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Discussion in 'Mages' started by Erak, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. Rubick Well-Known Member

    I hope it stays broken. I want wizards to go back to being a high skill gap class, but fiery blast is the worst addition to wizards since launch imo.
  2. Xellium Active Member

    Why the hate for FB in general?
    I always enjoyed the strategy involved in popping off a big FB.
    You could always tell a good from bad wizard, now it's too easy.

    Also, is there another skill in the game that literally does not function as described?
    There are plenty of skills that need updates or changes, but are any flat out broken like FB?
  3. Rubick Well-Known Member

    Fiery Blast isn't "flat out broken" either. You can still get them to hit for okay damage, enough to make it worth casting anyway. It's not like it does 0 dps. But I think Fiery Blast sucks because when it was at its peak (ToV, imo) your entire parse revolved around your Fiery Blast basically. It took much more planning and skill, but if one thing went wrong during your FB then your whole parse was gimped to an extent. I just think the idea of a large chunk of your parse revolving around bursts of 10-second recorded damage is horrible and not fun. You're right though, the class has become too easy. It's kinda like playing an illy now, spamming spells until you frozen rain/ascension stuff.
  4. Xellium Active Member

    It doesn't do 0 damage no, but it certainly doesn't do what it says it does.
    I'm not even sure what it is doing in fact.
    I can do the same thing every time and get wildly different results.
    Sometimes it does 4 million damage, others it does 4 billion.
    For me it's a gamble. I still cast it, but I try not to worry too much about what I record.

    I do find that ascension skill seem to bug it out more often than not though.

    I wouldn't worry too much about things going back to a ToV state.
    With double cast capped it's never going to be an overly large percentage of your output again.
    It worked fine through ToT and I don't recall it being more than 15% of my parse on most fights.
  5. Rubick Well-Known Member

    lol I hear that man. I can't figure out what makes it work right and what doesn't, try as I might. As long as it doesn't go back to being 40% of a parse I'm cool with it though.
  6. Erak Member

    These 2 quotes just deny each other. U want the higher skill gap. When there is a lots of planning and skill you say its too compicated ? lol at this ...and slap yourself.

    U are right at one tho, Kunark Ascending Wizards were and kinda boring cuz all U had to do was to get a solid gear and spam 5 FIRE spells to get your Inceneration proc. No matter in which order you pressed those 5 spells. Also click your temps whenever they are up without need to time anything except Celestial proc and sum Ascension surges.

    Nowdays there is an possibility to go partialy rightside which gives you some options and make playing a Wizard little bit more fun.
    I am not saying make everything turn around FB but fix it and make it reasonable spell again which rewards U when U take a time and learn to compose your casting chain.
    Not like now, when sometimes it hits for understandable amount of damage and the other time it hits for 60times 368 DMG.
  7. Rubick Well-Known Member

    I explained my reasoning. I want the high skill gap, but the fact fiery blast used to do so much that a parse was going to be mediocre if anything went wrong during FB is just dumb. I also just hate the record and release mechanic in general. I want a high skill gap, but I do not want fiery blast. My reasoning for disliking FB was not because it took planning and skill. So no, those 2 quotes do not "deny" (contradict) each other.
  8. Sykle Active Member

    Honestly, Fiery Blast was the only mechanic that wizards really ever had that had a decent to high skill cap. Without this, they are a lot like illusionists or summoners in that its just "press these buttons in this order every time and you win". There is very little thought process or situational awareness required (outside of the baseline that is required to play the game in general) to actually perform well at the class. Which imo is a shame, because wizards have always been the high skill cap mage.
    That being said, without Fiery Blast, I am skeptical in the ability of the development team to reintroduce a meaningful skill based mechanic again, because they have clearly stated that they have no intention of changing Fiery Blast to be like it's player base wants it to be. Wizards are in a great spot number wise right not, but they are in probably the worst spot in a skill vs dps output wise.
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  9. Xellium Active Member

    There is still thought and planning to play a wizard optimaly.
    You have to know the value of all your spells, and in which order to cast.
    You need to know when to hold em, and know when to blow em.
    Need to adjust during movement and positioning.
    It's not a 0 skill class. It's just easier than it was in the past.
    Bad wizards are still bad.

    Now if FB worked as the tool top described it would add another layer of strategy.

    With double cast capped FB should never be more than 10 or 15% of a wizards total parse. This is right in line with other abilities.
    Not OP but a good way for people who care to squeeze out a few more percent damage output.

    I would like to see FB fixed and or revamped.
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  10. Rubick Well-Known Member

    I'd love to see right side be king again and leave Fiery Blast about where it's at (well, same power level but make it work reliably). Left side is chill and still fun, but Coco the gorilla could be taught to play a left side wizard fairly effectively. Right side is more fun and challenging imo.
  11. Xellium Active Member

    I'd man, we're were all right side spec for years and years.
    I'm enjoying my full left side right side hybrid gameplay.
    If FB worked, full right hybrid left would be interesting though.

    I don't really want to go back to right side being the only choice.
    With prestige opened up we never should have to.
  12. Entropy Well-Known Member

    Amen. I miss the hectic resource management of stacks vs insta-cast stuff vs FB, etc. There's very little skill left in wizard - it's basically "put the abilities on your hotbar in the proper order and cast the best one that is up". Plus Ascension timing, I guess, but that's a thing for everyone.
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  13. Erak Member

    Any DEV considering a reply ? Simply YES we will look at it ... NO U are not worth of our time would do the magic.

    Not sure where one should get and aswers if not on official forums.
  14. Rubick Well-Known Member

    Honestly they just balanced classes and did tuning recently, plus there's nothing wrong with our kit as is. They really don't owe us, nor do we necessarily need, a response. Just accept it and be happy with where our class is right now. Like somebody else said so eloquently, don't complain about the peas if the steak tastes great.
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  15. Fairin Active Member

    but if no one ever complained about the crappy peas then the chef thinks they're amazing too and keeps MAKING MORE.
  16. Rubick Well-Known Member

    Oh you wanna see how far we can stretch this analogy? As long as they don't change how the steak is prepared people would gladly eat those same stupid not-properly-working-horrible-ability-idea-in-the-first-place kind of peas until the end of time if it meant the steak came with it!
  17. Snikkety Well-Known Member

    This thread definitely embodies why I quit playing my wizard... numbers are good, but the class is kinda boring now. I loved right side, but it's just so far inferior right now.

    I also like looking at disproportionately high numbers from FB. Last xpac I had several that were over 100 billion, those were fun. Bosses just died for no reason.
  18. Rubick Well-Known Member

    Oh there was a reason. It was because you had a wizard and wizards are thebomb.com
  19. Rubick Well-Known Member

    I have also been playing a wizard since launch. I'm saying fiery blast sucks and have not contradicted my opinions that: a) I think fiery blast is a garbage mechanic and I'm glad it's no longer such a huge chunk of our parse, b) right side stack management is substantially more fun than playing the left side prestige. You can't state an opinion you have about Fiery Blast as a fact and expect to be taken seriously because that's not how opinions work. Fiery Blast is, since launch, my least favorite mechanic because, as I said before, if one thing goes wrong at all during your fiery blast chain then your parse is ruined. It would also be a total joke trying to balance Fiery Blast around the script/incoming adds/etc. AND your fervor procs. Wizards would turn into a lottery class instead of a skill based class because of how the game is now vs how it was in ToV. And don't even get me started on all the debuff wiping mobs they put in during AoM that just ruined the ability anyway. This isn't coming from somebody that doesn't know how to play the class either, as I can guarantee that nobody who has ever raided with me would say anything other than I can push the buttons with the best of them. Fiery Blast made the whole class feel like a gimmick. Good riddance.

    Magmag is my character. I do not have a lot of alts that I can't master. If you look at my character's gear I think that's pretty apparent. You're also the one with a screw loose here if you think your analogy is even in the same ballpark as what playing a wizard is like this xpac. You don't have to whine because you think the devs personally owe you something when you're playing a great class already. I'm saying I think it would be great for right side to be king again, but I'm a realist and understand that nothing is going to change after they recently balanced the classes so instead I choose to enjoy where we are now. Sorry you can't differentiate whether I'm contradicting myself or posing two separate opinions.
  20. Wimble Active Member

    All I want to add to this is,

    Can people please stop abusing my peas/steak analogy now :p

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