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Discussion in 'Mages' started by Xelgad, Nov 14, 2014.

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  1. Kalika Well-Known Member

    The regenerating ward shoud help you too, it's a 30-50 K ward ... not sure at what rate it regenerate.

    What is the name of the paladin ? Is he Janis ?

    If so try Daeron if you have access to him.

    Sadly there is so badwill to design mecenariess so that they scale, probabaly the commercial/sales/station cash department
  2. Kazz Member

    Conjuror serious quality of life issues:

    1. Give summoners the ability to pick and choose favorite pet appearances by copying elemental creature appearances or the ability to use a previous tier pet appearance for new ones. Please!
    2. Level 97 Earth (tank) pet does not get any bonuses from AA such as the 10% damage absorption from Enhance Summoning Spells AA in Conjuror tree. I believe it also does not receive the mitigation increase from Enhance Summoning AA. I am listing this separately because it is a new bug with tank pet to be added to looooong list of broken tank and scout pet mechanics.
    3. Tank, Scout, Healer pets are still useless and seriously broken. They make every summoner's game-play experience a depressing one.
      • Tank and Scout pets are not using all their abilities/CAs and this has been reported literally hundreds of times.
      • Healer pet's heals and wards are so small that they make no difference to any fight whatsoever and just cause 50% dps loss by having it up. Making the healer pet be summoned alongside another primary pet and give it a slight increase in effectiveness or just give it a serious boost in healing capabilities on better than a merc but slightly less than a healer player. This is a major issues for a pet class to be stuck with only one functional pet (fire).
      • Tank pet should get decent tanking capabilities (a lot more HP, mitigation and hate generation) to be able to solo heroics like in the old days.
      • Scout pet should be casting all its CAs and abilities and tearing things down quickly with melee and cold damage like it used to be back in EOF days.
    4. Pet offensive stance buff has not scaled with game mechanics for a long time. 7-8% potency is nothing at end-game.
    5. Flameshield's damage is and has been ridiculously small and it really needs to crit.
    6. Sacrifice healing amount is ridiculously small (embarrassingly so at lvl 95 and above) and it really needs to crit.
    7. Fireseed damage is ridiculously small.
    8. Planeshift, the once class defining ability has lost it's wow effect a long time ago. It needs to scale with the current state of the game so when a conjuror casts it everyone in group knows it's show time like it used to be.
    9. New AoM pretisge Planar Motion is disappointing. The teleporting of pets is useless because we already have Call Servant and Shadowstep. At least make the damage immunity last longer.
    10. Pet HP has not scaled properly with current state of things. Complete stat sharing (including %hp increases) between conj and pet is a must.
  3. Akina_Storms Active Member

    1/ my tank pet, lvl 97, fully GMd, is having a far more harder time dealing with mobs than my lvl 87 pet tank, mastered, and outleveled... healer mercenaries have also a harder time keeping it up.
  4. Kazz Member

    Conjuror serious quality of life issues (cont'd)

    1. Stoneskin (and Pet Stoneskin AA) should only absorb damage if damage is greater than x% of max health in line with other stoneskins in game. It is currently wasted on small hitting hostile damage. I don't want my stoneskin to absorb damage unless it's greater than 20% of my max health or more. This is the only survivability tool we have so making it work right is a top priority for any conjuror.
    2. Stoneskins (group stoneskin) should also be in line with other class stoneskins in game in that it should only absorb damage if damage is greater than x% of target max health. It is currently backwards (absorbs damage if damage is less than 50% of max health, damage over 50% max health still goes through) and this is very frustrating.
    3. Make Winds of velious base reuse timer should be halved to be able to use the only interrupt available to a conjuror more often like necros can.
    4. Base reuse on Petrify is too long (45sec). Since there are CC immunities, shortening the reuse time of Petrify will not lead to abuse due to CC immunities.
    5. [BUG] Level 97 Earthen Avatar pet does not receive any benefits from AAs like its predecessors (no 10% damage absorption from Conjuror AA tree)
    6. [BUG] Dimensional Storage loses stored pet when zoning into Battlegrounds server. It stays on but the pet inside it disappeares which means you have to re-cast it and store the pet AGAIN which causes Reanimate to go on the long reuse. This happens everytime you zone to the BG server from your home server.
    7. Reanimate reuse timer is too long due to the number of other bugs that cause it to go into reuse (if summoner dies before pet, if zoning into BG server, etc) Either shorten reuse timer or fix above mentioned bugs
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  5. Kalika Well-Known Member

    The two summoners share lot of issues, not much editing of Kazz post is needed to get something
    speaking about necros :
    On top :

    too many of our endlines are devoted to pet survival ... sorcerers get fiery blast, sanguine => huge damage increase ... and we get ability so that we don't loose 1/3 of our damage because pet died.

    Many abilities are like : increase pet potency by +10% and so on, those are totally outdated, it should scale (i.e X % of current potency)
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  6. Twisty Well-Known Member

    You can toggle Winds of Velious off after cast last i checked for next interrupt
  7. Anunnaki Active Member

    Yeah, it can be toggled off. If its not bugged out.
  8. Vorvon Member


    I would think that everyone would agree that there is something inherently inequitable if a class only gets to use approx. 66% of the benefits of any gear that class gets, right? Well, that's summoners in a nutshell, looking at the class from a damage perspective. Because we do not share our stats or gear with our pet, we lose out on approximately 33% of our damage. For example, a warlock or wizzy gets gear that provides 30 potency - that toon will get the benefit of the 30 potency added to his or her damage output. But a necro or conjy getting the same piece of gear will only get 66% of the full benefit, because our damage consists of necro (66%) + pet (33%), so the benefit of the gear does not apply to 100 percent of our damage.

    But instead of whining, there are a couple of potential fixes:

    (1) Stat sharing. This fix has been discussed ad nauseum; thus, I'm assuming this is a non-starter for the SOE devs, because it seems a relatively straightforward fix, yet has not been implemented; or

    (2) Pet gear. If we can't get our gear to provide benefits for pets, then let us gear our pets! Or maybe do something along the lines of beastlord warders (because there is pre-existing coding that might be able to provide a general framework for it).

    It seems that if there is a question about what to "give" summoners, the answer is always: give them something to protect their pet. Clearly summoners are not high on the dev playlist, because, apart from a few fights where curses are cast on the pets (2d to last named in VD), our pets don't die that often (and I, for one, never use any of the pet protect abilities). As DPS mages, it would be really nice if we could get AAs that give some kind of DPS boost, rather than another, superfluous pet protect ability that won't even be considered to be placed on the hotbar, let alone used.

    Many of the other suggestions in this thread regarding necros raise good points (e.g., siphoning souls needs to be fixed so we don't spend fight after fight through half the zone casting it to get the one spell that is not maxed at 3 charges - honestly, it's just depressing sometimes; hearts/shards need a serious boost; other abilities/buffs need to be made current (resists, STA, heals, etc. need to be improved to make them useful). As a raider, I don't much care about the scout/tank/heal pets, as they've almost never been useful since I started raiding on my necro. Also, I've always wondered: Why does time warp affect elemental blast and not lifeburn? Seems wrong, imho. Thanks for any consideration of these issues. I'm really enjoying the xpac, but it would be nice to get some attention to fix some of these issues.
  9. Xiatoris Member

    Absolute #1 Biggest Quality of Life Issue for Necro/Conjurer

    Please, Please, Please!!! Fix pets. The Tank and Scout pet do not use their abilities, we got a new tank pet in this expansion and it doesn't taunt.. How is it supposed to tank? :( It was so fun to run around with a tank pet all the way through to the 80s, made me feel like I had a potent minion defending me!

    The "healer" pets aren't even worth the 1 AA as they're just going to rot on the bar. Maybe they could be changed to a temp pet? I dunno.

    Even the Mage Pet recently I've noticed that I have to recast it once or twice to get it to even attack monsters. /pet attack and it just runs forward with the monster targeted and its wand out.. if the mob moves, the pet keeps following it but doesn't do anything.

    If absolutely nothing else is done, please fix the pets!
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  10. Akina_Storms Active Member

    now that we have mercenaries...
    for conjuror, can you replace the healer pet by a direct heal? or a DoT? or better, a ward?
  11. Xaxx New Member

    Thanks so much, as a returning player I must admit I'm a bit overwhelmed/confused by the AA system as I haven't witnessed it grow/change gradually - it's all rather a lot to master. Thanks again :)
  12. Kalika Well-Known Member

    current biggest jokes :

    Mitigation on AOM gear, even on quested gear is almost twice the one we had on TOV potent 3/3, this make this gear almost obsolete ... especially to solo. I tried behemoth AS in potent, around 4-5 buf he almost 1 shooted me ... after 5mn fight Daeron was dead and I FD ... switched quested gear and it was fine ....

    For my paladin the mit on potent 3/3 or 4/3 is almost as good than on the blue 4/4.

    For my priest mit on new gear is "quite better", but it's far from being twice better.

    Pet Stats/resist/hp/mit :

    Me : around 800K hp, 110K resist, 8K mit.
    Pet (possess) : 365 K HO, resists : 3k, mit 4k.

    In solo, as soon as pet takes agro he may die within a second (it's much less an issue in group).
  13. Sinai New Member

    Are you serious? I use my mage pet to tank for me all the time and I had 0 problems in any of the AS zones even when I was running 3/3 potent.
  14. Xabbu Member


    Pretty much anything I would have said is somewhere in Daray's post on the first page. If I could "like" that post more than once, I would. Thanks, Daray
  15. Malleria Well-Known Member

    A coercer issue I'd like to see fixed: the possessed essence pet casts something (I don't remember what the name of the spell is) that has an enormous aoe radius and ends up pulling things through floors and walls. It was impossible to use the possessed essence in highkeep contested because it would pull mobs from other floors with this spell. Now I've been having the issue in Ossuary too, with mobs being pulled through walls and from the floor below. Could you take a quick peek at the abilities the pet uses and see if any of them have a crazy big radius?
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  16. Kraeref Well-Known Member

    I don't have issues with my PE but as I have already posted let us posses essenses of raid or group friends. Reduce the casting time of shock wave by 50%, let our dots to double cast.

    SWB needs base autoattack damage increase as for other mages to 2.0
    Turn EV into a group buff as Gnomad already mentioned to free a charm slot for everyone. Make our buffs relevant again. We do have arcan resist increase for a group. Please add to it noxious and elemental for the same amounts. It will help groups and raids to get to desired levels of resist quicker and free some white adornment slots for other adorments that may increase dps.
  17. Akina_Storms Active Member

    a summoner pet is the bread and butter of the summoner.

    so,not only it should share ALL stats. but it should increase them in order to fulfill their duties.
    for example, mitigation, when in tank pet, should be doubled, as the different bonii in heath, in order to have a 'tank' composition, perharps with half the resists to compensate.
    for exemple, weapon damage should be doubled AND used in a scout pet, with potency halved to compensate.
    and for last, potency and crit bonus should be doubled for a mage pet, at the compensation of halved weapon stat.
    the healer pet should be on par with a mercenaries, why not a chaneler one, with a pet, so we have a pet with a pet...

    think of this.
    it's time for the grand revamp of summoner, like you do for the game mechanics.

    last, but not least, sorts and abilities should be on 2 different cast lines:
    the one cast by the summoner for his direct dammage, the other for for controling his pet.
    the first should remain the same, the others should be insta-cast, instat recovery, and castable during an opther cast is 'en-cours'

    it will need us a long time to relearn our class, but they will be definitively up the good road again.
  18. Anunnaki Active Member


    *Disclaimer: I only looked at the mage pet. I'm not going to bother looking at the other pets, that horse has been beat to death.

    Fixing Pet Auto Attack would be nice. Pet Auto attack is a JOKE. It's locked on melee, which means it doesn't ever fire. For the luls I let my pet whack away at a dummy for almost 6 mins and its auto attack swung 4 times. The average hit was 15k (which is ~5% of what the summoner auto attack does solo buffed.) Pet karate chop too weak. Why bother adding auto attack stats on temps like Plane Shift, or adding auto attack penalties/bonuses on pet stances if they don't do anything? My suggestion for fixing it is two fold:
    - Give the pet a ranged auto attack. This would allow the auto attack to fire while it's casting its spells.
    - Allow auto attack stats to share (DPS mod, multi-attack, and attack speed at a minimum; with AE Auto, flurry, WDB/SWDB included as a dream scenario.)
    I'm not sure how the base damage of the pet auto attack is calculated, or if the tool-tip is even correct, so that *may* need a change also to make it effective.

    The conjy pet's damage is so heavily reliant on Elemental Blast and Soulburn, it would be nice to give them a little love. Pets are supposed to be the bread and butter of the Summoner class, but as the class grows, the Summoner gets more powerful spells that don't do anything for the pet (Planar Wrack is the glaring example of this.) Give my pet a wand :)

    Oh look, this turned into another stat sharing post. Poor horse.
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  19. Vexrm Member

    Illusionist Spell Doppelganger isn't getting upgrades I see, and is currently worthless. I'm chill with it being abandoned but I thought I would point it out.

    Illusionist spell Dismay doesn't impact out going damage of the mobs in this expansion at all. I have some parses if you'd like, but there's no noticeable change.
  20. Ranga Active Member

    We had this in Halls and Labs last expac and people whined that we were bypassing the scripts and duoing the zones which I tried to do for fun and to prove them wrong and indeed, I found it impossible. But yes, there should always be charmable mobs with individual skills that we can use or laugh at like the Satyrs who made you dance in Emerald Halls or the Aerakyn who did mental DPS in Halls and Labs.

    Anything to get around this nauseating Confound and Guard specced mobs, please. Let us have a troub or dirge who rezzes or does a wicked VC 1 in 5 times or something. Please :) Oh and did I mention? Up their hit points and let us move them from zone to zone (PE not Charm pets)
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