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Discussion in 'Ranger' started by ARCHIVED-dbmoreland, Feb 4, 2009.

  1. ARCHIVED-Zizzu Guest

    Danean, please fix the stats on some of the set pieces. You are posting incorrect stats. Here are 2 examples:
    [IMG] [IMG]
    As you can see, these are the correct stats. Please go back and double check all TSO set equipement. Also, you are missing other dps stats like added Combat art damage and focus damage. I suggest adding that to your list.
    For better and accurate info, goto Xanadu. Hope this helps.
  2. ARCHIVED-Dolgan Guest

    can anyone link the new ethernaught shield? I can't get my links to work.
  3. ARCHIVED-Zizzu Guest

    Dolgan wrote:
    Here ya go:
  4. ARCHIVED-Upirus Guest

    I disagree with your statement that crit mit has nothing to do with your dps. It's true that the stat itself doesn't have anything to do with the dps you do directly, but when aoe's are critting for 12-15k, I'm fairly certain that that's gonna be a one shot kill for most, if not all rangers. Unless something recently changed that I'm not aware of, dps when you're on your back is 0. So, indirectly, depending on what you're killing, yes, crit mit is an important stat.

    Even if you don't think it's personally important to you, it may be important info for others. If you're going to goto the trouble of stickying a gear thread, you may as well do it right and include all the signifigant stats...
  5. ARCHIVED-dbmoreland Guest

    Zizzu wrote:
    Ok I have fixed the stats for the two pieces that you linked me from Xanadu even though they do not agree with the OFFICIAL SONY item database. However I refuse to go through the more than 100 items in order to VERIFY the official sony item database.
    Yes I know that I did not list every single dps stat, I only listed the most important 4. NONE of the other stats are anywhere near as important as these 4.
    Again the goal of this list is to put in one place the names of all of the items that the level 80 TSO Ranger would be interested in, ranging from the best "easy to aquire piece" up to the best "raid drop". I also included for reference perposes only,the 4 most important stats along with where/how to obtain the piece. If you see a piece that you are interested in, I would expect you to go to your favorite web site in order to get any further information that you may want to see about the piece.
  6. ARCHIVED-Thinkher Guest

    Upirus wrote:
    Let me ask you this, would you wear a piece of gear that had NO ranger DPS stats (no DPS, RCC nor RDA) just because it had more crit mit on it? Can you list for me ANY piece that has crit mit on it that you would wear in place of the T2 or T3 TSO set pieces that I have already listed? Can you list for me any piece of jewelery that has crit mit on it? If not then I do not see any advantage to listing the crit mit stat, as it really does not matter what it is, as it will not be a factor in deciding which piece you want to wear.
  7. ARCHIVED-Thinkher Guest

    Zizzu wrote:
    Ah so they have turned this shield into an improved version of the Buckler of Deadly Chaos (they both have the exact same effect/proc). So where exactly does this shield drop?
  8. ARCHIVED-Dolgan Guest

  9. ARCHIVED-dbmoreland Guest

    Ok I added the Ethernaut's Roundshield of Knowledge per the screen shot above. However please note that this information does not agree with either the eq2players item database, nor lootdb.
  10. ARCHIVED-Zizzu Guest

    Danean@Guk wrote:
    Let me help you out a little. Do not ever go by the eq2 database or lootdb. They are never accurate. Ask anyone in game.
    Xanadu has the best database since they upload their images from the game itself. I truly have no idea where eq2 database or lootdb gets there info, but they are not always accurate. Trust me.
    As for the Ethernaut Roundshield of Knowledge, it was just updated recently. (Just proves the Xanadu is more up to date than everyone else.)
  11. ARCHIVED-dbmoreland Guest

    Zizzu wrote:
    Well I hate to disagree with you but the eq2 database is accurate 95%+ of the time (not NEVER). Lootdb is indeed less accurate, however BOTH databases state that they get their information from the ingame database via some transfer system so I would suspect that what we have here is simply that Xanadu is "more up to date" simply because their data transfer system is faster than the other two.
    Question, is the information on Xanadu only "picture images" of the items, i.e. NO transferable text data? If so then it will be way to much effort for me to keep this list updated more than say once per month as I would have to do it all "by hand" instead of via a text copy/paste script.
  12. ARCHIVED-Zizzu Guest

    Danean@Guk wrote:
    Just proves my point. )
    The only reason I say this is information needs to be correct. I'm not blaming you, but blaming Sony for a inaccurate database. I would just doublecheck every item before you post it. :)
  13. ARCHIVED-dbmoreland Guest

    Zizzu wrote:
    Ok I have corrected the values for the TSO fabled set. All of the other set piece values I posted agree with those I have checked on Xanadu. If you see any I missed please let me know. Also I could find no information on where the TSO fabled set Tunic drops, does anyone know?
  14. ARCHIVED-Dolgan Guest

    The TSO Fabled set drops off of Zark or Yesheka I believe. I am not sure as no-one on my server has cleared it yet. Most servers I think have not cleared it. I think Exordium might have but Safanah has not posted on here and tends to not post here. Safanah would be the best to ask IMHO as they are the most experienced raid ranger based on progression.
  15. ARCHIVED-Walford Guest

    Danean. great work. could you possibly indicate items with Haste (with an asterisk or somesuch), like the shard gloves, as that is a very important upgrade for folks? Thanks.
  16. ARCHIVED-dbmoreland Guest

    Dolgan wrote:
    Well since none of the Chest patterns have dropped off of Zark, who has been killed, I am betting on Ykesha as they have not been killed on any server that I am aware of. According to the TSO progression thread on eq2flames neither Exordium nor NPU have taken them down yet.
  17. ARCHIVED-dbmoreland Guest

    Walford wrote:
    I am considering adding an "effects" column which would include haste as this is always a consideration when choosing an item. I will see what I can do.
  18. ARCHIVED-TuxDave Guest

    Danean you have Belt of Opportunity listed as AoB but it's listed as Avatar gear on lootdb.
  19. ARCHIVED-Gisallo Guest

    Thinkher wrote:
    Ummm read what he is saying in all his posts. He stated that the amount of Crit mit should be listed. Upirus is intelligent enough to know that T2 and T3 shard armor have crit mit. First it is relevant because people may be trapped looking at a set bonus in T1 and ignore the Crit Mit in T2. Also adding the crit mit number is relevant because the VP set is on one of the lists. Since VP stuff does not provide crit mit you need to look at it all in context and see +3 crit mit for TSO piece whatever and a big fat ZERO next to the VP set. Just saying
  20. ARCHIVED-Ilavatar Guest

    I'm going to necro this great post because "progression guilds" are becoming increasingly popular so people are going back and doing the old content again.

    The stats for the Sebilite Croaking Dirk are not accurate. Maybe they changed it. It shouldn't even be on the list, imo.

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