[Dev] Does "% increase all damage to target" have a cap?

Discussion in 'Items and Equipment' started by Twisty, Dec 26, 2015.

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    Inquiring minds want to know!
  3. Twisty Well-Known Member

    gninja replied to my PM about this, said ask caith
    caith has not replied unfortunately (yet? hope dies last)
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    Be respectfully annoying. :)
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    hopefully caith will get back to you. would be nice to have a definitive answer.
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    Admittedly I haven't done extensive testing on each effect stacking, just one.

    What you could do, is use strike of consistency and get a bag full of each weapon with the different types of effects and go full spreadsheet warrior to find out.

    It's possible this is one of those things the devs would prefer the players to figure out/test for themselves rather than saying "here is how to maximize these items"
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    This might be a good question/task for @Koko.
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    If this was remotely feasable to do, I would have already done so long ago instead of starting this thread. If there is a cap, it's unlikely to be less than 20 because you could already hit that easily with Genra ears alone (not to mention AA abilities, if AA abilities are not on the same cap, which is another important question from the OP).

    To hit even 20 you need at least 5-6 people. Trying to test anything for reproducability of damage with that many people is a nightmare unless you can box your own full group to control all the aspects, and even then there are only a handful of people that are meticulous enough to be able to pull it off. Controlling stats aside (and that's really hard to begin with with that many ppl casting in group), just being able to on-the-fly determine the current sum of debuffs on the dummy is going to require superman-concentration levels.

    tl;dr - this is one of those things that just needs to be looked up in code, as reverse engineering it (as much as I'd love to) is not feasible
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  10. Eufelia Member

    @Twisty any news from caith? did he give you an answer?
  11. Caith Developer

    Negative damage reduction effects have a cap of -50%. This cap is influenced by normal damage reduction that the mob has. So if it has a damage reduction of 10%, you can debuff it's damage reduction by up to 60%, to give it a -50%.

    This is incorrect.
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    Thank you!

    I'm guessing there is little chance of having Predators get a minor upgrade to their mob stats examine ability thing we use once per expac to display this?
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    Happy to be corrected! Good news!

    Thanks Caith for chiming in
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    " Negative damage reduction effects have a cap of -50%." - Does mitigation debuff spells like Dispatch etc. count to that?

    When Mitigation Debuffs hits the mob there are a damage Increase to 50% - So with this Procs + Mitigation = 100% more Damage?
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    The whole percentage thing in this game is confusing as hell. We normally associate the word or symbol "percentage" as 1-100%. The so called "percentage" stats in this game don't make any sense what so ever. Why not just use a flat numerical value? I can totally understand people coming to this game and being completely lost.
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    The wording on Caith's response has me just a little baffled. So can anyone that maybe understood it confirm? Lets say we have 24 raiders with Highholds fall on.. assuming they all proc consecutively we're up to 33.6% higher non melee damage incoming to given mob. We could conceivably stack 16.4 % more on top of that through other procs/means?

    The whole "negative damage reduction effects" lost me entirely lol, I can't seem to wrap my head around it
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    Rephrase "negative damage reduction effects" to "increase damage by X percent effects" and that might help?

    But, in short, yes you could stack another 16.4%

    Though that does raise another question... Is the 50% for ALL damage types, or specific types? So, for example, could we reach -50% Arcane and -30% Physical and still be able to add (reduce) the Physical type to 50% as well?
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    It could actually be more than that if the mob has Damage Reduction to begin with, is what he's saying. A mobs damage reduction may be brought as low as -50%. If the mob started with 10% Damage Reduction, you would need to stack 60% of the "increase damage x%" effects to bring it from a +10% to a -50% Damage Reduction cap.

    If 10% Damage Reduction reduces the damage the mob takes 10%, I'd assume that -50% Damage Reduction would increase the damage the mob takes by 50%.
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    that should be counted separately. afaik there is a 70% debuff cap for stats like mitigation and magic resistances. the validity of my statement depends on it not being changed in the meantime. the information stems from the KoS expa, so take it with a grain of salt.
  20. Caith Developer

    Mitigation debuffs and damage reduction debuffs work separately.