Feel the Wind Beneath Your Wings with the Aerakyn Player Race!

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  1. Sapphirius Well-Known Member

    They are quite lovely, yes. It's going to take time to get past how big and stocky they are compared to the ToV aerakyn, but she is slowly growing on me.
  2. Xirena Member

    Yeah, those thighs...

    Next, they'll sell you folks the Aerakyn Thigh Master accessory for 2000 SC. An additional 2200 SC will get you one that actually slims the thighs rather than just having amusing animation.
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  3. Sasha New Member

    OMG, that's perfect! I love it!
    I didn't purchase this race because of the pricing issue, and this sums it up nicely!
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  4. Tajar Well-Known Member

    I love this new race, and yes I have been a sucker and bought 3 race change potions. I haven't had that issue with changing appearances, but I do have the cloth simulation issue. I also run at almost max settings (I turn shadows off because they annoy me, not because I can't run them).

    Cosmetically, the only thing that I'd like to see changed maybe, is that when standing idle, that their wings fold in a bit more. They are kind of spread out and make the Aerakyn take up a lot of room.
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  5. Clash Member

    I'm one. Based on the previous expansions, I was ready to pre-order the collector's edition. After seeing the bonuses, I was ready to pre-order the CE on two accounts. Instead, for the first time, I went with the standard edition. I'm a collector by nature, but once something breaks the pattern, I'm less likely to buy the next collector's edition. If SOE would have continued with the pre-order discount, I would be buying every collector's edition to come out.

    And to take it further, with the changes to the price of the collector's edition and the double dip pricing of the Aerakyn added on top of the lack of real station cash sales of a long time ago, I'm done buying additional station cash. Maybe if there is ever a 66% or 75% off sale on station cash will I consider buying any more.
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  6. Sapphirius Well-Known Member

    I went ahead and forked out the CE price, but I had to cut other things I wanted in order to do it. There were a few new Player Studio items I wanted to get this month that will now have to wait or just not be bought at all. It's not that I don't have the extra income to buy it all. It's that I'm trying to set aside for Christmas and for summer next year. (Our power bills more than triple in cost because they double the rates during summer on top of needing to increase our usage to run the AC. The joys of living in a desert.)

    Pretty soon, it's going to come to a choice of whether or not I think it's worth it. If I don't feel I've gotten my money's worth from this CE, then I will most likely never buy a CE from SOE again.
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  7. Kazhidea New Member

    Me too, Combat Medic 4th ID , Bagdad 07 and 08,, divorces before and after /sad grin.. lost both parents the past two years. Always though I can come into EQ2 and immerse myself. Thank you SONY...
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  8. Kazhidea New Member

    So here is my question, I want to move both of my characters from a very dead server to the server where my main characters are. I want to change the race of my fury to Aerakyn ( noble ).. I will have to add two additional slots to my AB server. Yes I am getting one CE expansion and one regular expansion on the first. Who do I need to go to for the logistics on that ? I am also considering changing the fury I have on AB to a channeler... Can I borrow my own "team" for an hour or two ;) . Like I said cheaper than therapy, but,, therapy is needed...
  9. redwoodtreesprite Well-Known Member

    Just bought the full package and made a test lady to check out the looks.

    First, there is no way to see how the colors look on the rest of the body, as all the armor pretty much covers from the neck down.
    It would be so nice to have an option to clear the current armor to show just the undies.

    Second, almost all the skin color options are darkish, or very bright reds and such. And most are very dark in tint, almost muddy. For example, I see a nice shade of blue or purple in the box. And the skin's actual color looks like reddish mud.

    The hair colors are lovely. But I would really love to see better skin color options.
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  10. Sapphirius Well-Known Member

    Server transfer tokens are $25 on the Marketplace, I believe? Purchase two of those, and you should be golden.
    I'm not sure what you mean by "add two additional slots." Are you rolling two completely new characters as well? The slots are for the entire game, not individual to each server. There's no need to purchase 2 more slots. Your 2 characters will occupy the same 2 slots on the new server as they did the old server.
    Not sure what you mean by this either. What logistics? Figure out how much each is and add it together. Then figure out if you live in an area that requires sales tax on internet purchases. CE on the first and regular on the second implies you have two accounts? Make sure you take that into consideration when calculating your discount.

    2 server transfers @ $25
    1 race change @ $14.50
    1 CE @ $89.99
    1 Standard Edition @ 39.99

    Total = $194.48
    Tax = $? (if applicable)
    Discount = 10% (if gold member) Be sure to take in account whether or not your second account is gold.

    I didn't think you could do that? I was under the impression that channeler was a class unto its own and there was no betrayal quest or betrayal token to change it to something else. Perhaps I'm wrong about that.
    Not sure what you mean by this either, but good luck to you.
  11. Csipi Active Member

    The hair colors and the eyes are absolutely amazing. Compared to all the other races, it is unbelievable how much customization you can do with the colors.

    The skin tone colors are definitely less colorful. I just wish the scales on the wings had more color options.
  12. Pixilicious Well-Known Member

    Yes, what I think its the undertone of the wings/skin they are grey, (with bottom part orange) and although in my opinion there is a lot of colors to chose from, they will only change the shade or the overtone of the grey, like if you chose white for the wing color it still wont be white, it will just be light grey, then if you chose black, it will be dark grey, we could just call the colors 50 shades of grey imo ... lol :)
  13. Elite Active Member

    Unless you are rerolling, you can't do that.
  14. Sandyfoot Well-Known Member

    For being "born of dragons" the starting mage stats give them Intelligence that is on par with the Troll race.

    Their Tradeskill options in Character Development should be a bit more rounded like the Freeblood's "Gracefull Assembly" which gives Freeblood "increased skill on all tradeskill professions".

    With Strength and Stamina being their prime stats with agility and wisdom following, the character creation screen could indicate that these creatures favor warrior classes and followed by scout and priest (almost well rounded). Where their intelligence went, is something of a puzzle. Guess they are all brawn and tend to shy away from studying the arcane arts.
  15. Falaxe99 New Member

    still waiting for what i payed for......
  16. paradat New Member

    Hmm interesting but on the expensive side.
  17. Grundge Active Member

    Not sure what you are talking about there. o_O The Aerekyn Traditions give you a choice to boost STR or INT. In this sense they are geared for Fighter/Mage type characters.

    But honestly none of that really matters nor has it ever. I have toons that are races which aren't the suggested class type and they have no problem whatsoever with any aspect of the game.
  18. Sandyfoot Well-Known Member

    Very true, but usually if a race has an inclination towards intelligence, it starts out with an edge in intelligence. The Aerekyn does not. When they are created, their intelligence Is the lowest stat. I just think it is ironic that those of dragon kind start off with such a low number and their INT stat ranks the lowest along with the Troll race.

    Even if they are a so called "fighter mage" class, they still start out low on the intelligence side. Their starting stats are on par with any of the fighter/priest. If they are a fighter/mage, then the starting stats should favor that so that they are in keeping of the tradition of other races when they are first created.

    They Aerekyn do not gain an advantage to Intelligence until they have a point to spend in their traditions. If the mouse is hovered over "Elddar Mind" it says their intelligence is higher from years of study, but the starting stats contradicts that. They will never be "as smart" as they claim to be. The starting stats are on par with the TROLL race which has the least INT of them all. I feel this is an oversight and do not intend to bash this "noble race".
  19. Idaho Iksar Active Member

    Found it very difficult to set a red headed look. Seems the red is based more on orange, pink, or purple. Got the what I though was red but it's glowy red/orange. Went through about a dozen Shave & Haircut hits before giving up.

    The face, OMG, it's like German rugby players, very blocky and even with a smile they look like Lerch.

    Wished they had a hairstyle setting of The Spirited Melange on the Freeblood gals. The long skanky hair is meh. Bald is scary. Mohawk... /rofl
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  20. Quiarrah Well-Known Member

    Speaking of Hairstyles . . . . Does anyone have any shots of the females hairstyles?? I was just playing around yesterday and decided to try and see if I could at least see what they looked like. I got one that had this really NICE LONGish hair. . (WHY CAN'T ALL FEMALE RACES HAVE HAIR THAT LONG??? That would make me very HAPPY! . . . but let me get back to my original question . .) I LOVED that style and was/am contemplating getting the race . . .however when I tried again to show my daughter it gave me another style that had like two little buns in the back. . ewwwww . . . . .I want to see ALL the hairstyles before I make a decision cause for me. . .it's all about the HAIR!!!