EQ2 Video Tours Requests (Houses, Guild Halls, Dungeons)

Discussion in 'Norrathian Homeshow' started by Ocarinah, Jan 18, 2017.

  1. Spirit Active Member

    if memory serves , the first house you ever did of mine was Fey Gardens by Moments , followed by Holiday Inn , also by Moments and then on to Necropolis , as far as i can guess the only house i made that you haven't videographed yet is The Green House Above by Alyssa on Maj'Dul , Tenebrous Portal out of Qyenos , Massive homes , leader boards number 2 bazillion and 6.This property should make our failure to entertain complete , lol.
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  2. Febrith Well-Known Member

    All done:)
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  3. elflover Well-Known Member

    Server: Skyfire
    House Title: PoM Inspired Bunny Home
    Owner: Baeletha
    Decorator(s): Baeletha
    Location/Address: Sprockets Interlocking Plane
    Best way to contact you: in game mail, or here
    Category (if published): Medium, newly published
    Special Notes (if any): the home is almost full might take a bit for it to load, theres a book at entrance
  4. Ocarinah Well-Known Member

    Just want to give Febrith a big thank you for doing a massive number of videos for everyone (almost to 700)!!!!!
    I really appreciate it!!!! since I was unable to really even be able to log in besides getting a couple rares from my buds. I am starting to have more time but it is being used for other things at the moment. Woot woot Febrith!!!

    A big thank you to Kianne too for doing videos and the deco raids on Skyfire!!!!! Woot Woot Kianne!!!
  5. Febrith Well-Known Member

    Added Bae - and thanks Oaky /hug:)
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  6. blackjack Well-Known Member

    Server: AB
    House Title: Isla Morada (WIP)
    Owner: Nicasio
    Decorator(s): Nicasio
    Location/Address: Dhalgar Precipice of the Deep Portal, Qeynos
    Best way to contact you: Here, in-game
    Category (if published): Newly Published, Massive

    Special Notes (if any): Second ever published house! Skip the tower levels, they are unused currently. Explore; some hidden places and small details. Have more ideas for the future but I feel like this is at a good stage right now and I'm ready to put it on hold for a bit.
  7. Febrith Well-Known Member

  8. Ritual Active Member

    I'm sorry everyone, but to get the complete collection of my wasted time efforts I have to ask Feb to do this poor example of total boredom.
    Mara Estate
    Mara Project
    leader boards 653 ? I think. that's right below the sub sewers in Qeynos.
  9. Febrith Well-Known Member

  10. Ritual Active Member

    Brand new , hot off the presses , never before seen , indoor no fly zone , please do not jump off any of the upper floors.
    Luxurious Kromzek Keep
    Kromzek Re-hab
    Massive homes
    creative recient
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  11. Ritual Active Member

    LOL that says Luxurious Kromzek Keep , i quit with the fancy color change junk now , sorry.

    I was told that adding another task to Febs list of 677 houses to tour was much appreciated by her , as it keeps her out of trouble, and is good for her sanity exercises .

    Thanks for the tip Uwkete
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  12. Febrith Well-Known Member

    /bonks Ukwete right on the nez (that's the nose in case that's not a commonly known term for it:))
  13. Quiarrah Well-Known Member

    2nd to the Last "Dark Asylum House is now up for viewing.
    Mind Games
    Massive #1
    Decorator/Owner: Quiarrah
  14. ZeeRobot New Member

    Server: AB
    House Title: Silvergrove Oaks
    Owner: Anahid
    Decorator(s): Kitowyn
    Location/Address: Aerie Kolmas
    Best way to contact you: in game mail, or here
    Category (if published): Large, newly published
    Special Notes (if any): I'd suggest turning off bloom, as it can get pretty bright/out of hand in the house. Also, there's a book in the OOC lobby by the doorway :)
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  15. Ritual Active Member

    So Squeekette sends Feb a gift and asks her to look into some details for her, out of the alley come Febs thugs and pound her poor mouse hide to lumps , saying she wants more money before she will even look at her mail . so she pays her double and gets pounded again , im not sure but i think its that other mouse with the bucket hat that keeps attacking her. anyway she put a large payment in the mail 4 more times and hopes the beating stop. Please check your Feb mail on Maj'dul , Squeeker is in panic mode and afraid to leave her house.
  16. Febrith Well-Known Member

    Eeep sorry about that - I like, totes never check my mail on the other servers (on the basis that it's always "here's another quest you haven't done yet, you slack fae"), in fact I often forget on my own server for that matter as my mail box is already pretty full of sentimental mail going back 10 years or so that I just can't delete!

    I will hop over and check when I get home from work tonight:)
  17. Quiarrah Well-Known Member

    NEW . . . NEW. . . NEW
    SKYFIRE server
    Decorator QUIARRAH
    Leaderboards Newly Published #2
    Norraths Botanical Gardens

    NEW . . . NEW. . . NEW
    SKYFIRE server
    Decorator QUIARRAH
    Leaderboards Newly Published #4 (Maybe now?)
    Norraths Botanical Gardens
  18. Quiarrah Well-Known Member

    . . . . and another one. . . (No I don't do anything other than Decorate.. LOL)
    Quiarrah's Penthouse Suite
    Medium Homes #1
  19. Contessia Active Member

    Hello, here's hoping I have all info needed
    undortakers cursed unrest
    unrest of Freeport
    No event
    Please show signs and books

    I have 34 mains and 1 alt usually I'm contessia
    Thank you in advance ,
  20. Sucreblu Member

    Antonica Bayle Server
    Commonlands Docks
    Acorn Syndicate Guild Hall t4 All areas decorated reasonable count loads easily
    Decorator - Honeyy
    Owner - Honeyy

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