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Discussion in 'Mages' started by Erak, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. Erak Member

    So after all this time when this issue has been discovered (at the beggining of the Kunark Ascending) it still persists ?

    Wizards FB still doesn't monitor all spells used during those 10 secs timer window and count only last one or first one casted.

    I've been testing some rotations and I realized, it doesnt matter if I use 7 or 1 spell the FB damage doesn't really changes much.

    FB used to be spell that spinned all around Wizards damage so is this going to be ever fixed ?
  2. Melt Actually plays the game

    I hope they fix it so I can betray back.
  3. Alexstrasza Active Member

    Yes Fiery Blast is not working the way its supposed to right now, everyone knows this, me, you, the dev team, the H1Z1 team, some kid in north korea who doesn't know what EQ2 even is. Its not going to help the fact that its not getting fixed until next Expansion comes out. Good news is, I play a wizard is a top end raid guild and I top parses without using Fiery Blast as a crutch for my parse, with anything in an MMO you have to learn how to adapt and overcome such things when they break, complaining about them will not help in anyway when its already known and has a planned fix :)
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  4. Rondo9 Active Member

    I'll believe it when i see it, personally I don't think they know how to fix it so it has ended up in the to hard basket.
  5. Erak Member

    I realized that I shouldn't look at this like on a complete DEV fail, maybe ... this not fixing a Wizards key ability is some sick way how to promote Prestige Left Side after they been unable to fix this problem for 5 years. And yeaaa it all began to make a sence -> they don't fix things, they just break others to make you use those they have failed to fix !

    I neither ... ://
  6. Entropy Well-Known Member

    I don't know if I buy the "they don't know how to fix it" idea. RO and VC work fine and it's a similar "record and release" scripted skill.

    Easiest way to fix it from a simplicity of coding/logic perspective would likely be to change it to record literally all damage produced from the wizard during its duration, regardless of source (excluding other scripted things like manaburn). And then adjust the release % down to whatever level they feel is appropriate.

    A few xpacs ago when Focused Casting was still relevant for warlocks, the two sorcs each had a similar "amplify my damage by x%" for a short duration skill. One of them was a front end mod, the other was back end.
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  7. Erak Member

    Well manaburn is story of its own. Many posts were made regarding this matter and for years we got no fix for it ... with KA they introduced Ethereal Assassin ability which is basicly fixed manaburn .... while original manaburn remain untouched.

    Anyway I'd wish they would rework most of the original AA's as they became very very obsolete.
  8. Ronjah Active Member

    Remember, class balance is what they work on currently, so hold on and have a look after the new changes have been published for you to test. Only then thou shall let loose the eternal complaints of doom.
  9. Erak Member

    You are a new member right ? :)
  10. Erak Member

    So the great class balance update is out .. and guess what ? :)
  11. Rondo9 Active Member

    You can't balance broken classes, because if they ever fix it .. well you know what well happen.

    As for the 16% increase.... I'm still LOL'ing at all the people that said we would be OP.
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  12. Kioske Well-Known Member

    If they fixed mana burn and FB, would you then call for a nerf to wizards to bring them back down to earth? Seriously though, let the spells go. Wizards have plenty of tools to be near or at the top of the parse, just as Arkmaru said. I personally don't want them to add any more spells onto my hotbar worth casting, there's enough there as it is.

    This whole idea that wizards can't compete and it's due to the fact that FB and MB are broken needs to stop. I get that they were your favorite spells. Wizard in my guild will top a parse here or there every raid and then complain that Wizards are broken and can't DPS.. all at the same time. It's just a T1 mentality, it will never be enough. I get it.
  13. Erak Member

    I don't get YOUR mentality. What is wrong with having a broken spell fixed especialy when you pay money to them ?! That is called customer service ! That spell is designed to hit for 25% dmg stored during those 10 secs and its clearly broken.

    I am not happy they made us use a whole lots of new spells either but that doesn't mean I can't point out they do miserable job at keeping old spells working as intended.

    I don't wish for some easy way to dmg but I want working mechanic since its in the game already.

    If your Wiz friend doesn't care fine, I don't give a sh*t but I do care and may be just a may be if he would care enough to write a comment here DEVs would notice (proly not tho but you can never know for sure)

    and tbh U get nohitng at all ... but that has been said with all those senteces above anyway.

    Have a good day
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  14. Entropy Well-Known Member

    FB is actually 45.5% of stored damage. Or at least, it used to be, when I tested it years ago. It doesn't count multicasts, DoT ticks, or autoattack damage. If it was changed to count literally all non-autoattack damage, the conversion percentage would probably need to be adjusted down to 20% or something. But hey, guess what... I think most wizards would be fine with that!

    Fiery Blast and Manaburn should be fixed to be meaningful in current content... and then the base damage of wizards adjusted back downward a bit to compensate. I'd rather have nice abilities that actually work than just a flat band aid fix of all profession damage being increased.

    Well, if you do the math on it, it actually added about 5-6% damage to a raiding wizard. This is due to having high natural Fervor in combat already, and this "base" boost being coded as bonus hidden Fervor. Similar conversion percentage (roughly 1/3 of the listed value in the patch notes) for other classes too, for same reason.

    With that said, I will say that wizards are in a reasonably good place right now.

    Summoner/ranger epic pets could use the next balance pass... their damage makes up a huge % of the player's parse and could probably be cut in half, with a sizable boost to base damage to profession abilities coming at the same time, in order to keep those classes at the same total output, but make them work for it a bit more rather than passively DPS'ing.
  15. Melt Actually plays the game

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  16. Kioske Well-Known Member

    Entropy, didn't you betray from Warlock to BL sometime last expac for the deeps? Now you've betrayed to a Wizard!? For shame!
  17. Entropy Well-Known Member

    Sorcerer was always my preferred class. BL w/ Ire-Dread was too hard to pass up at the time; sorcs were kind of hurting.

    But yes, generally I prefer pure DPS classes. If betraying or main changing gets me a 30-50% boost to the parse because of whatever shenanigans are happening with class balance at the time, I'll do it.

    Utility of the class should be weighed into that, but imho, pure DPS classes should have virtually no utility. Assassins are kind of in a rough spot right now because of the solid MaxHP debuffs they bring... if you subscribe to the "pure DPS no utility" theme then they shouldn't have these (rogues? chanters? instead). However, while they still have them there is a case to be made for having at least 1 assassin in raid instead of a herd of ranger. Sorcerers and Rangers are still sitting at almost no utility, which is where they should be (get rid of Ranger MaxHP debuffs too btw!). Beastlord has some utility in heal stance, but it's of pretty limited use in a raiding environment.

    It's hard to balance classes across every playstyle. BL and Summoners are really solid in Heroics (including soloing some of them). If that's intended, then fine, but there should be a small price to pay in total DPS potential to keep them balanced overall. I don't envy the devs' job.
  18. Erak Member

    Faaaaaak do something , FIX THIS already ! Right side is so much fun !
  19. Xellium Active Member

    FB is not a Prestige ability.
    Would be nice if it worked correctly either way.
    Kind of a bummer...
  20. Erak Member

    Its not a prestige ability but ... it works best with rightside prestige spec since 2 more insta-casts

    Bummer back!