Deleting my 9 year old warlock

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Cythemia, Nov 6, 2015.

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  1. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    Warlock on low end regardless AoE or not AoE fight and BL is on top again no matter what type of fight is. The only mages that are capable to pull nowadays decent damage are enchanter and that because of mimic BL - this is simple.
    Brigands/Swashes never meant to be T1 = more like T1.5 but that aside of the point. And point is that because of the changes any raiding guild have ZERO need on mages DPS ... and need only 1 warlock solely for mana drains. Speaking about been bottom - lol I been playing since release and my warlock was on ice soon after SOE nerfed warlocks roots and been back in game around KoS x-pack when roots been more or less fixed. Also my second main happens to be coercer and this class been having short side of stick for way more time then rogues do
  2. Germs Member

    Everyone wants to be T1 dps. Nobody wants to be T1.5 because "insertflavorofthemonthclasshere" have it better and they're OP. Personally, I had the most fun playing a T1.5 class (necro) and beating out slacker T1 classes during TSO,SF etc. I actually left the game when summoners were OP and everyone and their mom rolled one.

    TLDR - All the warlock "flavor of the month" tryhards will roll BLs instead.
  3. Kioske Well-Known Member

    So you're telling me that it's an illusion that walocks have been the top of the parse since ToV? That's just something that hasn't happened? Pretty sure you're very wrong if you think chanters are mimicking Beastlords over Sins and Warlocks/Wizards (Which still have the highest spike damage in the game no matter what). But you know, you can totally go on wasting your mimic.
  4. Kurei Hitaka Well-Known Member

    Warlock has been top-parsing since DoV, depending on who you ask or don't ask, actually. They've always been a solid class. Honestly, Warlock and Sin have (And will) be in a position where other classes are vying to try to one-up them on the parse. Sadly the two classes mentioned are extremely consistent, while anyone else topping them is a blue-moon occurrence.
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  5. Laserbeak Member

    The misinformation here is EPIC. Chanters mimic'ing scouts and beating warlocks? Do you warlocks even have pulses...? LOL
  6. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    I tell you that in ToT - raiding guild no longer need mages DPS because they are inferior compare to scout DPS and the only mages who can climb up to the ladder (on the short fights) are enchanters and the only reason for that - they are minic Beast Lords - plain and simple.
    Warlocks were one trick pony - Focused Casting and that work well only if fights were like last x-pack 40second or so to burn. Wizards have short side of the stick already for a while - they do not have ability that closely match Focused casting thus DPS of wizards been not that impressive.
    Using your words - if on ToT raids you are not mimicking BL - you are wasting you mimic
  7. Belton Member

    Just gonna throw my two cents in here.
    Warlocks DO yes DO have the right to be pissed. I was one of the biggest advocates of getting FC changed. But what they did is pretty garbage. Once locks (Which will be soon with fully infused gear) Hit that 3k cap they only get 750pot. Should of just nerfed FC to 50% instead of 75 would of saved alot of hassle.
    On another note. Locks DONT have the right to cry how hard they are crying. I have probably some of the best gear in the game for a conj(along with Veta/Macky) When i'm getting just ***** by Locks/Sins/BLs/brigs(If your guild has a good one)/Crowned Rangers It's pretty disheartening. stuff like Final Spell damage SHOULD stack to our pet but doesn't. There are so many OTHER issues that the devs could be focusing on other than FC(Sorry mogrim <3). But ever since our lord and Savior Aniathor has quit our class has just been on a down-ward spiral. (not to mention that god awful necro cloak). There needs to be a full out Re-balance for ALL dps classes. Summoners/Rouges Run the roost on Sustained. Sorcs/Preds kill it on Burst. Like it used to be in the old days. But those days are gone. Devs are too worried about Stalking our guild chat. And Guild-Wide bannings. (Too soon?). If i didn't have good friends in this game i would be done. #FixSummoners2016.
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  8. Tharrakor Well-Known Member

    Summoners are OP as **** and need the nerf bat! Peace!
  9. Yards Well-Known Member

    Our summoner is one of the highest parsing mages in our guild (without single target buffs) so I think the problem may lie elsewhere. Summoners do need a few things fixed but they are by no means in as bad as shape as u think they are.
  10. ZUES Well-Known Member

    Our first two raids and the parse looks like...

  11. Belton Member

    You definitely missed my point. I keep up with our scouts and mogrim for the most part.(but then again I've been playing this class since launch so..) I'm saying warlocks need not to cry this hard. And if we are going to do a balance it needs to be summoners. We are the furthest behind at the moment. And it's because of people like you who 98% sure don't play the class saying "Summoners are fine blah blah blah" is why we are in the state we are in. Everyone has scaled with the past two xpacs. Instead we are still in the dark ages of nothing sharing with our pets our pets don't proc a ******* thing and we fall behind over and over with each passing xpac.

  12. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    Well from my understanding shortest side of the stick at this moment have wizards and necros
  13. Veta Well-Known Member

    Belton, the "summoners going down" thing does not matter if Aniathor is here or not. If you just make a thread with what you would like changed, give ability, why it should be changed, what it should be changed to or addiives, etc without bagging on people it will get feedback. As long as you do not post something questionably strong, i.e., make EB hit other targets, I am sure you can get changes made.

    Also, you said on another post that stats like Final Ability Damage is not sharing with pets, when it is. The only thing that did not share was the 5-set bonus, which does not even matter anymore as the sets are becoming outdated. You can easily upgrade some of those items from the questline, if you make the right choices. A set bonus should be the least of anyone's worries unless they copy/paste that same set to t3mobs or future contested items. Which is actually a good route, without some modifications of course. I am soure they could boost the pot/cb/mod/resist gains. The final damage modifier will always scale.
  14. Anunnaki Active Member

    I make quite a few of these, and the only changes that came from it was an Etox nerf.
  15. Veta Well-Known Member

    Well you did make it on a Test change, not a live or beta change testing change. The thing about ET thread is that at that point they also state they had not balanced the ability yet. That could have come from attempting to calm the crowd or it was actially not balanced at the time and the change was going to happen regardless of the feedback.
  16. Laserbeak Member

    Shrug Ive seen a bunch of parses from rev.. and obviously fatality... and this going along with warlocks being bad at aoe fights comment above... and on 3+ mob encounters mogrim beats all of rev. and all of fatality. Again, obviously I've seen only what ppl are willing to link me.. but from what ive seen. Just sayin imho warlocks still top dps on aoe and still top 3 on single(we have no swash so idk abt them), no flame.
  17. Yards Well-Known Member

    I'm not entirely sure if this is true. I haven't had many 3+ mob name encounters, but most of the name fights our assassin is well in front of the rest of the pack due to BC. From watching your streams our assassin does about double your dps on most name fights, so I can't take much that you say seriously when you compare your dps to other people in your guild.
  18. Laserbeak Member

    I haven't got one parse where your assassin doubled me, or even close.. But considering I have no ethereals and had no new armor/jewlery when those parses, where made,(which i have now. so lets see them monday) im sure he was above me, but maybe Ive seen one-two parses where he's beat me by 20-25%... But I understand the ******** you're going through right now, after I made the comment I saw you were posting here. Sorry man. Didnt mean to flame, but deathfrom isn't doubling me, relax. And the videos you saw that kaaria posted, the wizard one darkon seperated the mobs so for ~40% of the fight I was hitting an immune mob.. let me see, the other fight I was chasing the mob/bubble everywhere, and never standing still... Another fight I beat everyone by 10 million, the single turn and burn..and I saw your parse of that fight.. and death from did 68mill to my 52.. (gg shadow/assassinate/mortal blade always being up phelony style)... So Idk, I understand you're not happy with my statement but its true, face. No offense.. But I didnt atleast state the blunt truth that mogrims parses beat yours ~90% of the time.. But you went ahead and said he's doubling me to be a jerk, typical hate from your guild to this one.. and I know he's not. Shrug. Guess id be mad too in your position.
  19. Yards Well-Known Member

    I was not trying to be mean or anything. I get aggravated when you try to defend BC because it is so obvious that it is overpowered. I was not making up that our assassin doubles your parse. I don't know what parses you are being linked that deathfrom is the top dps. Our other assassin is our top dps and is ahead of the pack by a lot. He does not have the bow ethereal and still pushes out insane numbers over everyone else when he has BC. He even admits how overpowered BC is, you should be topping the parse 90% of the time by alot.
  20. Rhapsodic1 Active Member

    Which parses have you seen that? Must be extremely high.....
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