Feel the Wind Beneath Your Wings with the Aerakyn Player Race!

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  1. Cinnamon Active Member

    So why do these have to not clip?
  2. Sgorr New Member

    OK for the sake of moving this forward, lets assume that it's fine for Aerakyns to "also" use flying animals sometimes when they can't be bothered flapping their own wings but it makes no sense what so ever to give a race wings and then say that they can't use them. It's ridiculous. It's the equivalent of having legs but crawling everywhere instead of walking or running.
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  3. Shmogre Well-Known Member

    Can't argue with that. Fae and Arasai folks have been having that conversation since flight was first introduced. In-universe explanation for them was their wings were too weak to carry their larger bodies, so the flying questline gave them a spell that shrank them enough for their wings to work. For Aerakyn, you have to grow into the ability to use them, so at 30 they allow you to leap, at 60 you can glide, and at 85 you finally gain the freedom of the skies. It's a very, *very* long fledging process. Honestly, if I were a Fae/Arasai, I'd be wondering why I couldn't also get leaping/gliding as I leveled. <grin>

    [and a preemptive apology to devs who may now see requests for leaping and gliding from winged toons...sorry.]
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  4. Polychrome Member

    Did I miss something, Shmogre? Because Fae can actually glide from very early on. (There's a racial skill you can pick.) With a good running buff you can practically jump kelethin Superman-style.

    Admittedly, you can't start that from the ground and leap up, but those running glides are why I loved playing a Fae so much as a lowbie. I could get into all kinds of places other characters couldn't hope to reach, and could get teleporters into funny places in houses without using a layout editor.
  5. Shmogre Well-Known Member

    The Fae glide is awesome! The closest my non-Fae/Arasai toons can get is Gnomish Jumping Boots, but it's just not the same :^). I was actually referring to the gliding like the mounts, though...the Noble Aerakyn get leaper and glider mount abilities when they hit 30 and 60, hence my [mostly] tongue-in-cheek statement about the Fae/Arasai also having wings but not getting the same mount abilities as they level. <grin>
  6. Aonach New Member

    You don't get the "freedom of the skies" though, not unless you pay another 2200 SC. I think that was the point. You pay for a winged race that can't fly unless you pay more and the comparison to Fae and Arasai isn't a fair one as both those races are free.
  7. Tajar Well-Known Member

    The cloth simulation thing is just when you are 'mounted'.
  8. Epicose New Member