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Discussion in 'Zones and Population' started by ARCHIVED-Feaky101, Jun 16, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Feaky101 Guest

    Was this mob just nerfed? Used to be that you could stand in water to avoid the balls of fire exploding, now you cannot and have to time death prevents similar to HM.
  2. ARCHIVED-slippery Guest

    Kill the adds and you take less damage. I think it was bugged on easy and not really doing anything regardless of where you stood. The ae doesn't come from the fireballs, it comes from the named.
  3. ARCHIVED-Feaky101 Guest

    Thanks for the feedback. We were killing the adds with a lot of time to get back on the namer before next wave. When incindiary destruction hits, its doing about 80-125k on random people, sometimes the entire raid except those with death prevents.
    Never had this problem before the last update. Was a pretty easy encounter, now we gave up after about 10 fails and never got him below 80%.
  4. ARCHIVED-slippery Guest

    It hitting that hard, especially if all the adds are dead, is definitely a bug. You can ae avoid/group dp/equilibrium it though. It's a pretty exact timer. If you go that route you might as well just ignore the adds and burn the named.
  5. ARCHIVED-vorbaw Guest

    Also having the same problem with this mob since the patch of the 13th June which stopped it from being pulled from the room. We are not seeing any detriments at all on the raid , just getting one shotted from Dagarn's D'Venom's Incindiary Destruction.
    Working as intended ?
  6. ARCHIVED-Encien Guest

    We tried this mob twice (different instances ) since the patch. Each time we pulled him the whole raid got nailed for 100k ae. We tried to burn the add and it still happens. Even set him to HM just to have him repop after death and still get the same result. For us he wiped us every time right after the HM trigger expires.
  7. ARCHIVED-Plaguemeister Guest

    You can just pick up the adds w/ your off tanks still and just be prepared for the larger aoe - he does hit harder now at add absorbtion but if you keep all the grps warded well only the lessor geared people will die.
  8. ARCHIVED-bentenn Guest

    They "fixed" it to where u cuoldn't leash the mob as so many people did, why i don't know, but now htey messed up.. and yes the fireballs do go boom and kill ur raid.. add mob abrsorbtion comes into play HM version and the fireballs is supposed to be hardmode version.. EM the water is supposed to negate it.. fix one break 5 other things.. QA for the win..
  9. ARCHIVED-slippery Guest

    Again, the water never had anything whatsoever to do with how the encounter worked. How it is supposed to work is kill adds take less damage from the AE. I think when changing the HM adds in the last patch it somehow crossed over to easy.
  10. ARCHIVED-Darkholis Guest

    FYI, new EM Dagarn as easy as the old version. Still no needs to kill any adds at all. They just removed the armor breaking component and replaced it with an aoe. We only got hit 3 times during the fight. About 72 secs recast, easy to track with ACT and then block it.
  11. ARCHIVED-Lempo Guest

    bentenn wrote:
    We did this on a pick up raid of alts this weekend. 2 maybe 3 wipes, by then we had it cooridinated and handled the AOE's. The water was not supposed to negate, it never did anything, don't just go make things up because you are upset that you can no longer kill it because it was bugged and was mad easy from day 1.
    It is not that hard now, you just can no loner go and randomly mash buttons until it dies. Learn to look at your logs find out what killed you and figure out what abilities the raid has that can help.
    Yes the fight is slightly more involved now, it is no more difficult than it was on launch day.
  12. ARCHIVED-bluedego Guest


    if you stood in the water.. you didn't have to kill any adds and you could ignore the ae. period.
    There is no direction book lol. If people get used to killing a mob one way, it gets changed and they ask what's up? don't get all up in their face and call them liars? ok?

    I am not asking for a nerf or something.
  13. ARCHIVED-slippery Guest

    The water never had anything to do with anything. The ae doesn't come from the balls, it comes from the named. You probably just didn't notice it because on easy it isn't supposed to kill you, even if you don't kill any of the adds before it goes off. It's exactly a 90 second timer. At 0 adds spawn, at 45s ae goes off, at 90s new adds spawn. After the AE goes off it is pointless to kill adds until they new set spawns. If you have killed any adds before the AE goes off and it is still on e shotting people THAT is bugged. The water never had anything to do with it. You can ae avoid it.
  14. ARCHIVED-KenCoop Guest

    It was bugged this last Sunday for us. We would burn the adds with a good 10 sec to spare then still get a massive AE. Caught us off guard the first couple of times and had to just death prevent and rez those w/o to win the third time. There was no damage reduction with all the adds dead and it was hitting like the challenge AE. Still doable but certainly a different strat needed going forward if this is how he's going to be.
  15. ARCHIVED-Yimway Guest

    slippery wrote:
    I'm not so sure this is 100% accurate. While the damage may be attributed to the name in your logs, the amount of damage and how hard it hits you seems to be governed by a bit more. Making the orbs disapear affects the amount of damage received by the ae.
    And as previously stated, water has nothing to do with it.
    The information about the adds not mattering after 45s is dead on though.
  16. ARCHIVED-slippery Guest

    Right, when you kill adds it has a chance (it seems not 100%) to make a ball go away. The balls are just indicators.
  17. ARCHIVED-Yimway Guest

    slippery wrote:
    Yeah, pretty sure we got it figured out and can make that number 100%, but don't want to post more without a 'spoiler' tag.
  18. ARCHIVED-Gninja Guest

    I can assure you that Dagarn EM is working correctly. You guys are on the right track with killing the adds but it has less to do with killing the adds and more to do with where you kill the adds.
    We did fix being able to pull him out of the room to negate everything as well as the AE not hitting players at all when ignoring the adds. Those were bugs.
    Happy Hunting :)
  19. ARCHIVED-KenCoop Guest

    Thanks for the reply Gninja, think we can figure out where to kill them now that it matters :).
  20. ARCHIVED-Yimway Guest

    Gninja wrote:
    Heh, yeah thats what i was avoiding getting at ;)
    Kill an add close enough to an orb and that orb goes away. Remove more orbs, take less damage.

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