moment and i was really looking forward to Lanets excuciating scream, finally i can dish out some decent damage in solo but not any more so it seems.

    The more i level the more i seem to go off Bards/Dirge in general :(
  12. ARCHIVED-Autologus Guest

    Ever think that it may have been overpowered and that they fixed it instead of nerfing it. Remember if its too good to be true it probably is. I know its hard when you get used to something that is so useful but if it seems too good it may be broke to begin with. This is not a flame or a slap in the face becaues Im probably going the route of the Dirge but we are not ment to be close to the DPS of a predator. Just a thought.
  13. ARCHIVED-arieste Guest

    Well the patch notes said that the reason it was fixed was because it allowed kiting, not because it was overpowered. I can see how this is a concern for the DEVs if they want to disallow kiting in the game, even one of my first ideas when I saw how the spell worked was "ooh maybe I can kite with this". But as I mentioned, there were many better solutions, such as making the spell non-castable while running, which is part of what made it so great for kiting.

  14. ARCHIVED-VelvetAcid13 Guest

    Looks like the same thing happened to the Berserker's Blood rage.
    I still think the assassins backstab is very overpowered though even if you can only use every so many mins.
  15. ARCHIVED-apocdude Guest

    It was an overpowered song, period. I am level 29 and i was doing over 2k damage with adept 3 in a single fight. Everyone in the guild knew it would get nerfed, i was expecting it sooner or later. Yes they reduced the damage alot but i was nearly doing 800 damage on blue con ^^ mobs...very fast too...
  16. ARCHIVED-Ailsa Guest

    I don't think people should be comparing this skill to an assassin's backstab because assassins can't use that more than once per fight if they are soloing (ever try to flank or get behind a mob you have engaged when you have the aggro?)
  17. ARCHIVED-Griz Guest

    Go to Varsoon's, ten minute refresh on escape wouldn't be enough with the absurd spawn rate in there.
  18. ARCHIVED-arieste Guest

    overpowered? My level 12 bard spell does 160 damage. and the level 22 does 70? (both are adept1). Maybe it wasn't meant to do 400ish as it was, but certainly not half of what my level 12 one does. And as I have pointed out, the reason for the nerf as stated by the DEV was not that it was overpowered (see DEV explanation for Zerker nerf, they said it was overpowered). It was explained as being done to prevent kiting, due to the "time-bomb" nature of the spell and it being castable while running as all bard songs.

  19. ARCHIVED-gsn42 Guest

    the berserker skill is the only skill ive seen so far that is overpowered... the assassin's blade that everyone thinks does 1000s of damage per hit... it does 300 against yellow and orange cons... those 1000dmg hits you see are lvl 35s going into the forest ruins and hitting a lvl 3 badger, not going into varsoon and hitting a lvl 34 brute... theres a huge difference there, and that 300 number is with my debuffs (they do little, but they still do something)... the berserker skill, my friend would use it and attack herds of deer in thundering steppes... he would hit each mob for 142dmg like everytime he hit or they hit him... it was amazing because he decimated mobs in varsoon with that skill... a mob that took a 2 wizard party at 30 like 2 minutes to nuke to death, he had dead in literally 3 seconds at lvl 24... THAT is overpowered... 300+dmg after 17s is nowhere near overpowered...

    i think they should recoup the dmg with the next update... despite what the devs are trying to do, they can never truely eliminate kiting... giving us timebomb skills and snares is a formula for kiting, you shouldnt make the rest of the dirge population suffer just because some people put 2 and 2 together
  20. ARCHIVED-Dirgy Guest

    I play a 25 Dirge on Neriak, and have done some experimenting with Lanet's, prenerf and nerf.
    The deal with Lanet's that SoE has problems with was not the damage directly but the fact that by running around in circles with Lanet's you could wear down a high con mob. (I was training white ++s and orange ++s)
    The deal was that Lanet's delt enough damage that with Bria's Ballad up, and just running around, the damage from Lanet's was high enough to kill the monster before you ran out of power.

    However, now while the aim of the devs was to make it so that a Dirge could not take overpowered mobs for its level and kite them, or anything else. They did this by lowering the damage on Lanet's so that the dirge would run out of power before the mob died while kiting.

    The devs were not interested in how much damage Lanet's does, it was simply the fact that you could kite high level mobs with it. So they did a quick fix on Lanet's and lowered the damage, so that temporarily it fixed the kiting problem.

    How they should have went about fixing Lanet's was too:
    Make the Dirge have to stand and Cast the spell, moving would cause interuption.
    Shortening the range of Lanet's so that the Dirge would have to cast the song close to the monster.
    Lengthen the time it takes to cast Lanet's so if a Dirge tries to outrun, the monster would catch the dirge and deal damage before they had time to get away from the monster.

    The Damage Tweak on Lanet's was probly the most reliable and quickest way the Devs could fix the problem temporarily, without having to make any huge code changes.

    I do see the devs revisiting Lanet's shortly hopefully, and fixing the kiting problem with the song properly instead of nerfing the damage. The damage is not overwhelming, its only 400 damage, in which a round of hitting, (sparkling, Walts, Taffo's, and Piercing) does far more damage than 400 per every 15-20 seconds on Lanet's. Plus the refresh rate on the other abilities are faster, and I find I can crank those out a lot faster than spamming lanet's.

    Lanet's even prenerf, while ment to do good damage, was just a bit of extra gravy for dirges. The ability in general combat was ment do debuff and deal damage, but other than that it was not an ultra special ability that dirges get that was overpowered compared to other classes.

    However, when you take Lanet's and kited with it, dirges could take down monsters that would kill the Dirge if they were just plain meleeing and using lanet't to add to their damage.

    So now we all have to wait for the Devs to hopefully fix Lanet's properly, and pray they don't leave it this way.

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