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Discussion in 'Warden' started by ARCHIVED-Cypthekiller199, Sep 7, 2008.

  1. ARCHIVED-Cypthekiller199 Guest

    Hey I am looking for a class that can solo well and is still good in groups and wanted in raids...I think the warden or fury would be great...so which is best for this description?? It seems like there is a lot of negative things about Wardens...I really like melee dps classes...i have a brigand...but I also have a fury which i find is an amazing soloer (can solo stuff I cant solo on every other class i have tried - which is like every class lol)and is fun too...so which is better for my needs?
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  3. ARCHIVED-Arielle Nightshade Guest

    Elyssa LOL
    At this writing Warden is a nice class if you never want to raid. If you do...Fury.
  4. ARCHIVED-Cypthekiller199 Guest

    I thought wardens were preferred in raids over furies because healing was better..anyways..
  5. ARCHIVED-Lord_Ebon Guest

    My guild runs with a Warden in the MT group. But in other groups, Furies tend to be liked a bit more because they give out int and such (while us Warden's get the shaft a bit with wis).
  6. ARCHIVED-Arielle Nightshade Guest

    Suriak@Unrest wrote:
    Depends on the raid force, what you are raiding and at what point in the progression you are. When you are just starting, Wardens are god's gift to the healing world because..as you say..we heal nicely. After a few raids, and many folks get a bit of gear, and you move to harder things..we are still wanted, but you will find we are often offset by gear - better avoidance or ability to take a hit...for example. Also better heal procs on items from cleric and shaman healers in the raid will, by game mechanics, overshadow us.
    Pretty soon, when people are decently geared up and the fights are not so hard, that's when we start sitting. Given an equally talented healing force, warden is at the bottom of the pile. We bring very weak 'other' things to a raid besides heals. After awhile, that much healing isn't needed, and we are replaced for much better buffs, or for DPS.
    If you have a warden in your MT group, you are still doing content that is tough for you. You don't need a Warden there for most fights after the raid force is mythicalled and whatnot - you do need DPS. And we don't offer very much at all. The "Reward" Wardens often get for helpign their raid force through the tough stuff is "uh..gonna sit you for this one.". Not OUR fault - it's the way it goes.
  7. ARCHIVED-DwarvesRUs Guest

    Suriak@Unrest wrote:
    Oy -- does this misconception still exist?
    /cries that Sokolov's post showing that (gear aside) all healers heal within a 2% variance of each other with each class having an opportunity to "shine" in certain situations got munched in the forum switchover lo these many years.
    Now, of course, gearing makes a difference, but even so -- they're all capable. No class is "better" at healing than another -- t's all about the player controlling the toon.
  8. ARCHIVED-kxizm Guest

    Suriak@Unrest wrote:
    this makes me /cry

    the only class thats less preferred in raids (for min/maxing) is.... a 6th fighter......

  9. ARCHIVED-Cypthekiller199 Guest

    thanks for replies...i dont really know if i will do much major raiding anyways...definately alotta soloing alotta grouping and maybe i few casual raids here or there...Im taking my warden to 20+ or so and I am going to pick between my lvl 20 Brigand and the Warden...so far my warden is absolutely ridiculous for soloing...can solo stuff that i cant touch on most other classes...
  10. ARCHIVED-Arielle Nightshade Guest

    Suriak@Unrest wrote:
    Yeah..I don't think any of us have much issue with Wardens as a class in general..and not for soloing. It's when you get to the doors of a raid zone that you start banging your head on them in frustration.
  11. ARCHIVED-kxizm Guest

    plus, you wont really find a better instance healer. A good warden can solo heal every instance in the game. when leveling you might find it hard to solo heal instances that are higher lvl than you, but you can solo heal pretty much anything given the right level.

    the trick to solo healing with a warden is to anticipate the heals. Wardens have a hard time dealing with spike damage (a high damage attack) because our HoTs (heal over Time Spells) take a while to heal the tank. So keeping on top of the heals is key.

    keeping single target HoT and AE HoT up as much as possible helps me when its easy to get behind on heals. if the mob AEs on a timer, you can anticipate that and either cast Tortise shell or your AE heal or both.

    anyone else have tips when you get behind on heals?

    oh! remember your deathsave. sometimes it seems broken and doesnt work, but the times it saves you, it really does a good job and it feels good when it works right lol. figuring out the right time to use them can take some practice.
  12. ARCHIVED-calcdivs Guest

    I know a lot of templars that can and do solo heal RE2, but I have yet to meet the warden that solo heals thru that instance.

  13. ARCHIVED-kxizm Guest

    wardens can solo heal RE2, but they have to have really good gear as well as be very skilled. not saying its easy, but its doable. and a warden would prolly be able to solo heal the epic as well since they never run out of power anymore.
  14. ARCHIVED-calcdivs Guest

    I would love to meet the warden that solo's heals the epic in RE2. I would like to find out what gear they use, because I doubt it has as much to do with the warden as it has to do with the Tank and Illy they are using.
  15. ARCHIVED-Beotar Guest

    calcdivs wrote:
    Good evening Calcdivs, I am Zuiya Silverfern, I heard you would like to meet me?
    I have solo healed all of RE2, including the epic. Not even sure if we had an enchanter, would have to go back and look through my logs for that.
    And in case you do look me up, four of my items are new and improved since then.
    It is quite doable, and I am in no way unique or extraordinary, quite the contrary.

    Aim at excellence, no reason to settle for less.
  16. ARCHIVED-Cypthekiller199 Guest

    Well I went with warden...and contrary to what alot of ppl on here are saying about wardens not being able to raid much...ive heard alot of ppl say that wardens are wanted in raids...so w/e....i love my warden so far...lvl 20...and i can solo some crazy things i cant do on any other class..thanks for the replies!
  17. ARCHIVED-Arielle Nightshade Guest

    Zuiya@Permafrost wrote:
    Hi Calcdivs (/nods to Zuyia)...you want to meet me too. The only time I have not solo healed that instance was when we brought a defiler along in hopes the cloak dropped (which I already had). We sometimes had an Illusionist, but never mezz that encounter. (um..not sure but something about that encounter doesn't mezz? one of them..?)(IDK, I'm always looking at health bars and healing my rear off, not paying attention to who gets killed when).
    If you inspect my gear today, you will think it exceptional (she blushes modestly) but when we started (and successfully finished ) that zone, I didn't have half of it, and fabled epic only (vs mythical). I was still able to successfully heal that fight by pulling all my tricks out of my bag and using them. All of my group except myself and the tank wear a Bloodthirsty Choker too.
    At the time, I was wearing Danak Bracers, Animator Gloves, Sharkhide leggings, the BP from Sandstorm (what's that called..), Wayward Moon skullcap, Oiled leather boots, The overflow cape from the Kunzar questline, Stormcaller shoulders, fabled epic. All items had appropriate, but not fabled adorns on them (except the weapon, that had the +45 to heal adorn on it). Blessed Exaltation earrings, Yha'lei bone hoops, Yha' lei Symbiotic choker, Thugga ring, Razorfen Ring of Bite, Gift of the Queen (as a wrist item) and...Will bender of the DrudiKha (sp) for bling. My spells (at the time) were mostly Adept 3, a few masters, one group heal mastered. I use Second Sight potions, Eat Wis/Sta food and +power drinks. (overthere reserve ale, I think..?)
    The strat is in a good kill order, fast curing the first 15 seconds of the fight, and good dps killing the adds in said kill order. After that, the Named is just a Named.
    You are correct, your Tank needs to know how to tank. But we usually did that whole zone with Guardian, Warden, dirge, warlock, brigand and troub. We were grouping with friends, not stacking the group for buffs, but you can see that group really helps each other out.
    The ability to do this still doesn't secure me a raid spot when content is being farmed.
  18. ARCHIVED-tass Guest

    I'll take my warden over any other healer any day. Even before they made the whole melee healer in ae's I did what I chose the class for, to heal. And my warden is a dam good heal. I can hold a grp from death even when the s%^t has hit the fan 3 times over.

    I even solo healed a grp back when fyst was that pain of an epic. Power holding out all the way to the end and we melee'd that last 1% out of em. And the grp wasn't that **** either.

    To me, other healers have their problems, plates you have to worry about the long cast and the grp dieing, or wards giving out to soon, or with a fury its that they simply can't get out enough heals. With my warden I know the grp is fully covered no matter what.
  19. ARCHIVED-godsanvil Guest

    A nice thing for a warden to is the melee proc heal we get im only 49 but i bought a fast weapon and i go in with the scouts behind the mob and wack it that 200 health a proc is awesome it helps alot heals the whole group to. I love being a warden i can solo mobs i couldnt even think about soloing on any of my other toons.

    I got the heal proc and double attack from the str tree and the 75% mlee critt with all of our AA melee attacks our dps is bad at all if you go that way. I heal and do decent dps at the same time.
  20. ARCHIVED-sokil Guest

    What about in solo pvp? I once liked my fury but now I play my other toons. Was thinking about moving him to warden. Still debating it. Heal wise I would rather have a warden in my pvp group thena fury (but templar is the best). Any opinions?

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