Deleting my 9 year old warlock

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Cythemia, Nov 6, 2015.

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  1. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    As it stands now conjuror can faceroll 80M+ no sweat - no hammer, no essence of duality not much key mashing carpal syndrome - while to hit same mark for warlock would require absolute perfect condition in group setting and insane amount of keyboard key smashing to build and timely release increments. Just to give you an example how it works - if I am on my way to develop carpal syndrome in guild group I can clock 73M, should I slack just a little bit with increment built and release I am dropping down to about 40M - summoners just can faceroll 60-80M (and I happy for them) in same conditions
  2. Dotuming Active Member

    I have a different conclusion. If your a lock and only doing 73 mil max, you are currently getting out parsed by Scouts(including bards), Mages (including chanters), tanks, and priests and not by just a little bit. You keep saying that other classes are just too OP and you cannot compete. Well instead of blaming class imbalance which everyone and their dog has told you that you are dead wrong on maybe now its time to seriously take a look at what your doing wrong and maybe take a look at what your guild is doing wrong.

    Do you and your guild run the signature ring? If not, why?
    Do you and your guild run Furious barrage? If not, why?
    Do you and your guild run Vulnerability items? If not, why?

    I mean our if our tanks and healers are above your best parses...I guess you will think that they are too OP as well...Lets nerf all other classes because you cant figure yours out?
  3. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    On top of fact that most of my guild running with meta collection FUBAR :) with 38%
    and running for good halt of the raid with 2 ring for Underfoot brotherhood (25/35%)
    most are running with highpass fall earring, nox rending (some are with raid version) and anguish
    Now since I am not in the optimum group by any mean - aka if I lucky I'll have coercer vs. rest of mage DPS pack - which are grouped with troub, illi and fury (with cloak) - rest 3 spots are conjurors since they get better off from optimum group - they are parsing from about 100 to 190M in such setup, scouts (BL/RNG/SIN) do have at their leisure dirge + coercer - those are clock in range 80-140 ... while yours truly at occasion enjoy the only DPS buff "marauder vault" and clocking in this setup 60 to 90M depending on pack of mobs in case when I am on drain duty I drop down to 50+M.
    60-80M that my normal workload in heroics but again in very same heroics conjurors will pars like 90-110, scouts about as much as I do and wizards would go around 41-65. That of course giving fact that none of us yet been lucky enough to see that damn hammer ever dropped (2 months of slaughter that Old Ways bastard)
  4. Rubick Well-Known Member

    You are aware that sorcerers are the slowest casting mages right? So again, when you don't know what you're talking about you just pick anything but yourself and throw the blame in that general direction. You're on the right path, because everybody knows the secret to being great at something is pointing blame away from yourself when the cards don't fall your way and convincing yourself you're already great. One can't fill a cup which is already full. Your bicker about carpal tunnel makes as much sense as the fact conjurors are beating you in both raids and heroics by a DPS margin of almost 100%. I'm afraid, as you've been told at least a baker's dozen times in this thread by now, that you need to find a "Warlocks for the Damage Inept" kind of thread instead of posting on this one.

    The DPS gap would make sense for raids with you getting stuck in the fat kid group, but I'm assuming based on the DPS numbers you're posting that the classes pumping up your T1s don't exactly know what they're doing, so that explanation kind of goes out the window. That, coupled with the fact that the same thing is happening in heroics, makes it almost a 100% likelihood that your gearing and/or AAs and/or spell priority order are horribly wrong. I'm sure you could post your character name on here and somebody would be kind enough to help you improve your gear and AAs. Of course that's if you're on here to improve instead of to ***** about your class in hopes of a kind spectator comforting you by agreeing it's not your fault.

    Can 100% confirm all of these things. We have a couple troubs, at least 3 chanters(maybe all 4), and at LEAST one healer that max out their DPS at a number much higher than 73k,

    Also, omg I haven't seen the name Acknar in ages. Welcome back!. I (Magnificent/Magmag/Skilley etc) have been out for a hot minute myself so I don't know when you came back, but it's always cool to see a familiar face. If you ever want a troub for heroics and stuff send me a tell on Pupperino.
  5. Dotuming Active Member

    Heya. Actually I have been back for a couple of years now after doing another small tour in Afghanistan and retiring!
  6. Rubick Well-Known Member

    Oh man, I've been out longer than I thought. Well congrats on retiring and stuff. I hope you bought a nice bottle of scotch that pairs well with maple syrup.
  7. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    Rubick are you aware that cast priority for sorcs is based on 2 things? - overall casting speed (read my lips - we do not cast distortion or absolution or rift (unless we at 144+ on increments) and spell ability to build increments. Just for your general education regard warlock class - most of time we are running acid, pyre and what ever is up Chains, Tclap and DA .... rest of the spells are fillers and increment generators - dark siphon, cata, conq blast. As I said before and as you admit yourself - sorcs (unlike conjurors) very group composition depended. Here is a deal with carpal syndrome (which you obviously can't have because conjuror is faceroll play) - we have to play keyboard monkey to build increments within 45 second from 0 to 180 (well with raid lag nowadays its more like 60-70s). So even with hammer we can't cast rift faster then our increments build (same goes to Apoc) once we off loaded those 2 - TA goes off and cycle starts again ... "theoretically" we can fit 2 additional loose of TA in between primary rotation in practice is more like 1 more TA in between 2 FC chains ...
    Second thing - learn about chanters - coercer do no good for warlocks, our speed casting slow enough even with constant vigor with dark siphoning running 100% of time we never run out power ever. Hence - warlock need illusionist with TW to maximize Unda hit, same goes with bards - we need Troub - Dirge will do for us no good ... the only other scout buff that helps a bit - "marauder vault"
    In a group "genius" I depend on 1 thing - do I have or do I have not 180 before named pull .. if I do I will be within 10-15% range of conjuror if I don't (read no chain to blew off) than yes sure I will be betting short end of the stick loosing by 30-40% easy... And reason for that simple - conjuror can simply faceroll for high parse and sorc depend on so many things to give a spike that in best case simply match damage of conjuror
  8. Rubick Well-Known Member

    Thank you for saying a bunch of basic game knowledge that I already knew. I really appreciate it. And your comment about how I can't have "carpal syndrome", which is carpal tunnel syndrome btw, because Conjurors are "faceroll play" is ******** for two huge reasons. The first being that I don't play a conjuror. I know that must be a real shocker with me stating I play a wizard at least 20 times. The second reason is that carpal tunnel syndrome comes from lots of wrist movement, which is based on how much you have to move your mouse, not how hard you think the casting order is you ******* moron. Nothing you said in your post is even worth responding to because it's a bunch of retardation coming out of left field that is both wildly incorrect and completely irrelevant to the discussion. However, I'm going to respond because you're a special breed of stupid and I feel the need to inform you of that daily to keep you from becoming anymore undeservedly arrogant than you already are. And the gusto with which you state your post makes me laugh, because you clearly thought you were onto something. I know what coercers provide, but if you learned to read, you mouth-breathing cretin, then you would see that I stated "I'm assuming based on the DPS numbers you're posting that the classes pumping up your T1s don't exactly know what they're doing." That's all of your T1s, not just you. I understand how you didn't pick up on that because you are seriously the biggest idiot of all the people posting on the mage forums, and it's not even close. The only thing you suck at worse than playing a warlock is your ability to read.

    You want to blame the fact that you're totally ******* inept on group setup, but I have news for you. Having a dirge vs. a troub in your group isn't that big of a deal. As long as you have a bard, having a dirge instead of a troub is damn near the same. You may find yourself asking the person who main changed from a wizard to a troub "Why is that?" That's because JCAP can be cast out of group, PoTM is raid wide, and VC is the biggest contributor of the bard actually in your group. Nobody gives a **** about UT anymore, and the biggest group buff you're losing from the troub not being in your group is probably aria of magic, which is a ******* joke. You, however, don't have to worry about getting JCAP because the troub probably doesn't want to waste the high-parsing Jester's Ruse on a warlock that can't even break the top 5 in a guild that parses so low it's almost incredible. Again you continue to showcase your complete lack of knowledge and credibility.
  9. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    Lol again - yeah I can live with it ... but can you live with fact that "bad" warlock in none ideal condition with no reset items will beat your wizard 6 time a week a twice on Sunday? Rubick are such dork that you did not even know that hammer not reset FC and that our regular line spells is actually not terribly slow on cast. Apparently you also lacking knowledge how much could contribute some classes cloaks into general DPS output (hint 15%+). But all in all I give you 1 thing - out of ****** wizards you probably one which happens to be also stupid ... tough combo needless to say
  10. Sylke Well-Known Member

    I have a fun idea: quit saying stupid things about other classes (e.g. Conjurors).

    You can easily ask for changes/boosts to your class without that nonsense.
  11. Rubick Well-Known Member

    Wow, with no evidence of my stupidity you opted for the "I'm rubber, you're glue" defense. The hammer used to reset FC, but they changed it. Considering I wasn't playing when they changed it you can imagine how I wouldn't have known that. If you think your spells cast faster than a conjuror it's because you're about as ignorant as they come.
  12. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    Rubick your arrogance match only your incompetence .... Dude really need to get over warlock basics before arguing here, Mogrim "warlock academy" would be a good starting point... Efficiency guide - would be another useful material for you to read....
    Again not for bragging purpose but just to give you a real world picture ....
    My DPS on Stigians - (with gear fully oriented for raid max DPS not personal) - about 93M, on the Captains - 58M (with sole duty to keep Captain power dry all the fight) - should I use more personal DPS oriented gear (like aure sharing instead of amp combo and total advantage/early advantage instead of Nox Rending/Anguish) I'd easy gain another 15M - this calls "team play" term apparently new for you
  13. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    I looked on your post and your gear - you have a bit more fervor them my lock and if in this gear you are not hitting 80-100M you might doing something wrong or wrongly speced AA .. I don't know really
  14. Rubick Well-Known Member

    I know you're not bragging because those are absolutely terrible dps numbers for warlocks on those fights. I parse almost the same as you and I'm a troub. You can think I'm ignorant about warlocks, but I bet I could log on your toon and parse no less than 50% higher than you because the class isn't terribly complex and I'm not **** at this game. I have played a wizard since launch and if you think I never betrayed and mained a warlock to try them out you're dead wrong. Also, if you look at my gear you'll see I'm wearing nothing but items to buff raid dps. Nox rending, misery, and anguish weapons with 2 practiced wrists and 2 brotherhood rings, just haven't got enough status for neck and the highhold ear hasn't dropped for me. So no, being a team player isn't foreign to me you dunce. On the bright side, you're at least keeping your percentage up there on how much of what you say is completely inaccurate. Translate that effort into learning how to play a warlock and you'll be in business.

    Also, quit trying to attack my intelligence because in this thread you're clearly not even on the same playing field as literally anybody besides Rubyfire. Your attacks make no sense given what you've shown with each new post.
  15. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    Dude I have played warlock and coercer since release as well - thus your argument of playing wizard from release really irrelevant since you not playing wizard and do play warlock. Second thing - I do play EQ2 for the fun .... not as a second job (I had my share of no life raiding back in EQ1).
    While class is not terribly complex it does mostly require none stop key mashing (and I assume so does wizard) if you would play one you would know this (or if you would play in the past like you claiming). Again just for your education about warlocks - check our parses what is main contributor of our DPS and why - until you get at least some clue about playing sorc class nowadays bark as you like or better as I suggested get out of parents basement and get some life dork
  16. Rubick Well-Known Member

    I still play the wizard you idiot. It's just not my raid main. Also, the cap is still 100 so if you think me not playing one as a raid main this expansion matters then your comment is just as stupid as everything else you've posted. Stop being so mad and accept the fact you suck and are in no position to be dishing out advice. It shows that you're a casual player. By the way you can tell you're super butt hurt by the fact you end every post calling me a basement dwelling loser now when that couldn't be further from the truth. The first step to not being a **** player, however, is realizing you suck and asking better players for advice. You need to learn that. We all sucked at one point, except everybody else knew when they sucked and weren't on the forums showing off their ignorance.
  17. Azian Well-Known Member

    I probably shouldn't even post as this thread has definitely gotten into the mud. Doom, I do wish that you would read more and post less regarding warlocks. It was an uncomfortably short period of time ago that you were needing multiple people on these forums feeding you a ton of rudimentary knowledge about gearing and warlock mechanics. (January and February). But, now you are posting as if you are an expert on the warlock class. I cringe a bit on the inside each time I see you post right now. (Sorry, it's true).

    Here is what I've gathered from your posts and posts of others in your guild.

    A) you have at least one very high quality conjuror topping parses
    B) you are still a relatively fledgling warlock (it wasn't that long ago you had zero melee/wand stats and 350 casting speed)
    C) because of A and B you don't get ideal raid groups
    D) because of B and C you somewhat underperform other mages (and dps) in your raids
    E) because of D you believe that your class must be broken and come to these boards speaking as an authority on the issue and also calling conjurors faceroll easy to play because of A.

    ...leading me to the cringing. Like I said, I probably shouldn't have even posted but I'm guessing I'm not the only one noting this.
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  18. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    But of course - the difference thou between me and that dork - that I do evolve and fast enough. I been running at soft caps already for a long time, my gear aren't where I want to see it but see - I am saving DKP for that ever elusive hammer (shall it drop lol) and so to speak the only thing I am missing is resets and could use a bit more fervor. May be I am a fledgling warlock (I can live with it) but I am the only raiding warlock in my guild - rest of warlocks simply gave up and playing something more entertaining and DPS savvy...
    C - that's where you logic start failing to you ... I am not in the ideal setting (well more often then not nowadays to be flat honest) because where are other classes that can yield better DPS that not as situational as warlock (mages) - that is not bothering me much - raid you know team play - should we get more illusionists, troubs and fury with cloak I'll get my boost
    D - how you come to this conclusion I am wonder? :) - if 2 out of 3 conjuror and BL outpase me (and I am fighting for 4-6 slot with necro, 3rd conjuror and ranger its hardly calls lagging behind)
    E- my whole rant was not about it but about fact that conjuror easy can faceroll better DPS with a lot less efforts and much less depending on type of fight or/and group composition
  19. Anunnaki Active Member

    I'll bet you 500k plat that you couldnt log my conjuror in and do half the DPS that I do in a raid setting.

    I'm sure someone is going to cry forum rules on this. My point is that conjys aren't as faceroll as this bad warlock would make them out to be.
  20. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    Lol you clueless dork - you probably missed the fact that with TOT a lot difference came in game - starting with stat mudflation, CB/SWDB hard caps and a lot more other things.
    I actually happy for you that you at least doing something useful as a human outside of game. As for my job - I am very simple Microsoft solution architect (network automation/security) and had my share of working with former military clueless dorks during my tenure in DHS (back in time when I was working for federals). But this aside of my point.
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