Deleting my 9 year old warlock

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Cythemia, Nov 6, 2015.

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  1. Belton Member

    Your** necro op =p
  2. Enigma Active Member

    All i ask is that lifeburn be made into something useful and maybe lower base reuse of undead that too much to ask?
  3. Tharrakor Well-Known Member

    Yeah you guys are asking too much. Necros are in great spot, your pets have badass appearance! And everyone knows that appearance is everything! Poor Conjus with their ugly pets!

    BTW, vote yes for making Predators final trick a permanent buff on Assassins!
  4. Veta Well-Known Member

    Lifeburn: Now heals/wards the group for 22hitpoints per 1hitpoint used, instead of damage. Can critically heal/ward and does not heal the necro.
    Seems useful in my opinion :D
  5. Laserbeak Member

    (07:33) Uigirf the Magician: 1251448273 Liight-Temporal Mimicry-413398229
    Mogri | 154078705
    Belto | 108850623
    Homex | 107701153 - bc
    Jokir | 97077259
    Kaari | 91743000 -bc
    Akaer | 76888068
    Silph | 63005838
    Mezra | 61928432
    Sacda | 50090806
    Noali | 49301502

    (02:44) Dellmun the Hammer: 1026683699 Liight-Temporal Mimicry-504350965
    Mogri | 121444788
    Jokir | 97085783
    Belto | 97018951
    Homex | 95009612
    Kaari | 74110060
    Akaer | 61332236
    Mezra | 54548491
    Sacda | 51806683

    Chose these fights.. cuz.. over 2min. turn and burn, on a super single target do i think sin would win? most likely.. but lock wouldn't be far behind.


    Post BC nerf... After we found out about the new 'practice procs'.. and got just SOME of them in raid... Lag was the most horrific thing.. ive ever seen..with 5-6 sec button lag...and **** just NOT casting in my pft chain... I do think I could add 10-20mil with ethereals/less lag.

    Mages can stop the QQ now, all seems back to normal :)

    just wait till we get even MORE group/raid potency procs.. that scale better for mages. ripppppp, anyways.. incoming repeat of TOV and Items to win style play. But at least there will be less mogrim crying in raid now, so that we're grateful for... lol

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  6. Karsa Active Member

    So the 'sky' is not falling.....
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  7. Laserbeak Member

    warlocks still took a nerf from last xpac.. but as you can see it was much needed..and no the sky is not falling. I think as the xpac go on and that FC cap hurts warlocks more.. it may be closer... but shrug.. yeah thats where we're at. take it for what it is. :)
  8. Tharrakor Well-Known Member

    Poor sac :-(

    Wizards need sum lovin!
  9. Belton Member

    My brief stint as a necro i will 150% back you on these statement CALL IN THE UNION #SummonerSquad

    Home... These are NOT single targets. Magician has ******* swarm adds. Without lag you still push Mogrim and I's **** in! I don't understand bro. What i don't want is to have a repeat of last xpac. of basically one class.(Last xpac Warlock- This xpac sin) Trump everyone (although right now it's sins and BL). Like why all the salt =/
    Appdaddicus still throws down! He's getting gear at stuff atm=(
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  10. Laserbeak Member

    Sac is very under geared. I expect him to do well. but wiz's do need some lovin.. and belton.. there is no salt? did you even read? I said on a super single target.. Im sure I would win, but those are the two turn and burn fights.. so I used them.. and yes lag was horrific.. But I don't think id catch mogrim.. maybe lag free and ethereals... but IDK.. but again, no salt. you threw down, good parses for a conj.. But again just reiterating... warlocks are more than fine. currently. lol
  11. Belton Member

    There's some Sodium in here Friend Home.

    and i do agree with you. Warlocks are the KING of AE. and it should stay that way.(even says it in their class description =p) FC should of been nerfed. But not this hard. 25% of base CB to Pot(Is that right someone confirm nor deny plz) in the end they just get 750pot when hitting the CB cap.

    I was honestly pretty surprised about those parses. We'll see if i can replicate them this week :D

    And yeah Sac will throw down. **** he already is for the garbage gear he has. I'm pretty excited to see him back in action. #AllHailTheKing
  12. Laserbeak Member

    meh, w.e. happy thanks giving. lol
  13. Veta Well-Known Member

    :) and happy thanksgiving all!
  14. Yards Well-Known Member

    Someone told me BC got a ninja nerf, is this true ? I dont have a dirge so I can't confirm it.
  15. Yards Well-Known Member

    It looks like it went from 50% to 25% ?
  16. Eles Well-Known Member

  17. Errrorr An Actual EQ2 Player

    Now you've got BC nerfed, an we move back onto summoners please?

    We get it, Warlocks want to be #1 forever.
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  18. Kioske Well-Known Member

    I told you guys earlier in the thread, stop drinking the Kool-aid that Mogrim is selling. 40 million above the second place on the parse?! And you're saying Warlocks are luck to be 5-7th place on the parse? Give me a friggin break.
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  19. Germs Member

    But it's for teh mana drainz
  20. ruthless619 Member

    So Mogrim succeeded in his waaaaambulance to the devs eh.... So much for "warcocks and lowest T1 dps"
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