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Discussion in 'Test Server Forum' started by Silzin, Jan 16, 2014.

  1. Silzin Active Member

    this is my feedback from the Fabled SoS solo on a monk (Silzin from CB) with no merc or any others in group.

    Fabled SoS

    the first named was nothing for me to solo without a merc and 3 adds on me. so uping the damage output of the named would probably be good. also uping the HP of all of the ^ Solo trash by ... some would probably be good. the ^^ Trash have a decent amount of HP. there was no loot... i understand loot has not been assigned.

    the 2nd named was also way to easy. i would recommend uping his HP and maybe damage output. again no loot... ok.

    the 3rd named is also a ^ mob and is very easy. but the ^^^ trash in his room has a tun of HP... about right. I think the named 1 - 3 should be ^ more then as it.

    Collections are in... good to know.

    I can not solo beyond the ^/^^ area witch is good.

    it is nice to see the daily 5 Etyma quest at the zone in/out for all of these zones.

    Fabled Vaults of Elarad - all of the mobs are 103^^^ and they are to strong for me to solo. this is good to know.

    Fabled Den of the Devourer - the front of the zone is full of 99^^^ and are to strong for me to solo... good to know and see.

    Fabled Halls of Fate - the front of the zone has 97^^ and 97^^^ and i was not able to solo any of the mobs here.

    Fabled Deathtoll - I was not able to see the zone in option for this zone, but if there is not one fabled raid zone i would be very surprised.

    So of the zones that i can fine, 1 contested and 3 instanced group zone... and maybe a raid zone. when i am able to get a group in these zones i will have more feedback.
  2. Elvoron New Member

    Fabled Raidzone = Lab
  3. Luzionist Active Member

    Nice to see that they have added several zones, I am really interested to see the raid(s) that are to be added
  4. murmur Member

    I went to check these out with my SK and first five named in FSoS were soloable, after that the majority of mobs were lvl 100^^^ and killing them was too slow as a solo, so I zoned out. In Fabled Den of the Devouer I managed to solo the first named, though it took half an hour to do from the start of zone to death of named. Got a lvl 65 treasured priest shield from it, so no updated loot available yet in Fabled instances either.
  5. Ucala Well-Known Member

    wtb beta buffer for a pally
  6. Anastaise Active Member

    Fabled 3 Princes and MO - oh yeah.
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  7. Ucala Well-Known Member

    no loot, mobs don't have CC debuff (in fabled SoS anyway). names have no strats, the zone may as well just not exist atm until you fix the normal stuff
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  8. Ucala Well-Known Member

    so I went running around the new contested after the patch with the loot in.
    it seems you guys are like double edge sword there.
    the beginning is all extremely easy. I was doing room pulls on my SK that isn't even really geared/reforged at all. and than once you get to the heroic ^^^, man they **** face
  9. Skeezie Active Member

    First impression - I love it. I'm a huge fan of reusing existing real estate and allowing more options of where to go, what to do and who to kill. Didn't do a ton, ran around Sanctum for a while and went into Halls of Fate. Halls of Fate, I think, is going to be an issue for people. It's a huge zone and the trash have way too many hitpoints. I think there will be diehards that will do it, but just can't see it being a favorite for anyone.

    Will be a fun weekend for Test - looking forward to it!
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  10. Wirewhisker Well-Known Member

    Fabled Ghazi cycle, for the win.
  11. Supemal New Member

    Have been run FHoF and FVoE,alot of trash with annoying KB and toon of HP,all nameds are dummy.drop upgrade legendary gears.FVoE drop class hat aswell.
  12. Supemal New Member

    NEED to put less trash mob or cut their HP down,is waste of time to running those zone now,bad game experience(or old class?)
  13. Taybrien New Member

    Way too much HP on trash to be worth going in these zones. Need to adjust accordingly or these zones will be ghost towns.
  14. Silzin Active Member

    when i was in FHOS it was not the HP, it was the mobs had a Stoneskins and a lot of Stuns that drove me nuts... as a monk i was able to tank 20+ trash and a named without to much problem, but the Stunning was driving me insane.. it was not easy tanking that much as a single target tank, but i managed. I think the damage of the trash is ok since pulling single groups of trash will not be doable...
  15. Taybrien New Member

    Sparkling gem slot?

  16. Skeezie Active Member

    Killed a few more in Sanctum. There is a definite imbalance there - the mobs have way too many hitpoints and they don't hit very hard. I pulled the Overseer with 7 or 8 adds, boxing, and had no problem with them all. My group is only doing 1.5 million dps so, with the hitpoints on the trash, they all took a while to die but I was in no danger of dying.

    Named share a loot table, that was disappointing but I'm hoping, expecting even, for some nice fabled drops.

    But, gated out - as much as I love the Sanctum - its just not fun with the health bars on those mobs.
  17. Ucala Well-Known Member

    that is...really pretty good o.0
  18. Estred Well-Known Member

    I foresee having to build a new DPS Set for myself :(
  19. Ucala Well-Known Member

    it's the way it should have been tbh. having to run these **** heroic zones for the fabled Arcane has sucked :p
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  20. Ucala Well-Known Member

    well I just solo'd (well me plus a merc) the trash and the first name in Fabled Den. got some tank neck. one thing I noticed was that the name was able to be CC'd, so it was easy to mez him, kill adds, and stun lock him until dead on my chanter :p

    [IMG]I'd say for the gear the difficulty is pretty right :p

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