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  1. tiptaptricktrack New Member

    I will be rolling on Fallen Gate when it launches. I am certain there is at least one guild out there that is already forming and preparing for the launch and will be the guild on that server. Please contact me.

    Some background:

    I come from EQ1 and was in top guilds until Gates of Discord.
    In Gates of Discord I was the first Berserker to max level on my server, I was 4th world wide. I was also first Berserker on my server with epic, not sure number world wide.

    I started EQ2 late, DoF was already out and KoS was already in Beta. I maxed out a necro before KoS launched, and I was able to get into the top guild on my server. I stayed in top end guilds for the duration of my play time.

    I stopped playing EQ2 when Rift came out. I was in the number one Oceanic guild.

    I was going to play on Stormhold, but they are several expacs in already. No point in trying to catch up there when I could start with the server on Fallen Gate.

    Traditionally, I play a tank. I am willing to roll Berserker, Shadowknight or Monk, your choice, provided you are going to be the top guild on the server.

    You need to already have in place a website, voice comm (discord preferred), and 2 to 3 groups of your raid force.

    Your forums should already include:
    -leveling tips and strategies
    -set groups, or at least healer / tank combinations for dps to join with
    -required quest lines that everyone must complete (tartons wheel, Prismatic 1.0, Speak as a Dragon, access quests for raid zones)
    -Identification of MT, ST, OT, or heavy broadcasting for recruitment for those positions
    -MOST IMPORTANT the clear evidence through communication that you as a guild, or guild leader fully expect every single player to perform at the upmost level, and the clear guidance that you will force the guild to be number 1 on Fallen Gate. (In looking at Stormhold, it looks like it was Night Watch till DoF launch, then it was Dark Hand for DoF, then it seems to be Disturbance from that point forward without anyone being close. I would like to see a guild that competes with the timelines set by those guilds with the goal of beating those timelines.)

    What you can expect from me:

    I am an extremely dedicated player known to run some pretty crazy hours as needed to meet guild requirements and keep ahead of the curve. I go out of my way to make sure that guildies are taken care of, usually giving away for free things that are needed including masters or harvesting rares. I am not scared of research, so I will almost always know how to do what needs done before we reach that point. I understand the mechanics of the game and how classes work with each other.

    All in all, you will get a solid player that you can depend on to accomplish the guild goals from a tank stand point.

    Please send me a direct message with website links to your guild. Please use that same message to show me you can meet the expectations above.

    Future Fallen Gate Tank
    Future Member of the Top Guild on Fallen Gate
  2. Melt Actually plays the game

    That sounds kinda sad
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  3. tiptaptricktrack New Member

    In looking through the forums there are at least 6 players looking for a guild on Fallen Gate. If you are a great guild leader, or raid leader, you definitely want to jump on this early. There are tons of things to get into place before the server launches. Level grind groups, loot systems, voice comm and even guild name need to get figured out before launch. If you wait until launch, then you are already behind the power curve. I can guarantee there are other people looking. Form your guild and start recruiting.
  4. Marilia Active Member

    It sounds like you know what needs to be done and you have the experience, etc. so what is stopping you from forming and leading the guild? I'm seriously not being snarky or anything, you honestly sound like you'd make a good leader for that type of guild.
  5. tiptaptricktrack New Member

    I have lead guilds in the past and they have always been successful, however I am a firm believer that a guild leader should be a person who can spend substantial time in game. I can no longer do this. I can do maybe 6 to 8 hours a day, and 24 hours on launch and expac releases. Beyond that though, I would not be able to push the amount of in game time I would expect from a top guild, guild leader. To me, I fall short of the time expectations of a guild leader.
  6. tiptaptricktrack New Member

    Also, for that guild leader that is thinking about it. By my count there are now 8 people looking. 2 tanks, some dps, a hard, some healers... Just saying...
  7. Marilia Active Member

    That's a lot of time in game already. Maybe I'm behind the times (I just returned to the game a month ago) or maybe it's because I've never raided at the caliber you're talking about, but I'm not sure you'll find many leaders putting more time into the game than what you're already doing or willing to do. I could very well be wrong, but this being an older game tends to attract an older crowd. This older crowd usually has other responsibilities outside of the game that would prevent them from putting more time in that you mentioned. Again, I could be wrong and perhaps there is someone out there that could lead this type of guild. Failing that, I still think you'd make a good leader. :)

    I do wish you luck in finding a guild like this though. Oh, and welcome back to the game as well!
  8. tiptaptricktrack New Member

    I am now getting pm's from several players, all listing their accomplishments, past guilds and class choices. I have started a spreadsheet to keep track of those I think will be a good fit for a top guild based on my knowledge and experience regarding the information they have given me. As of now, there are 17 players looking for a fallen gate guild, some of which would be a good fit for a top guild.

    Really need a proven guild leader to step up and get ready to roll with this. You know you are sitting there trying to figure out if you want to do this or not. The answer is yes, you do.
  9. Melt Actually plays the game

    Just join either vindicate or revelations, they will probably be top there within a few days.
  10. tiptaptricktrack New Member

    I am not sure Vindicate would be the guild to take the top spot. In looking at Stormhold, they have only cleared one expac from the launch of TLE, and that is RoK. They have never claimed the top spot on any expac. It looks like Disturbance has owned that server from KoS on, and it does not even look like the competition has been close... at all.
  11. Loresinger Active Member

    I spend a lot of time logged in myself, so I'm not knocking you or anything, but man, I would hate to think of what you consider a substantial amount of time. ;)
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  12. tiptaptricktrack New Member

    When I have been guild leader, I generally push 12 hours every day, and am pretty much on call if not online. Additionally I roll one of every support class and each healer type, in case I have to play one of those to fill raid holes. I am not expecting this from someone, but I would like someone that is going to set realistic goals and drive a guild. I don't want some one to just be the guild leader. I want a leader to drive the guild and push to greatness.
  13. tiptaptricktrack New Member

    Still looking for that guild leader that wants to push to number one for Fallen Gate TLE which should be released within the month. I will help get things in order. What I need from you is leadership mainly. Website needs to be set up within the next 10 days, which hopefully gives you 2 weeks of hard advertisement for recruiting and screening. I would seriously like to hit the ground running on day one and get contested on lockdown almost immediately. I have already started putting together lists of quests that players will need to complete, some of which provide rewards that are relevant for many expansions (tarton's wheel, lavastorm collections, city timelines for wands / bows). We also need to get discord set up so we can start in guild communication. Guild Name is extremely important. You want to get that name chosen and get it out there. Players are going to be looking for a guild soon and you want it known that your guild will be going for the top spot on the server. This will attract the top tier players and will automatically weed out super casuals, so you won't have to do it later.

    There is seriously a long list of tasks that need to be completed before launch, otherwise you will be doing them post launch instead of attending to the guild and progression. That will be our first failure, and I would really rather not have that hitting us from the get go. Lets get this together. Contact me. Lets get this rolling.
  14. Rozyn Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure if you're understanding how the TLE is. Seems like you think it's this ultra-competitive server, but with Stormhold at least, everyone knew the strats, people have been soloing those raids on Live for years, raid make up was generally fairly loose, the gear wasn't as good as what you got in dungeons for some expansions... what you're 'requiring' isn't the reality of what's actually necessary on the TLE, at least not for the first couple expansion unlocks. It's still super fun, but you'll be hard pressed to find an entire guild taking it all that seriously.
  15. tiptaptricktrack New Member

    I have been reading through some posts on a different forums, and it seems that Stormhold was being taken extremely seriously and up until KoS there were several guilds that competed against each other. From KoS on, Disturbance seems to have had the game on lock, but there were still other guilds that legitimately raided in a manner close to what I am looking for. There also seems to be some players from live, that had the same idea that you just said, and went and failed on Stormhold. From what I can tell, co is slower and the fights might have the same general mechanics, but with not changes, and other tle changes, the content there seems to be much more difficult than the same content on live. So yes, I do fully expect a guild to have to put forth a real effort. If no guild plans on making some push at being good on that server, then what is the point. Certainly not just to do the same heritage quests again.
  16. Rozyn Well-Known Member

    lol. kay.
  17. Melt Actually plays the game

    I'm guessing you weren't here for RtT? Because I think this server will play out similarly: People flood back to play it, then the live rewards become clear. Then people from live sweep through, server first everything and leaving everybody else in the dust and wondering why you even bothered to compete in the first place.
  18. tiptaptricktrack New Member

    I am looking at kill dates. RTT server had guilds that were level capable of raiding RoK content before Stormhold had RoK. RTT had guilds that already killed PR before Stormhold had ROK. Disturbance on Stormhold destroyed all RTT guilds in getting to and killing trak... And pretty much everything else past t1. So you I think are confused.
  19. Arandar Well-Known Member

    I think the point being made is that pool of highly motivated, competitive players that you're talking about is not that deep, and many of them already have guilds. That said, Disturbance does plan on playing on Fallen Gate. I know they'd welcome the competition.

    This whole thread comes across as "I want someone else out there to create my ideal raiding guild for me." I wish you the best of luck, but it's a fairly unusual approach. If you really don't want to go through the effort of creating and leading a guild yourself, then you may just want to wait to see how things shake out and app, pretty much like anyone else would do.
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  20. Dude Well-Known Member

    There are only a couple ways I'm playing any game 8-12 hours/day:
    1. I'm getting paid to do it. Game testing, game development, or something like that and it's literally game on.
    2. I'm incapacitated in some way that makes leaving the house impossible. Hopefully, it would only be short term and someone else would have to be getting the groceries, etc.
    3. Something else on par with one of those that I just can't think of.
    Otherwise, life is way too important to waste 8-12 hours a day on a game.
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