Current state of melee DPS and their RoK potential?

Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by tbroark, May 11, 2018.

  1. tbroark New Member

    I'm curious what the current state of melee DPS is and would like some insights outside of my own observations. From my own perspective it seems that, for example, similarly skilled/geared rogues & predators don't have as huge of a gap as I would expect.

    Could someone with a bit more experience regarding these break it down a bit more, and potentially give some opinions on how melee DPS will be comparing between themselves and also casters heading into RoK?

  2. Adoninilol Active Member

    Caster's are pretty much better, group dps buffs, better buffs from troub/illy, etc.

    Assassin/brig is pretty much the way to go, brig parses more and nothing hits hard enough to require a swash, and the answer would never be bring a swash, it would be bring another tank/another healer so you can just temp through the incoming damage.

    Ranger's are decent, unsure if they can parse more than assassin's, haven't really seen any get close to what assassin's are doing.
  3. Fistpower Active Member

    Play the class you want to play instead of going for what parses highest. Content is so easy that no guild needs the perfect roster setup and wont be needing for years to come.

    I know Adon is obsessed with having the perfect raid setup every single raid, and spends most of his waking hours looking at ACT logs, but honest to god, play the class you want to play and dont focus that too on logs.
  4. Dimek Member

    I love these comments "Content is so easy". If the content is sooo easy then why are there still guilds out there still struggling through some of the raids like EH ? We have got Free thinkers down pretty good, Inner sanctum as well, but EH seems to be a Pita. We may not have the most optimum or perfect raid setup but we at least have fun, even if some of the stuff is a little difficult.
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  5. Fistpower Active Member

    Because you are in an awful guild...
  6. Adoninilol Active Member

    I try not to look at ACT logs, I hate being disappointed by my peers.
  7. Dimek Member

    Awful guild.. nah
  8. Cheallaigh Well-Known Member

    do please define an awful guild, i'd really love to know.
  9. Fistpower Active Member

    A guild that struggles to clear EH on Fallen Gate is a decent starting point I reckon...
  10. Dimek Member

    Oh so because we are not super duper raiders and do not clear content on the first week we are aweful ? I would love to know what great super awesome guild you are in. We may not clear content in the first week, but we have a hell of a lot of fun doing what we can do.
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  11. Blindside New Member

    Rangers throw down as well, but yes Wizard trumps all
  12. Pheww New Member

    To better quote Blindside...."He who gets CF / JC, tops the parse". Btw, I think you owe me a Krono.
  13. Atan Well-Known Member

    While providing the ranger the buffs over the wizard will top them on the parse, I find providing the same buffs to the wizard results in a biigger number.

    So in short, they can get close, but they don't 'win' gear, skill, and buffs being equal.
  14. Mushoo New Member

    Well, when you get IC, BOF, fusion, and lolburn the numbers are always gonna be bigger.

    My hardest hitting CA barely hits 80k consistently, and it has a long cooldown.

    When you're talking about similarly geared/similarly buffed, rangers have no problems keeping up with assassins.

    I also think Swashys are still pretty good. Nobody just plays them in this server because brig debuffs > swash
  15. Pheww New Member

    Hrm, I disagree. We have multiple troubs, and I usually jcap Mushoo lately, and he tops the parse quite a bit. Between the wizard / assassin / ranger - all 3 are fighting back and forth for top dps.

    @Mushoo - I would love to play my swash, but I agree, brig debuffs make it, so no point in swashy.
  16. Adoninilol Active Member

    Mushoo was in my guild, he never got close. Even when I gave all my buffs away.

    I think assassin is stronger, but i digress. P.s. love you

    All the wizards on this server sans two are basically parsing like the other t1's.
  17. Pheww New Member

    Hrm, maybe it was you then that was holding him back? Maybe now he can get better gear? I mean, no point in arguing the truth.

    At the end of the day, all T1 dps have great potential in RoK, sans Conj maybe. The only thing Conj really brings is CotH.

  18. Adoninilol Active Member

    The truth is that wizards are better than rangers, i'm confused by this stance you're taking. He's parsing better in neustart, he also got a 6set, eligas, mount and is now getting jcap. Still not really beating my unbuffed parses. Not to mention ice lash adding 3-4k to the group.

    I'm curious how conj performs, pewpew was parsing up there with our wizard/assassin/necro on a lot of fights at the start of KoS, but I haven't seen any other conj's since then.
  19. Aricael Member

    Ranger can beat wizard actually but it depends on the encounter. e.g. some hard ones (strong power drains, reflects, a lot of moves in and out, no AoE etc) but the majority of encounters a good and equal geared wizard wins without any chances (MB + his hard hitting spells scale good with JC and TC)

    This game was ruined because of potency and familiars. As a Ranger my autoattack degrades as much potency and AM I get from my gear and I become like a handicapped mage (potency, crit, AM and casting speed that is all I need to progress my DPS now...)
  20. Adoninilol Active Member

    I never run out of power because of dark siphoning/animal form, and even on reflects fight I still win, unless I get super unlucky and get fusion/comet/manaburn reflected which actually has happened before. No aoes, means no storm/stream etc.

    I haven't seen a ranger beat any of my parses, although i'm sure with a super solid setup (zerker,dirge,coe,inq,mystic,ranger) and you gave them every buff in game they could probably get very close.

    I agree with the second statement, I said this since the beginning of the server that potency being the only stat available was gonna make mages better than scouts.

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