Feel the Wind Beneath Your Wings with the Aerakyn Player Race!

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  1. Ding New Member

    I only can laugh, dream on you guys @ Sony, I have 2 accounts but now I finally had it !
  2. Ajjantis Well-Known Member

    Another low move by SOE. Crazy.
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  3. Klustai New Member

    I have been with the EQ franchise since 99... got me through a divorce, layoffs, horrible economic depression which left many of us out of work it kept me sane and grounded... was looking forward to the new house and realized... that divorce I mentioned earlier was cheaper.
    I agree that noone is forcing us to get the new expansion OR the new race... but as was said earlier this isnt about us being forced to do anything.... it is about the fact SOE needs us more than most of us need it these days.
    We may not be being forced to buy anything but SOE has to remember that includes our subscriptions and all the crap they load the marketplace with these days.
    Just went FTP and have no intention on logging them back in. See you guys in WoW either now or when SoE closes the servers because they pissed their last rich kid off.

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  4. Zeoni Member

    SOE Price in General so SOE understands clearly

    This Year at SOE we have

    we have an Expansion SE $40
    We Have a Expansion plus extras $74
    we have a min Big Daddy $77
    we have an Expansion CE 90
    after that next one up $118
    and the big boy $124 ($90 + $20 + 13 =$123 may as well round it up to $124)
    and the Mack Daddy $167 ($90 + $ 77 = $167)

    Really nice pricing there SOE that's how you sell your Stuff forget about the extra $15 on top of each we all Going to Pay $167 to make you happy why not have a $200 version for 10 year Birthday Surprise where we go to your headquarters and get blindfolded by you guys and Lead to the Nearest Junkyard and thrown into it after we buy your $167 Expansion plus extras and oh yes our monthly payment of $15 a month. Does the Mack Daddy come with a year subscription??? NOPE!!! that be $120 or more on top of the $167 for a grand total of $287 or $300 and kids remember SOE Loves YOU!!! This simple isn't going to work this way SOE at all. Please think before you act and yes I know Trion as a $167 Expansion out for Rift but one thing THEY have more offer with it then this even. your not even offering a year Subscription to your $167 man
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  5. Rhamnusia New Member

    After the sc sale at gamestop fiasco which cost you guys $140 that didn't wind up coming out of my pocket because the sale began two days late and ended two days early I was annoyed. I was still going to buy the ce though. After the releasing the vet reward house for sale to everyone and as a one per account reward I could look forward to in the future I was on the fence about the ce. Now that it's going to cost me 4400 sc to unlock the full benefits of the new race and a character slot you can look forward to my standard edition purchase with the possibility of an upgrade to ce in the future. You've been dropping the ball a lot lately soe. I won't cancel or downgrade to f2p. I just won't throw my money at you so easily anymore. You've lost from my pocket alone this month probably over $200. I hope it was worth it.
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  6. Arieste Well-Known Member

    Are Aerakyn going to be able to have equipped bow displayed on their back while not in combat? I don't really want to spend all this SC to switch over my ranger only to find out that it can't have the class weapon showing yet again. (She's a Fae now and bow appearance hasn't been fixed for years.)
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  7. Lovestar Active Member

    Too much for something I might level to 6 and decide "Ew, this isn't working for me". Cuz I'm super-fussy about my playfeel and animations.

    I'd rather a pricing model like:
    • Everyone can roll the basic new race if they buy the xpac
    • Pay a separate $10 for each rank of wing upgrade
    You know, more granular, tailored to your needs at the moment. And less risky of a purchase — everyone can find out if they like it, and then decide to pay more in at their discretion.

    Buuuuuut Marketing probably has flowcharts and PhD's that I don't and are confident this method is more likely to turn a bigger profit and make up the resource cost of assigning artists to build these things, so, I guess... I should shut up. :p
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  8. Benjamin Member

    I don't have a problem with any of this.

    So they've decided the Aerakyn are a very special upgrade. You don't need it. You can play the expansion without it. If you are really an EQII fanboy/fangirl, and you want to have the neat new toon, you can get it.

    I'm a little disappointed that I don't have enough SC to buy one, and probably never will. And I don't want to spend the better part of $100 on what is essentially an appearance item, especially so soon before X-mas. But I expect to buy the normal X-pac, to enjoy it, and to continue playing the game. I've just started with the Beta, and so far I'm really enjoying the scenery. If a few rich die-hard fans are willing to spend more, that's great-- it means SOE will have that much more money to pay designers for the next X-pac, which I think will also be great.
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  9. Chama Member

    Reading this announcement made me laughing out loud.

    SOE :p

    Why should i pay 2200 extra SC for the ability to fly?
    I mean, every quest mount (for example TOV sokokar) has stats that outweight any desire to "just" use an ability to fly.
    And the difficulty level of the upcoming heroic content even forces me to use such mounts.

    IF i am going to buy this race, then it is just a cosmetic or roleplay decision.

    Of course, i can understand my fellow customers points of view.
    Fae and Arasai can learn to fly - at no cost ( don't want to give you ideas btw :p )
    That is because they have wings and it is part of their race.

    Aerakyn are the same. So please do me a favour and rethink what you are doing with this weird idea to the game lorewise.

    For 2k SC you should sell a full functional Aerakyn.
    This is my opinion.
  10. Kazhidea New Member

    Let's just say for S&G;s I want to try this race, however, I want to change an existing character ? How does that work.

    I can't complain about Sony, not really, like one poster said, "Played since 1999, gotten me through divorce, etc.." Me too. Would I pay for them if I had the cash,, troll me if you want too, but yea. It is still cheaper than therapy,
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  11. Moonpanther Well-Known Member

    I've just seen one of the long hair models you can make....YAY LONG HAIR!!! I am getting more and more tempted I have to say. I do wish it weren't so expensive for the real model....the noble one.
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  12. Moonpanther Well-Known Member

    Have to say it's gotten me through deployments and helped me think about something other then being glued to the news day in and day out worrying about Hubby.
  13. Stitchersherd Member

    This is SO not what was discussed at SOE Live and basically is yet another money grab by Sony for this expansion. First the digital only expansion is severely overpriced compared to the competition and now they are charging nearly the cost of the expansion itself for a race? I don't care how cool the character race may be, it is in no way worth $42 to unlock.

    Attending SOE Live was a big enough disappointment, so much so we bailed at dawn on Saturday morning, now it appears the two panels related to EQ2 we attended were filled with half-spoken truths and lies.

    Apparently, SOE wants to lose customers and not retain them. I have no interest in their current marketing darlings (Landmark and H1Z1) and the indications are pretty clear that the end is coming for EQ2.
  14. Cleaner Active Member

    EKKK! well count me out. XPac has no value without the race included. VERY bad Marketing, Profit margins are are about to drop, Player base dwindling and they are "Nickel and Diming" people to death. NOT how you treat customers you want to keep.
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  15. jessejames Active Member

    Its no secret as time passes more and more players leave. SOE, is it really smart to try to recoup some of these losses by trying to suck more money out of the remaining players? I think this is going to just drive people away. I thank you for releasing this info before the expansion because now I'm totally rethinking buing the CE edition. I just don't see spending $90 for a game that takes hours to find a pick up group and think these high prices will make that problem worse.

    I spent about 14 years playing Everquest games on and off but disappointed in the current direction of the company with EQnext and driving players out of eq2.
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  16. Xianthia Well-Known Member

    Does the Noble purchase include (at minimum one) race change potion? I'm interested in the race but for an existing character.
  17. jessejames Active Member

    I'm not an expert in business but i thought the way to retain customers was to make them happy. I think i found 1 semi positive feedback on this. Can i have a job at SOE? Obviously the people running your marketing are idiots so I couldn't possibly do worse
  18. Cleaner Active Member

    Landmark went from awesome to Bleak Disaster in just a few months, NExt will be nothing more than another HUGE embarrassing Failure. I have "tried" to like it but I cannot force it on myself. SOE MMO empire is Crumbling all around on POOR investments. eq, eq2, and SW should be the main focus upgrade and build on it. WoW just upgraded a lot of gameplay aspects, very successful, They keep the investments in the money makers, and take care of faithful customers.
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  19. Poisonhawk Active Member

    Were we told the new race was to be in the new expansion? I thought that is what I heard but now I really can't remember for sure. If they did, then there is major problem with the truth being told at these live events. Now when I watch the live events for the "Next" game coming is highly suspect is it not? The price is a joke and with no new class to go with it, the joke is on us!

    I have to have a discussion with the wife now, and we may be looking for a new game. Bummer, but reality has to be counted as well. See you in game, maybe!
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  20. Arieste Well-Known Member

    Wow. People sure are very stressed about a completely optional and useless appearance feature. A feature that anyone with a long-standing membership can easily get for free with their freely granted SC.

    You're still getting an absolutely massive expac for $40 in a game where membership can be maintained completely free by any semi-capable player that chooses to put in the time.

    Folks should really take a look at other 10 year old games on the market and see how often they get expacs and the amount of content in those expacs. EQ2 is far and away the top of that list as far as value.

    If you think the race is too expensive... well, good news: it's not needed for anything. And if you're desperate to make a new character, i seriously doubt that you already have one of EVERY SINGLE existing race and class. If you do, you can probably afford the aerakyn anyway.
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