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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Arclite, Mar 12, 2013.

  1. Arclite Active Member

    Why is there no currency exchange option in the game? We have so many different types of currencies now and most of them are not even used. I have truckloads of seal of arad but nothing to use them on.

    The exchange can be based on tier. So for example: 5 seal of arads = 1 Primal Velium shard.and so on.

    This should not be game breaking if done properly.
  2. Kuulei Well-Known Member

    Because this would cause people to just farm older zones because they could convert it to newer 'currency' for adornments, so NO
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  3. Arclite Active Member

    I see no reason why that would be a problem. Don't people farm old zones for shards? Is it not logical to farm zones which drops currencies which are still used? I still farm for shards if i run low on them for adornments. Besides, if there is a correct conversion rate between the exchanges then it will boil down to a matter of convenience. So for example, if farming 10 seals equates to 1 obol, then would it even be feasible to farm old zones just to do that? Perhaps if the need is dire but i still do not see a problem in doing so. Similarly, if i have a surplus of any currency then i should be allowed to interchange between any currency i see fit to use. To re-iterate what i said before. If done properly, then i see no problem.
  4. Arclite Active Member

    I would like to hear from an SOE official as to why this has not been implemented in the game thus far. They need to present a logical explanation for me to be convinced.
  5. Mohee Active Member

    Are you suggesting an idea that would potentially cause people to do content of the past? */gasp!* Ludicrous! :cool:
  6. Elostirion Well-Known Member

    You dont need an SoE official to get a logical explanation. (you probably wouldnt get one anyway (not because they're illogical, but because that actually isnt the best way to communicate with upset customers)).

    The two simplest logical explanation (and simplest is usually best when it comes to logic) have already been mentioned.

    1) Balance. The currencies we're discussing are rewards for doing group content. As such there is a rate at which people can acquire them given lockout timers and the scheduling/logistics of assembling groups. People can (easily) solo what was group content from as little as one expansion ago. That puts the ability to acquire those older currencies on a completely different reward schedule. They arent rewards from grouping, and they can be achieved much faster. Even if you were able to compute a perfect exchange rate that mirrored the different time invested, you're still handing out group rewards for (probably) solo play. Not kosher.

    2) SoE wants players playing in level-appropriate areas. In this case it means max level players should be playing in latest-expansion dungeons. This is because the shared experience of playing this persistent world game is greater if similar players spend most of their time in the same tier of areas, doing similar things. We're also more likely to run into each other and group up, or at least be social and have the same things to talk about and measure ourselves against.

    3) Its currency. When you go to the store (assuming you're American), and you try to pay with Yuan, what is the clerk going to do? The NPC in Obol Plains doesnt want Seals of Arad. He cant spend them on anything where he lives, they arent valuable to him, so he's not going to give you (somewhat) cool armor in exchange for them.
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  7. Geothe Active Member

    Do current content, to get current content rewards.
    End of story.
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  8. Elostirion Well-Known Member

    Much more succinct. TY Goethe.
  9. Plavem Active Member

    I don't think it really matters.

    I mean its a nice idea, but I think it is completely worthless at the same time.

    10 seals of arad = 1 Primal Velium... Then you would have no need to do heroic zones, or raids for adorns, which in my opinion is there point.

    Personally i have over 3000 Seals from when I raided then. Why is it fair to a new player that I get gear then can instantly adorn it because ive been playing longer... I think expansions are a reset so new players can get caught up on progression with old players.

    However I do hate the clutter of the currency window with all the currencies out there. I do feel that it would be awesome if you could trade that currency for city tokens as a reward for clearing norrath of the beasts that once sought to destroy it. But meh, it won't get implemented either.
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  10. Elhai Member

    I don't understand how it would be any different than farming PR for plat? The conversion rate will make farming painful if you're going there to actually make a profit.
  11. Elostirion Well-Known Member

    While that's a whole 'nother can of worms.... solo players shouldn't be able to farm PR for the amount of plat that a raid should receive...for pretty much the same reasons listed here. Plat being fungible though, raises different concerns, some more problematic some less, but both less immediately apparent.
  12. Tylia Well-Known Member

    My disagreement with this is that the level 90+ solo player is a lot more powerful than a raid was when PR was current level content. Why shouldn't they be able to solo it? So should solo players not be allowed to solo SF heroic instances for the amount of plat that a group should receive? Should one group of players not be allowed to complete the DoV x4 raid zones and receive the amount of plat that a raid would have received? Old content becomes trivial as characters become more powerful. With no plat in current content raids, farming old zones becomes a necessity.

    As to the topic of this thread, at least the currency now goes in to a tab of it's own and is no longer cluttering up bag or bank slots. ;)
  13. Elostirion Well-Known Member

    Yes, that is essentially it. In a new game, with these kinds of things pre-thought out, a solo player wouldnt receive the same currency reward that a raid did for doing the same content, albeit years later. At this point in this game, the value of that improvement doesnt outwigh the effort needed to enact it, so nothing should change here.

    The issue of the thread though, is taking a situation that does work as balance suggests it should, and changing it to work like PR does. The weight of innertia is not on changing the currency tokens to work the wrong way just because money already works the wrong way elsewhere.
    This shouldnt be the case, but that's another discussion.
    No, it really isn't. And the fact that people's appetite for growing the money base leads them to think that it is, is a whole separate (fixable) balance problem.

    And by the way, I'm not trying to be disagreeable, even though I am disagreeing with you on several points. I have just studied these things extensively and as a consequence I have strong opinions :p[/quote]
  14. Tylia Well-Known Member

    Yes, [really] it is. I still have to pay repair costs. I still have to purchase food/drink/potions/totems/tinkered items/etc. etc. My costs do not disappear simply because they did not put plat in the current raid chests. There seems to be a general impression that anyone who farms for plat is simply interested in massively growing their bank account and/or selling that plat for RL money. While I'm sure that kind of stuff goes on, it is not the only reasons it is done. Some of us do not have thousands upon thousands of plat overflowing our banks and we use that farmed plat to sustain our characters.

    I respect your opinion, and now you know mine. Needless to say.. that is all they are. Just differing opinions. ;)
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  15. Arclite Active Member

    Just had a glance over some of the responses and i feel discontented by the lack of understanding of my post or perhaps may be i could have phrased it better. Anyway, asking an SOE official to answer my rather straight forward query seems a bit naive on my part.

    I still feel that implementing this system, in a thought out way, would not break the game's "economy" nor would it lead to an imbalance between farming old zones and new ones.

    I do not expect anybody to agree with my thoughts and I started this topic in order to elicit a logical response, which, so far, i have not.
  16. Elostirion Well-Known Member

    Now this is just rude.

    Whether you agree with responses or not, they (not just mine), have included logic. Dismissing points and claiming they arent logical without discussing and demonstrating their illogic is nearly precisely why Dev's don't respond often to queries like the one you made.

    Tylia brings up points and discusses. I disagree with some things (s)he says, others not. But (s)he doesnt just dismiss a dozen people.

    P.S. Tylia, you're responding to a tactical situation when I was speaking strategically. Faucet/drain pairings don't, and wont ever have parity. That's why PR isnt the answer to repair bills, and you kinda went there yourself in your response.
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  17. Geothe Active Member

    No logical response?
    Your entire premiss is illogical in the first place.
    There is no logic in expecting currency gained for lower level gear, and built up over 1+ years to magically be able to be used to purchase brand new gear when a new expansion comes out. Sorry, but that is flat out idiotic.

    Purchasing current equipment requires completing current content.
    It doesn't get more logical than that.
  18. Tylia Well-Known Member

    I will agree to disagree with you on the PR topic. We just have differing opinions. Btw.. I'm a she. ;)

    On topic of the thread.. I like the suggestion of being able to exchange old currency for city tokens.
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  19. Arielle Nightshade Well-Known Member

    Yeah, you've gotten a ton of very thoughtful responses - all of them disagreeing with you. That's not the same as lack of logical response.

    Geothe said:

    Do current content, to get current content rewards.
    End of story.

    I don't think it can get a whole lot more logical.

    All the older currency is heirloom - you can give it to lower level alts or even destroy it if you don't want to carry it around. Being able to exchange current currency for other current currency (like spirits for obols..for example) is a nice idea. Or even exchanging old unused currency for City Tokens - also a nice, logical idea.

    Trading all my old RoK currency for Greater Spirits? Not so logical. Sorry you don't agree - and I'm pretty sure you are not going to see any Dev comment on this.
  20. Gourdon Well-Known Member

    I think it would be better if they just made sure that old currency could buy something other than equipment. Shadow Odyssey tokens could buy mounts. If the same were true for Sentinel's Fate and Destiny of Velious, then there would be less of a problem. They could offer disks and the raid mount from Icy Keep for SF tokens. For DoV, they could offer gryphons and Crysta. The prices might have to be high, but it isn't that tough to deal with.
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