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  1. ARCHIVED-SirRigard Guest

    I really like the necro skeleton form. but i think it could be ALOT better if players will get a choice of showing the skeleton form WITH clothes or without clothes. it could be very cool to be a skeleton dressed as death, with a black robe and hood. OR a skeleton dressed as a powerful undead wizard, or a lich.
    it could also be a zombie with a decaying robe, or a ghost in a white robe. although some necros like the naked form of those skills,i, and i'm sure many other players, would LOVE to have the option of dressing up the skeleton/ghost/zombie.
    if such a thing is possible, and will be enabled in-game, i'l never ever ever stop playing my necromancer! xD
    where can i post such a suggestion so the game's staff will see it and consider it in one of the updates?
  2. ARCHIVED-stgninja Guest

    Rigard@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    Try doing a /feedback in-game. I wouldn't hold my breath for something like this to go live though . . just saying.
  3. ARCHIVED-Arcman Guest

    After reading the incoming(7months away) change allowing us summoners to debuff magic, I am sure most other necro's realize we will still be a useless class. Why bring the most gimped cloth caster that adds nothing to the raid other than magic debuff when they can bring a conjuror and get group buffs that help and they bring higher base dps.

    We need something to make us valuable, and even the playing field. We have spent our time in exile it would be nice to join the regular ranks and become more than a ooc/lvl chat joke.

    The answer seems simple to me, we need to be able to feed our massive power stores out, like we can transfer life we need a similar transfer power. EVERY GROUP LOOKS FOR POWER FEEDS! If we can fill this role I could care less about support classes out dpsing me. I could care less that enchanters almost always out dps me. If I can fill a role people will need me and I will not be the last resort to fill a group althogh they will still prolly look for those other classes first they will take me(hopefully).
    Free us from the dungeon of nerfdom.

    A final note, making gear scale down as you get higher in level above its listed lvl req? WHY? That will drive people away, they get gear and then it starts gettin worse as they gain lvls? The idea of that sounds very bad, and especially for us with myth pets, so my myth pet will not scale up but in fact get weaker? The gear should never get worse as we get better, at worst we should find/have better gear to replace it with. Dont make us drops gear because it starts getting junkier as we lvl up. I have heard a lot of good things coming to this game to make it more appealing then this bomb gets dropped on us, that will counter any well meaning attractive things your adding to gain people imo.
  4. ARCHIVED-Revanis Guest

    CorpseRun wrote:
    This guy made me laugh for a sec. First of all BUDDY, the only time a necro can do that much dps is if he has the power to command the troubies and chanters to put UT and TC on him instead of other favourable classes. Otherwise, they wont, believe me i've tried, 99% they actually tell you that they rather not give to the necro. This kind of power is only found in Guild or Raid leaders.
  5. ARCHIVED-Eriol Guest

    A couple of simple changes first, and the rest can flow off of that balance:
    1. Change all of our swarm pets to true DoTs. You can keep the graphics if it can be done, but have them purely as DoTs. Considering that they can be cured already, this just makes them less gimped, and affected by +int, +spell dmg, etc. And we no longer get a drop in DPS on mob AE. Ditching swarm pets would of course happen for any and ALL classes, not just us. It was a bad idea (since launch), it IS a bad idea, and it should be rectified.
    2. Ditch ALL pet-specific-stat gear and change our true pets to be affected by our stats (with a tweak). So our +int and +spell damage and +crit (and anything else beneficial, like reduced recast, spell haste, etc) will go DIRECTLY to our mage pet, and these stats will be "translated" to +str and +CA dmg and +melee crit (and any other equivalents) will be translated for our tank and scout pets. Boom, itemization becomes WAY simpler (we can use everything wizzies have basically), and considering they're doing a "combining" of crit and some other stats for the next expansion anyways, this just makes sense.
    After that's done, itemization is no longer a PITA for us, and the rest of the issues raised here (a number of useless AAs) can be specifically addressed. But the class itself is much easier to balance right-off-the-bat. Once you have swarm pets into dots, and shared stats, the classes (i mean conjies too) become worlds-easier to balance.
  6. ARCHIVED-Dtot Guest

    I've been a necromancer for 3 years now on nagafen server
    SF issues
    1) Ozze crawler USELESS come on guys I've red the forums and even tested the thing its useless give us something there to go for
    2) I currently have Master 1 version of the 90 pet w/ only 443 int and over 1k wis its a caster up that int babby
    3) yes swarm pets still suck i never use them accept for fillers for when soulrot and lifetap is down
    4) Scout flurry doesnt proc nearly as much as the mage spell da
    5) Scout pet is way to squishy as master 1 also w/ blood pact rolling still gets ae and killed often
    6) Theres very little to bost the necromancer its self for dps thats where 3/4 of my dps comes from.
    SF loveings and dislikes
    love the new mage pet appearance great job there
    Minion Soul stealing loveing it
    Elemantal tox is a great spell in pugs but other than that just something to add on while i let the dots tick :)
    COMPLAINT weres my elemantal blast Jealous <----
    WTB Mana shield and pull from pets health :) sorcers drive me nuts w/ that junk
    THERES my thoughs of sf xpac lets see some act dev's post on some feed back please
  7. ARCHIVED-Jasuo Guest

    The mage pet's dmg is derived from our (necromancer's) intelligence pool, not it's own, mage pet intelligence only affects power pool size (which does not really take too many hits unless mana drain encounter), so please new summoners stop looking at raw pet stats and only worry with casting stuff.
  8. ARCHIVED-Errar Guest

    Overall, the new necro AA's make us fairly good dps in raids. Some encounters are still way too short to really have an opportunity to parse. Also, we get toasted on parses due to multiple mob encounters.
    Things I'd like to see changed for Necros are:
    1. More Green/Blue AoE dots - so many group encounters for us to have only a few AoE spells. We have one Blue, one green. We seriously need more AoE dmg.
    2. Undead Horde - While I don't believe it can be changed to a Dot due to being so intwined in our AA lines (which would be better for us), it needs to be beefed up in the hp/resist areas. So many "named" mobs cast multiple AoEs, the Horde's survival (in most cases) is so short it is not worth casting.
    3. Accelerated Decay - barely a good start for our dps mod. To me this is like peeing in the ocean to make it overflow. Only works on some spells, and will kill us if we forget to take it off. Make it work on every spell and take away the health cost.
    4. Debuffs - Mortality Mark, Vampire Bats, Siphoning of Souls... Really? When fighting x4 "named" mobs 5 levels+ higher, these are worthless compared to other classes debuffs. Give some teeth to our debuffs if you will not help our dps.
    I have been a long time raider and am now sidelined 50% of the time due to lack of dps, lack of debuffs, and lack of good buffs brought to the table by other classes. Parsing 20K+ on most named fights and still cannot touch Wizards, Warlocks, Conjurers, Illy's, Coercers, and Assassins. We are so "dream group" dependent for casting speed and dmg mods we are not even in the same playing field as other caster classes.
    Necro's are in serious need of lovin' to make us viable raiders again. I am always saddened when I see people converting to other classes and giving up their necro. I will stick with mine till we are fixed or I die (real toss of up which will come first).
    Ramblings from an old necro,
  9. ARCHIVED-Kroma Guest

    Time to do to this thread what all necros do. Raise it from the dead.
    Now I am aware of the red adornments but lets be realistic. In order to get the gear that those adornments go on let alone getting the marks to buy them you have to raid. But in order to get invited to those raids your pretty much required to already have that raid gear so you can parse enough to be considered useful. So with this in mind lets take a look at a few ideas I have kicking around in my skull (no necro pun intended).
    1) Consumption. Actually a really good skill thats easily overlooked for it's low DPS increase. This skill is in serious need of a revamp. I say up the damage by about 50%-80%. increase the heal amount by 30%-50%. Leave everything else alone about it.
    2) Accelerated Decay. Initially a good on paper not so good in practice skill. Leave the extra ticks on it but add a damage component. Maybe have it increase all spell damage 10%-20% as well.
    3) Soulrot. The necromancer's bread and butter spell. This little jewel simply need to be about 10%-15% stronger.
    4) AoEs/Encounter. WE NEED MORE. The temporary AoE we get from siphoning of souls does NOT help when you need two AoEs since most 80+ mobs are single encounter.
    5) Siphoning of Souls/Mortality Mark. Both of these are practically worthless these days. I can throw grandmaster SoS on a named 90 and watch my tank pet take only 500 less damage. As stated previously WE NEED TEETH. No less than double the amounts on SoS and MM. To make up for a massive debuff drop the duration by 20-30 seconds.
    6) Dooming Darkness. Back in the day this was a useful spell but now it has outlived it's usefulness. Perhaps make this a new AoE or a new encounter spell.
    7) Lich. You love it I love it we can't live without it. That said it needs a slight tweak. 7%-10% damage and health heal increase.
    8 ) Our limited pets should be turned in to pure DoTs. i'm sick of casting them all only to watch in stunned horror as they all DIE in ten seconds when the named i was fighting AoEs and kills them all. Our limited pets are where some of our largest DPS comes from. It was fine back when not many things AoEd but now almost every high tier enemy does. They no longer need to be killable.
    9) Vampiric Orb. A simple and very useful spell when fighting large groups. BUT like the limited pets it can be killed. This is a large hinderence considering that reactives and wards from other classes that do the exact same thing for the most part are non targetable buffs. I suggest the vampiric orb be turned in to a limited duration buff and no longer be targetable/killable.
    10) Temporary spells from siphoning of souls. These should be upgraded. All of them. If there is a random chance on each kill of which one will be refreshed they need to be much stronger to have a place in a group. An example would be turn unstoppable soul in to a 15- 20 second stoneskin.
    11) Lifeburn. Pretty much everything that can be said has been. Drop the 60% limit. Drop the immunity.

    Well thats my rant. These are simply my opinions on what should be changed. Even if only a few of these were implemented it would make a HUGE difference. Long time necromancer crossing their fingers some noble and wonderful Dev sees or hears about these ideas.
  10. ARCHIVED-Rhadamanthys Guest

    1) DOTs: The limit of 1/2 of the total number of ticks to DOTs needs to be removed. As it is, pandemic and soulrot, which comprise the majority of our damage for encounter and single mobs cap out with Accelerated Decay alone, making spell double attack and UT very limited to our benefit. Other direct damage dpsers aren't limited by what spell double attack can do for them, so why are we? And even when we let our DOTs tick out they still don't do more damage than their instant damage.
    2) Swarm Pets: Either turn them into true DOTs or make them a lot stronger to account for the fact that they usually die in a few seconds. A decent improvement would be to at least allow crit, crit bonus, potency, etc. apply.
    Those are the two main things holding us back as far as DPS.
  11. ARCHIVED-kellyrey Guest

    I really hope none of the devs listen to these QQs by people who can't play the class with the tools they're given.
    The 150% DoT tick cap has nothing to do with Spell double attack not benifitting DoTs.
    Even if our dumbfires live, they're not good DPS unless you're running around in handcrafted gear and apprentice level spells. However, when soloing epics, combined with positional hate changes like bewilderment, are extemely useful for managing your hate. Our reuse timers on our actual damage spells are low enough, that you shouldn't even need to worry about casting them otherwise.
    Why on earth would anyone expect the sum of our DoTs to be equal to the dirrect damage of a sorcerer, let alone more. They're supposed to be T1 DPS, and we get pets on top of our personal damage.. pets who benifit from any group buffs - making us as a whole, get more out of stuff like peace of mind, precision of the maestro or even elemental toxicity than nearly anyone else.
    Asking for lifeburn to be changed, right after recommending unstoppable soul be changed into something else? That's unbeleivable, when for anything with enough hitpoints worth using lifeburn against will want you using any temporary hit point increasers you can muster. If the 60% health limit is really a concern, maybe you shouldn't be running around trying to lifeburn mobs that should die in less time than it would take to cast lifeburn.
    If you're benched for not produciing DPS, you have some issues beyond the class, because any good conjoror or necro has been topping zonewides in raids, or at least very comptetative, since shattered lands.
    And really, if you're in a group, is there really much heroic encounters that don't have all the adds die by the time you get pandemic and bloodcloud off anyways, that you need more AEs? Perhaps 5 encounters in the game?
    I'm happing soloing epics and winning parses in raids on my necros (yes, plural) - the rest of you need to step up your game because the class, as it stands, is more than capable of amazing things.
    Most of these complaints I see, are just asking for easymode playing, making us more powerful with little risk/reward or need to adapt to situations (most specifically AE timers). Maybe you should actually concern yourself with things that are actually broken, like a pet's line of sight and it's pathing not being recalculated after summon minion.
    As for wanting some sorta damage shield for PvP, we already out-heal any mage period and have a far better source of power to keep on healing.
    The ooze crawler actially has a lot of effects combined into it's debuff, including some that are failry unique. I've seen it make the difference between a win and a wipe when grouped with subpar players, and with the right protection, it's a far better asset than the heal pet the conjurors get - and since most of our DPS comes from ourselves anyways, it's not as huge as a loss.
  12. ARCHIVED-Rhadamanthys Guest

    Oink@Blackburrow wrote:
    Care to explain the 150% DOT cap and spell double attack then?
    And you just said yourself that dumbfires aren't worth casting... Unless soloing epics. Which, btw, what level are these epics? Most mobs worth killing wipe dumbfires almost instantly. So we have 4 useless spells, 1 of which should be our hardest hitting spell! That's not a problem? And they don't even scale with our gear.
    And why do you think direct damage should do so much more damage than a DOT? We have to let the spell tick out for it to do its damage versus a direct damage dpser doing it all at once. I'm not saying all our DOTs should do more than every DD spell, but you would think we should get more return on it if we have to wait for it to do all of its damage.
    Necros can do good dps and I agree most necros just don't know how to do good dps, but we still need a lot more group focus to do that. I've topped or been near the top of raid and group ZW parses almost all the time, even against players much better geared than I am. But for the most part, being at the top usually has more to do with the fact that those other dpsers like sorcerers and assassins who should do a lot more dps than us don't know how to optimize their dps. And if you're saying you do so much dps, care to say how much that is and what kind of support you had with that such as UT? And what about just killing a single dummy, how much do you do without lifeburning it? Not only that, but if you're full of top-end raid gear, then you're not one to bash other necros for lack of dps. ANY class with uber gear and a good group set-up can do good dps.
    And I don't see how you think us capping our DOT capabilities with AD alone and the fact that dumbfires are almost totally useless aren't things that are broken...
    And really, ooze crawler? I'm sure every spell out there has a use somewhere, that doesn't make it useful overall. How many times have you pulled that thing out in a raid or a group that isn't subpar? Do you even have it in your AAs?
  13. ARCHIVED-Jasuo Guest

    1) Can we as a sole class get some substantial hitpoint buffs through aa's? Sorcerers and conjurors somehow managed to get them through either aa's or a pet buff yet they don't rely on hp near the amount necros do...weird right?!

    2) Can we please get some red adornments that would cut recast time on Lifeburn?

    3) With new shared pet stats let's not forget to downgrade the current gear so we aren't seeing a massive cryfest from the rest of the mage/scout community, no need to make the pet stat sharing it 1:1 and design the gear around that.

    4) The Spirit of the Underworld aa was bad enough, but the Consuming Vitality aa does not provide any kind of legitimate utility to a solo, grouping, or raiding necro, can we have it changed to just increase the damage amount of Consumption?

    5) Vampiric orb, ooze pet, and undead horde need to be replaced with something feasible in the current game content, overlapping ae's (most unavoidable or unalterable) make these spells unusable. Using the ooze pet sacrifices so much of a necro's dps, it's already hard enough getting a group invite much less raid slot.

    6) Damage over time cap...why on earth is there one? Fix splurt too please, no caps, make our spells worth waiting out before reapplying
  14. ARCHIVED-Rhadamanthys Guest

    Sciomar@Butcherblock wrote:
    1) Would be nice, but they probably get it due to the fact that we can heal ourselves.
    2) Either that or allow LB and MB to crit. Both abilities can pretty much put a wizard/necromancer out of the fight (out of mana or dead) yet they don't do that much damage.
    3) We'll have to see just how much this change will help us. I'd imagine it will help both summoners since pets will always crit.
    4) All classes have some useless AA. However, I think the consuming vitality is very useful in some situations... Especially for a little extra healing when lifeburning. It can also keep you up while soloing harder mobs.
    5) Definitely agreed. These spells are rarely useful (also the blighted horde and awaken grave). Turn them into dots, and ooze crawler into a debuff. As for vampiric orb, they could make it similar to a wizard's furnace of ro or just make it a blue AOE DOT.
    6) This cap needs to be changed, as it really hurts necros since AD already makes us hit the cap on our 2 most-used spells. Removing the cap on splurt would be really nice, but would make our spells better than double attack then, which would make it a little unfair for us vs. direct damage casters. Since the damage would just keep increasing, the "second" attack would do a lot more damage than the first. As of now, a direct damage dealer sees less damage on the second attack. However, since we don't really have any huge hits compared to most other dps classes, I suppose we may still not see more of a benefit from SDA than sorcerers, for example.
  15. ARCHIVED-baguetteovenfresh Guest

    instead of ooze puppet, either a pet buff that debuffs or a temp pet that is based off an npc or pc corpse. optionally, corpse explosion (like in guild wars). Who doesnt like exploding corpses?
    group taps like in eq 1 - group mana return, group heal, siphoned stats like in eq1 - group siphon strength, etc
    corpse based magic would be great for soloing/groups but probably not the most useful in raids, then again, i dont raid (yet) so i cant suggest things based around raiding mechanics. just things that are clearly not too useful on their face.
    i also suggest that sony not mess up stat integration and come through on their promises to make the scout pet useful. ;)
  16. ARCHIVED-Noviets Guest

    The only things I want are:
    To have Lifeburn self-inflicting damage proc reactives and use wards. 99% of the time I do not cast Lifeburn simply because we normally have one healer in the mage dps group. Unless organised before-hand and pre-warning of casting, It causes alot of problems for the healer.
    We are the only class that has our best damage spell that we can't use, simply because most of the time we kill ourselves, or come very close too it. I for one do not like getting yelled at for ruining a flawless.
    Wizards take their power, which sucks for them but they can restore it fairly well, We have lifeburn which kills us, and Conjies get EB, which can crit, effected by double cast, AND is cast by their pet therefor taking its power, and doesnt effect them at all. I understand thats the class, and its the intention. But look at it like that. We want to be able to lifeburn without ending up as a corpse.

    Necromancers are the leaders in Death and Decay, yet our single target rez has the highest Revival Sickness duration in the game of 2.5 minutes, and is single target only. Doesn't seem like he is that much of a leader in death if he's not even able to revival his allies without overly long detriments, or being able to rez more than one person at a time. Revival Items are far better than what we are capable of.
  17. ARCHIVED-Triste-Lune Guest

    feeling like bumping this thread. Are necro still getting destroy by terrible mechanism? Have they remove the tick cap on DOTs? Are dumbfirepet still the worst thing ever? Does necro spell rotation still consist of rot coil rot tap rot coil rot pandemic (if applicable) rot tap rince repeat with the occasional soulburn / lifeburn / consumption ET? is necro utility still worst than those of warlock wizzard, conjuror, illusionnist and coercer? Are class specific spell (horde necro orb and most AA absolutely useless) Basically is this class still dog excrement due to boarked game develloper decision and their constant refusal to glimpse at the probleme of the class?
  18. ARCHIVED-Ragnaphore Guest

    Triste-Lune wrote:

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