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  1. Taledar New Member

    The rates are way too fast. There are people that are high level and thats fine because the power levelers will always be above the general populace in leveling. The problem is if everyone levels to fast it by passes most of the game and you end up with a uneven balance of levels and your a max level heavy server making a large chunk of the game obsolete.

    We need slower rates by far!!!
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  2. Bekkr Active Member

  3. Siren Well-Known Member

    People are layering all kinds of XP pots in full teams.

    I'm not.

    I'm level 17 on my main so far. If a few players want to ding 50 in a day by raiding the cash shop, well, they're helping to keep the lights on. They'll be bored out of their minds in a week, but that's not our problem. Maybe Daybreak is hoping they'll each activate a 2nd account, then take their time leveling that one and have fun. Then that's all the more money for the devs.

    If Daybreak was that concerned about slow leveling, they wouldn't be selling a ton of XP potions in the cash shop.

    PS/I know what those bored L50s can do! They can set up portals for Sorc Spires and Druid Rings for us all! :p
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  4. Elskidor! Member

    This is also alt friendly. XP rate is fine compared to last time.
  5. Fistpower Well-Known Member

    It honestly doesnt matter if people think the XP is fine for their own personal selfish taste.

    Its obvious to everyone its not the case, and thus people have the right to be upset or asking why its not this way.

    But lets go easy on them, they only had at least a month to get Kaladim and Nagafen ready, how can something as fundamental as a XP curve be wrong though, thats just horrible game management.
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  6. Ripp Savage New Member

    The rates seem fine to me, I'm almost at the point where I have to grind a bit outside of quests.

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  7. Siren Well-Known Member

    If they didn't want anyone leveling fast, they wouldn't have put XP pots into the cash shop, never mind so many different kinds! Sorry, they're in this to make money, not to pronounce any player the in-game King of All XP Decisions whom We Will Change Everything For. ;) And no, I'm not using XP pots whatsoever!

    Why does it bother you so much what other people do? Just shut off your XP and be done with it. I'd rather both camps be happy-- and if you shut off your XP to slow yourself down, problem solved for you. Then the XP pot people can have it their way, too.

    Just think of it this way: The SC potion levelers will have nothing better to do than portal us where we want to go, lol. Other than that, chill out! They're helping pay the devs and the server costs.
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  8. Siren Well-Known Member

    A few people are mad that some power levelers bought XP pots. That's where the perceived problem is. I think it's fine without the pots! Not too fast, not too slow. However, the players aren't the ones who put the XP pots into the cash shop. Devs have to eat, too, is all I can think.
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  9. Ripp Savage New Member

    It's shouldn't be shocking or surprising that people are buying pots, it's not like the shop is new. It also shouldn't be surprising that there are power gamers going nuts with the pots at the start of a new server. How many times have we all seen this in MMOs? :)
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  10. tbroark New Member

    Personally, I don't care if people want to stack pots. That's their choice, their money, and the devs need income. No problem there for me given the state of the game. If people want to rush to max, that's their prerogative.

    Given that, however, I still believe XP rates are too fast (not considering pots at all). It's certainly nowhere close to launch-era XP rates, which is what they stated the server would be. That's why people are confused, because it's obvious the XP rates are pretty close to what prior servers were after being adjusted upwards (and it's definitely faster than original FG). Do I think it should be exactly the same as original launch-era XP rates? No. But I do think it should be slower than it is now. At this rate with 4 month delays between expansions, this server is going to burn out fast.

    XP rates should be adjusted lower, or there should be a reconsideration of the 4 month gap between expansions. Personally, I'd prefer the former.
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  11. Jarlaxle2 New Member

    IMO I like the way the xp rates are on Kaladim. I thought the combat xp rates on the FG TLE were so slow that I stopped playing after the 2nd day and waited for the next TLE to come out because sometimes I like questing but other times I like to grind and low xp took that side of it away for me. Having the ability to buy xp pots doesn't really bother me because they still have to play the game, but I don't play on servers that have heroic characters so I have stopped playing on live servers. I only play on TLE servers since there are no heroic characters, but I also start to lose interest quickly once the expansion gets past Sentinal's Fate.
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  12. Atan Well-Known Member

    The problem is specific to xp pots are modifying discovery xp. So you can level stupid fast if you stack enough xp pots to get to max (250 xp mod). I watched someone level from 20-50 in 40 mins due to this.

    XP rates were similar to original launch, unless you whip out your wallet, in which case its like warp speed.
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  13. Zenji Well-Known Member

    XP rates were not anywhere similar to original, or even similar to FG launch. My group got to 50 in 8 hours, and none of that was running around discoing with pots on. We did 38-50 in CT alone.

    No one was 30 let alone 50 on FG with in 8 hours.
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  14. docsam Member

    So essentially you hit 50 and wanted experience now made worse.
    You could have locked your experience rather than hit 50 and then come and say it's too fast.
    Deva stick to your guns most are nowhere near 50 and having fun.
    This is classic seen in all mmorpg where a few rush to 50 then moan it's too fast so they can feel like king of the hill
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  15. Fistpower Well-Known Member

    Its not classic. Its horrible gear with focus effects disabled.
  16. docsam Member

    sorry had to edit i meant this is classic behaviour of players in most mmorpg
    I done progression server in LOTRO ,EQ1 ans DAoC(was just vanilla ) and same thing over and over.Some hit max level in no time then run to forums to say how "they did it".
    In all honesty ,sometimes i wish the developers would actually drop the experience and roll back all this 50s that come here to moan and lets see how much they will cry.
  17. Namian New Member

    I'm not using any pots, and I definitely think the XP is way too fast.
  18. Zenji Well-Known Member

    I never said I want the XP slowed down, or changed at all. I just stated my experience. So please do not attempt to put words in my mouth. It just makes you look stupid.

    This is the classic scene of angry children coming to the forums attempting to pick fights with people because they do not approve of their play style.
  19. Zenji Well-Known Member

    FG Xp at launch was slow, and I was one of the earlier groups to hit 50 then too, and that was the XP rate I was expecting because that is the XP that we were told we were getting.

    I do not care that it took 8 hours instead of 60 to hit 50. I would have been fine either way.

    You wish the devs would roll us back because why? We should be penalized because we purchased potions and level fast? We did not exploit, cheat, hack, abuse any systems. We purchased what was available on the market place that everyone has access too and ran dungeons. We just did it faster.
  20. Kalika Well-Known Member

    Me too during classic I did a bit of CT grind on stormhold but i usually got bored after 30 mn .... I was always annoyed to tell the groups which were usually performing ok that, I would rather try to solo the ^^ that dropped a wand rather than healing them or that I would have more fun duoing the seraphin or even harvesting than grinding this way.

    What always stroke me is that people excitation was usually only depending on the XP they got, if you would get the best XP hailing the gobblin giggledude on the dock they would do it .... and next they will complain about the "lack of content" ....

    Just explain me what was fun ? I could play all the 6 toons of your group with a proper interface and i could write a rather simplistic algorithm to play for you ..

    Honestly i m not interested ;-) I may come once we get 1 or AA trees.

    We had lot of cool content ahead on Fallen gate, Dov --.> ToV but DBG decided to ruin the server to sell XP potions and containers on Kaladim ..

    Kaladim ???

    Revisiting classic ? On Stormhold i already had the opportunity to play vanilla->DoF (on live i started one month after RoK release so before the TLE i never raided anything before RoK, except mentoring so that 50ish guildmates could get their prisma or AAs/loots) and on FG i played EoF->TSO. Repeat again ? not very exciting.

    I Don't get why people get so happy about grinding mobs in Runnyeye or Cazic Thule temple, especially in a full group ...

    At least on FG/Stormhold we could solo or duo that group content cause adventurers were powerful, and that was fun, but in a full group it is totally trivial and boring.

    i' m not really in the mood to join a tank and 4 Deepeeass pushing their 2 dps macros to kill stupid animations. I saw people constantly forming groups for Fallen Gate or Wailing Caverns, i cannot imagine myself joining for more than 10mn since nothing could be more boring.

    What is really funny is that people who rushed to 50 will soon complain and quit for 3 month's because in a few days they will have their prismatic. Currently they are happy to show off thir P2W mount and their level 50 thinking they would " impress" us .. and they do actually leave some impression of foolishness and childishness.

    I believe that the strategy of DBG is now to target the first left third of the Bell curve and it is working impressively well.

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