Duoing Advanced Instances - Reward both players

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  1. Arweena New Member

    since when did the 4 or 5 named mobs in a group zone only drop 1 piece of loot?!?!?! 1 piece each maybe but 1 total no. Go do an adv solo zone and kill 4 or 5 named for 1 piece of loot total ...

    IMO asking for 1 piece of loot for each of the 2 people in the Adv solo isn't unreasonable. Especially when you have a chance of that loot being a blueprint or adorn recipie
  2. Regolas Well-Known Member

    I agree they should be tradable with anyone who was there for 48 hrs.

    I don't agree there should be a box each, even if it happens to be a crappy loot like a TS recipe (like I got on the last one).
  3. GrouchyMouse Active Member

    Don't the advanced solo in Skyshrine give each person a reward? One chest drops but both have something? Or is it because you get a quest from the NPC and what you get is a reward? <-- a bit confuzzled, been awhile since ran SS duo
  4. Feldon Well-Known Member

    Typically, Group zones have 4-7 bosses, each of whom drops a Legendary/Fabled chest. Plus sometimes trash will drop a Legendary chest. As a result, each player gets at least 1 piece of gear, sometimes 2.

    Skyshrine's Advanced Solo zone had one boss that dropped a Legendary/Fabled chest (the other "names" dropped little heals and buffs) plus each person who completed the repeatable quest got one Fabled/Legendary piece of gear. In the end, 2 players doing an Advanced Solo zone get 3 pieces of gear.

    It's worth pointing out that, unlike the full range of group zones, Skyshrine's Solo zones shared a loot table of exactly 5 pieces of gear for each archetype: Wrists, Belt, Main meapon, and Secondary weapon. It was hardly overpowered compared to Skyshrine contested and instance names which are doable with 3-4 players.

    Not sure why all these folks are coming out of the woodwork saying that an Advanced Solo zone run by 2 people in non-raid gear should award just 1 piece of gear. And if you are geared enough to run these zones solo, the gear is probably not an upgrade for you.
    Advanced Solo means:
    • an exceptionally geared (Raid gear) player of exceptional skill
    • two averagely geared (solo or group gear) players
    • one averagely geared player + one mercenary
    You think the zones are "trivial" with 2 players in solo gear? Have you done them?
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  5. Regolas Well-Known Member

    Skyshrine advanced solo was trivial solo in heroic gear. The only slightly challenging boss was the end one in DP, and to some classes (like my ranger), he was trivial too (sniper shot killed him in one hit).

    Haven't done the CoE ones solo yet as I am just trying to rush through them as quickly as possible for the sig line, but so far they have been really trivial to me with a merc.

    Maybe I am classed as exceptional player in average gear. :)
  6. Meaghan Stormfire Well-Known Member

    They need to make it a guaranteed gear drop.
  7. Zannah Active Member

    The Advanced Solo zones should drop two boxes because they are meant for two players (and one measly reward each for doing a zone which has many nameds is not too much to ask, I don't think). My little duo runs both Advanced Solo zones and Heroic zones, but it seems wrong to me that the zones that are specifically designed for a group like mine reward us the least. There is little point in running Advanced Solo when the reward is so pitiful - we'd rather bang our heads against the heroic content until we get that down. Why even bother making small group content if it's not going to be worthwhile for small groups?

    However, I'd also be fine with your suggestion of making the loot tradable with the other group member. It's not really the single box that bugs me so much - it's when on my mystic I graciously decline the box so that my partner's monk can have a shot at a reward, and he opens it to find a priest-only item. We did the zone together, but instead of sharing in the rewards of our work, he gets something useless to him and I get to stand by and watch him transmute something I could really use. It's an unfun ending to an otherwise fun dungeon run.
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  8. Feldon Well-Known Member

    Skyshrine had two Solo zones and one Advanced Solo zone. You are describing the Advanced Solo zone as challenging. My work here is done. :)
  9. Arieste Well-Known Member

    Please reference your source.

    Because honestly, if you're just making this up, i can also say that "Solo Advanced means that pigs can fly", but it won't be any closer to the truth. Until someone provides evidence that developers were somehow trying to deliberately mislead us by labelling group zones "solo", I'll go with the simplest explanation that zones called "solo" are meant to be soloed. As a matter of fact, at SOE live, when talking about the expansion, developers specifically stated that one of their points of pride about the expac was that "the entire signature questline is designed to be accessible to solo players".

    In terms of being trivial, if a player in solo gear with a merc can do it alone, then yes, doing with two players in solo gear makes it trivial (given equal skill level). I believe the group option mainly exists to allow weaker players to still progress their questlines without getting frustrated (by bringing a friend). I don't think it's there to enable loot farming. I think it's great that people can ask a friend to help them out or that people can get their sig quest updates together when they can't handle the zone on their own. But i certainly don't think it should get additional rewards for doing so. There is a penalty for using a merc (xp and cost), so there should be an even greater cost for using a player since a player is more powerful.

    All the quest updates can be done in proper group zones with multiple legendary or fabled rewards. If you want to be rewarded for a group effort, do the group zone - the option is already there. (As someone wisely mentioned above).
  10. Cyliena Well-Known Member

    http://forums.station.sony.com/eq2old/posts/list.m?start=0&topic_id=523306#5806759 (Sleeper's Tomb Advanced Solo beta feedback thread)

    "Please keep in mind that these are Advanced Solo zones, and are meant for one very well geared player, or two regularly geared players. I understand that trying to solo this as a lower dps class (like a templar) may be too difficult, but you are allowed to bring a merc or a friend in those cases."
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  11. Meaghan Stormfire Well-Known Member

    Just have the boss drop guarantee a piece of random gear and a random consumable and make it a standard NBG rollable drop. It's not complicated. The whole who deserves what for what conversation is silly.
  12. Cyliena Well-Known Member

    I agree completely with this.
  13. Regolas Well-Known Member

    I said the last mob was a teeny weeny bit challenging for some classes, but me, as a ranger, one shotted the end boss.

    And that was in heroic gear :)
  14. Arieste Well-Known Member

    Great. So i am proven wrong and solo zones aren't meant to be soloed. Thanks for looking it up. If this is the case, they should indeed award a reward for every player. Perhaps when SOE is changing them to add multiple rewards, they can we have the "solo" tag removed so it's not confusing dumb people like me who assume that "solo" actually means "solo", after all, most group zones and even some raid zones are also soloable by "one very well geared player" yet it doesn't mean they should all have the "solo" tag. So if they aren't designed to be done solo, they should not have the tag.
  15. Gideon Member

    if you change loot options to need before greed both players can greed on the chest drop. but you cant see the loot thats in the box before you hit need or greed wich is lame. imho if 2 people are running the zone the items in the box should be displayed on the loot window, not just a chest.
  16. Ssrilith Member

    They either need to make it two chests. Or make it so we can see the loot and roll on it, or make it tradeable with person in our group for up to 48 hours like other places, or till we zone out of the instance. As it stands right now, if the item that drops is good for a fighter and you play a healer and your partner is a fighter, its a shame, that you cant give them the item.
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  17. Juraviel Active Member

    At least make the loot in the crate at the end of the advanced solo instances able to be traded for 24-48 hours with the person that you were duoing it with. What is the harm in that?

    What I do see as detrimental is two people duoing these and one gets an item that is a huge upgrade for the other and they are not able to trade. For example tonight - my friend and I ran one of the advanced solo instances me tanking and her healing and she won the crate. Guess what was inside? Red Slot w/adornment plate fighter forearms. Useless to an Inquisitor yet a huge upgrade for me and she had no way of trading them to me so they get junked.

    This way people can sort out the rewards the way that they want to at the end and not have to worry about one or the other being left out or having to watch what would have been a nice upgrade get vendor junked like we did tonight.

    Really disappointing honestly to see that happen over and over again.
  18. Mohee Active Member

    geeze... never knew so many people would complain about the idea of both people getting a reward in a zone...

  19. Juraviel Active Member

    Nothing wrong at all for both people to get a reward. I'd prefer that honestly. I do think that we should at least be able to trade the reward though if we only get one crate per run.
  20. Denon Active Member

    I Definately agree that if there is only one reward, you should be able to give it to the person that can use it.