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  1. Venser Active Member

    nah, no one is planning on forming up on Fallen Gate. probably 3 people interested from Disturbance
  2. Rozyn Well-Known Member

    I just really love that this dude has created a narrative in his head from selectively reading forum threads (because plenty more threads point out the issues of the TLE and why there wasn't actual competition early on) and is arguing with people who were/are actually there. I think it'd be cool if the original raids were tuned so that there was need for actual competition and the loot tables are all fixed up so you're incentivized to run them instead of the dungeons. But I'm not expecting much from core and DoF still. And even if they tune it, 80% of raiding difficulty is figuring out the strats, not class spreadsheets. The best raiding guilds I have been in didn't need to be online 8 hours a day because they killed stuff and then did whatever else they wanted.

    Good luck with finding a guild leader that enjoys endless demands from one member though!
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  3. tiptaptricktrack New Member

    Not sure how you figure there was not competition on Stormhold from the get go. There was Night Watch, Ex Nihilo, Infinity's End and some other guild that got Drundered. All of that was from launch to DoF. In DoF there was competition with at least 4 guilds clearing the game, and several guilds competing for contested mobs. In KoS the server took a head shot due to the random one shots and the extreme difficulty. The Devs over tuned the mobs. Almost all casual players quit at this point simply because they could not even grind xp in SoS. It was at this point that Disturbance took the server over, and all competition stopped because Disturbance destroyed everyone.

    Bottom line, I do not see where you can justify saying that there was no competition. It was there, and it is clearly backed up through forum posts on another forum. You can read them all. Nearly the full history of Stormhold server is on the forums.

    Anyone capable of reading at a 5th grade level or higher will be able to gather enough information from those forums to put out a complete timeline of almost every event that took place on Stormhold. No one needed to be there. The information is documented.
  4. Ramblon Member

    What you are expecting from a guild leader seems a little over the top. We have a discord server - don't even need a website anymore. That's so 2015. We clear everything and raid 2 days a week. Our guild leader doesn't spend 10-12 hours in game. First day of an expansion? Yeah we're all having fun and powerleveling. But it's TLE - most people have been there, done that and know how to play efficiently. That said - a new server is always exciting as people get to start fresh. Eventually a guild will come together and start clearing top end content. Disturbance didn't even exist until DoF.
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  5. tiptaptricktrack New Member

    Not sure where I said anything about them existing before that. I said they took the server over from KoS on. All the kill dates and times clearly point that out.

    In any case, what you stated is exactly what I am talking about. I want a guild that plans accordingly and takes time necessary at every expac launch to knock out the levels and get the kills going quickly. From what I can tell, when DoF launched there were several players that were level 60 within the first few hours. When KoS launched, it looks like most of Disturbance was max level on the first day with AA maxed out within 4 or 5 days. When EoF launched, same thing, Disturbance had AA maxed out on most char's in the first week. In RoK Disturbance had almost the whole guild max level on first day and had most AA maxed out within 5 days, and (venser correct me if I am wrong, since it looks like you are in Disturbance) but looks like they claimed disco on every fabled and mythical epic wep (that is insane btw).

    Bottom line, that kind of stuff does not just happen. It is made to happen by guild leadership and dedication by players. Sure, I can wait around and get into what ever random casual guild might have a few players that have drive and passion, but then I end up playing with players that end up being carried through half the game, which results in drawn out everything. The way guilds put less time in is by being dedicated and good in the first place, and to be like that, each player has to have dedicated time to set things up for success.

    I can almost guarantee that Disturbance had players on live running through dungeons for every expac after DoF to make sure they were re-familiarized with what the expac brought to the table. I am almost certain that their players as a whole spent weeks before each expac preparing for launch day so that they could get a huge jump on all possible competition. Those results do not happen without time and dedication.

    I am pretty sure Disturbance did not sit around to see what would happen. They made things happen. Which is the whole point of this entire thread, trying to get a guild to make things happen instead of being like you, and letting things happen. Might as well go play tic tac toe if you are a player like that.
  6. Pistilli New Member

    Looking to go hard from launch. Count me in to any guild looking to be first and stay on top
    I guess not much more needs to be said than
    Play time 8+ hours a day
    Willing to play any class needed
    Possibly 2 box, most likely GF will be crafting on the side instead though.
    Been playing the game since launch so understand mechanics and raids.

    Contact me if you want and we can plan to tackle it day 1
  7. Ramblon Member

    All I'm trying to say, is it sounds like you play enough to make things happen. Why not start your own guild? You have everything ready to go and you don't need to spend 12 hours a day in game to do it.
  8. Galdenya/Sigon Active Member

    We didn't have a monk or warlock D:
  9. Maplewood New Member

    You are playing the wrong game if you want to be that serious about raiding.... EQ2 is dead and has been for a very long time. Its nothing but casual guilds and players trying to be more hardcore but being forced to carry them.... it was the only way to kill stuff. TLE up until KoS was a joke, all the content was way to easy and stupid because none of the loot you got was good. Once KoS hit the raid difficulty went way up but by then almost all the competitive players had quit and the only competitive minded guild left was us. Other guilds tried but failed to find ways to kill the much harder content. I would assume it was more of an issue of bad players in raid forces because in the previous 2 xpacs you could literally just have potatoes who had never played the game before. Just save yourself the frustration of playing EQ2 in the ****** state of the community and the game itself is in.
  10. Zelox Active Member

    I'll be forming a guild and playing 175 hours per week when fallen gate launches, PM me.
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  11. Zenji Well-Known Member

    So it's true you are now a casual...
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  12. tiptaptricktrack New Member

    I want to live on same planet as Zelox, or at least use same calendar. Our stupid calendar only has 168 hours. You so lucky Zelox. You didn't get a pm cause with your calendar being the way it is, I imagine we are in very different time zones. So I won't be able to make your raid times most likely. (Sarcasm off)
  13. Korucuu Well-Known Member

    I think this is my new favourite quote.
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  14. tiptaptricktrack New Member

    Maplewood, I agree that EQ2 is dead, however I see Fallen Gate as an opportunity to fill the gap between now and Pantheon (hopefully). I also think that what Death toll and Stormhold experienced will be vastly different from what Fallen Gate will experience. For one, we won't have an entire guild get foundered for complaining about the vote... I think this is Daybreaks last big cash grab, so there should be some minor support at least. I also don't think the entire population will quit come KoS, seeing as how Daybreak should be smarter this time.
    I am not saying the difference is going to be so big that people from Stormhold will come to Fallen Gate, as I think those people would be completely bored, but I am saying there will be enough of a difference that I will have a very different experience on FG than someone had on SH.
  15. Ramblon Member

    They didn't get drundered for complaining about the vote - they got drundered for exploiting a bug with the City Raids to get plat.
  16. Zelox Active Member

    I doubt he's referring to gambit
  17. tiptaptricktrack New Member

    I see on eq2flames, in the Stormhold section, there is at least 2 to 3 other players that are looking forward to FG. Venser seems at least interested and he is in Disturbance. How hard you plan on pushing in FG Venser? There is another person on same thread that is directly asking what guild will be going hard. He plans on boxing, or getting his GF to craft.

    Bottom line, if you are a hard headed rock solid guild leader, there are several players ready for action right now for Fallen Gate. My theory is that anyone that is looking for the top guild now, should have some kind of an idea of what that includes. I really think you can get a HUGE jump out of the gate. Own the server from the get go.
  18. Mountbatten Well-Known Member

    I'll join, but only you spoon-feed me strats because I am too lazy and/or stupid to look up things like eq2i and eqraiders.
  19. tiptaptricktrack New Member

    FG beta just launched. Great opportunity to get that guild going. On beta you will usually find the most dedicated players hashing out their early leveling strata to get ahead and stay ahead. I look forward to seeing some of you there.
  20. Jimbolini Member

    "FG beta just launched. Great opportunity to get that guild going. On beta you will usually find the most dedicated players hashing out their early leveling strata to get ahead and stay ahead. I look forward to seeing some of you there. "

    I wish you all the luck, but this made me chuckle a little....
    If someone needs to plan a leveling strategy after 13 years and 3000 alts (And various other servers, including TLE and RTT) at this point....maybe that person needs to call it a day?

    Now in 2005 this would have made sense.

    Either way, good luck.
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