Compilation of necromancer issues/suggestions

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  1. ARCHIVED-stgninja Guest

    Post your suggestions and issues with the class here. No flames, no name calling, basically don't post things that could get this thread locked.
    Along with posting your suggestions and issues here I suggest doing the same with /feedback. With that said I'll start off:
    Make our swarm pets a DoT and remove the graphic or tweak their corresponding AA lines to let each pet have a chance to avoid AoEs (10% for each rank).
    Give us a buff that turns our DoTs to Direct Damage spells (same duration and recast as consumption) and give it a recurring health cost double that of our lich line. For example the adept 1 of said buff would cost double the health of adept 1 lich. The damage of the DDs could equal to 75% of what the DoT would tick for if it lasted for its full duration.
    Thats all I can think of for now because my caffeine hasn't kicked in yet.
  2. ARCHIVED-Loimaalainen Guest

    Make the wis end ability give us ms not our pet but still use the pets power. The wis end ability is about useless atm but for pvp if the ms wuold be on us wuold fix the class.
    It wuoldnt make us op coz good player wuold kill our pet then us but well played necro wuold have good change against any player in pvp =)

    HEAR ME SONY PLZ =) that is one easy fix to make and wuold make our class way better in pvp

    love fluffy
  3. ARCHIVED-LazyPurple Guest

    Necro's are mainly DoT's and Dumb Fires, so AMEN on making them "true" DoT's. I quit after playing ToS beta and being told there was no hope for any changes or fixes for our class last year. I have just come back, so please forgive me if I don't include any ToS info or suggestions. I have taken some of the suggestions from others and mixed it with my suggestions below. I'm still not crazy about seeing how many AA's go into pets to boost dmg that should have been boosted in RoK without spending AA's, such as actually receiving a T8 spell upgrade for the pets. If this has changed please feel free to correct.

    Splurt -change it on our mythical to a base percent increase
    Life taps - allow 100% of +spell dmg/dmg mods
    Limited pets - make them dots
    Vampirism - remove the double fail proc or remove and give us something useful
    Our AA lines - all the mages are casting faster than summoners we need casting haste AA line
    Undead Horde - there are no 15 min timers in game any more, please give us some recast love in the grave calling AA line
    Our pets - give them the T8 ability
    Lich - change it to a group buff
    AA- Ooze Pet- debuff change to a pet buff

    Revivication- allow us to rez 6 raid or group friends

    Dispel Magic-Single target spell removing beneficial magic spells from enemy, change to anything useful
    Spell List:

    Mage pet:
    Grim Wave ae dot
    Grim Devastation ae dot
    Grim Embrace dot

    Debuffs - IF they land
    78 - Mortality Mark -wis/sta 102
    72 - Siphoning of Souls- str/int 92

    71 - Vampire Bats - Single target piercing DOT + defense debuff.
    Dumb Fires
    75 - Grave Disturbance dot recast 1 minute
    77 - Pack of Imps dot recast 1 minute
    78 - Undead Horde dot 15 min recast
    80 - Vampirism dot 3 min recast

    Dmg spells
    72 - Bloodcoil dot recast 8 seconds
    76 - Drain Life recast 9 seconds
    71 - Soulrot dot recast 3 seconds
    71 - Bloodcloud ae 25 sec recast
    76 - Pandemic ae dot recast 9 seconds

    AA- Lifeburn - dot recast 5 minutes
    AA- Ooze Pet- debuff
    We are all DoT's or damage over time. Unfortunately, there are not many long encounters so damage over time is not very fun or effective.
  4. ARCHIVED-Garlin1 Guest

    Not to flame or be rude at all, but you guys are taking the core basics of what has made a Necro a Necro and changing them to something more like a wizard or lock. Dots to Direct damage? Lich (which if you parse is a large part of your DPS) to a group buff? Splurt? Parse with and without splurt. Splurt is amazing.
    I agree with Ooze - Ooze is not even something imo worth using in certain situations anymore.
    I half agree with vampirisim. The spell does great AoE damage in groups. Right now I cast it on my pet when my mythical procs the AoE blocker on it. 600ish a tick vs group of mobs + a heal. Combined with me and my pet casting it parses quite well. I would suggest adding a extra orb or simply removing the "If target takes damage spell is dispelled" Let it have HP like dumbfire pets.
    Only part of our rez spell I think needs changed is recast timer. The distance on it makes it what is unique for Necros to have it, and it can be casted during combat. AA spec makes it even better.
    Dispel Magic can be increased in Necro tree to dispel more then magic. It works the same for other classes, other classes just get abilities to dispel more.
    Life tap is fine imo, i've had it crit for 5-6k, lich for 800-1k, and proc with robe for around 2k. Thats around 8k if everything goes off and crits.
    The pet complaint is a dead horse. We were given a new pet with our mythical that has master 4 of all spells. Check out the AA shadow line you get 2 more abilities for your pet if you spec that way. The end line AA skill for your pet is a beast. It does massive damage on a crit. Get some equipment to raise your pets crit % and you will notice your pet doing around 1.5-2k parse on its own.
  5. ARCHIVED-Germs666 Guest

    Undead Horde is still casting some undead tide. The recast is way too long 5 min would be awesome but I'd settle for 7 or 8 min.

    Vampirism flat out sucks! In EQOA there was a spell called "power gale" it was a DD nuke that was similar to Our Lifetap DD but instead of healing HP it would convert that into a grp mana proc. It would compliment our T2 robe nicely and might actually give necros some added utility :gasp:

    ooze crawler flat out sucks it should be a Pet proc that adds a much smaller debuff. That'd be worth the 21 points it takes to unlock

    The exploding pet AA at the end of the STR line is worthless. How about a buff that explodes our dumbfires upon their death (maybe 100-200 per pet?)

    We could use one more nuke maybe a Disease based DD Acid blast that we can use in our rotation to add burst damage for group situations. This would keep us near coercers and illys as far as short fights are concerned.

    If you aren't going to give us utility at least bump us back to T1 DPS. I'm being outparsed by coercers now!
  6. ARCHIVED-Sosumya Guest

    I'd bring Sosumya back if I could get a forth AA option for reuse on heart casting.

    Tinkered Mana items, and proc mana gear are so over rated compared to our subpar spell =p
  7. ARCHIVED-Durss Guest

    would do anything for some kind of mana shield or maby a spell/AA that would make our pet take 100% of incoming damage for like 10 - 15 secs. short term pvp neceros really need someone to throw us a bone.

    its hard to even get into a good raid guild because if they need a necro, they only really need one, in eq 1 Necros were mana batteries . there dots also were heals (real heals) lifeburn was a 1 click cast and there dots over time gave hit points.
  8. ARCHIVED-Compas Guest

    Here are the issues in what I see is the priorty for this class.
    1. Balence gear to equilly effect pets and caster not this +3 crit for teh caster powerflux 1 for the pet or vise versa its not helpful all we are doing is robing the left hand to pay for the right hand it just will not do.
    2. Give the Necromancer class a unique utility effect that does not infringe or encroach on another classes abilities. I.E. defrensive pets to cast on another, or raidwide lifetap, or the ability to utilize corpses for effects similar to undead tide ect.
    3. Improve or replace the following useless spells/abilites:
    A) Implode (What logic is there for pet class to blow up their pet?)
    B) Reanimate ( if my master scout pet dies why do i want an adept1 version to be summoned faster)
    C) Unflinching Servant ( with blood pact, and the epic weapon this line is even worst them when it was initally created)
    D) Animist Bond ( once again all the blocking effect and tainted heals makes this also worthless)
    E) Empower Servant (This endline generates so littel effect for the final ability ina line its no way woth any points)
    F) Vampirism (its too fragile due to all its fail conditions for a minor amount of damage and life gain)
    G) Voidbeast Pet ( its had a terrible hit rate, the debuff is far too insignificant , low hitpoints)
    H) The grizley Mark and drawing of souls line of spells are so ineffective and lackluster they doesn't even noticably effect the targets
    4. Allow Dumbfire pets to gain some bonus from gear since no spell crit, bonus, +damage, has any effect on them and they are both fragile and have pretty crappy hit rates
    5. Hearts need a overhaul with signets, item procs tinkered items they are so ineffective and really unnessecary now
    This is by far not an exhaustive list but the points i see major needs to be looked at or redeveloped. While tehre are many things Necromancer whould like to have it whould be nice to just ahve these things fixed or made to be on par with other classes in terms of usefullness and over all effect on their class asie from conjurers 90% of everythign in this game eitehr effects the caster making it only 60% to 70% of use or just the Pet making it 40% to 30% of effect why are the summoner classes punished for not being completely self contained?
    80 Necromancer
  9. ARCHIVED-Mewse Guest

    1) Undead Horde - recast timer is too long. Also, there are never any corpses around to boost the number of summoned undead. Just increase the number summoned to a flat amount plus additional summoned per AA pt. Allow it to benefit from Blood Pact.
    2) Ooze crawler is useless. I suggest making the debuff effect a proc on our standard summoned pets.
    3) Dumbfire pets - are they DOTs or are they melee pets? Right now they can be melee'd or cast on like a pet but not dispeled. But they can be reflected like a spell. Go fight devourers in JW and you will see what I mean. If they are a pet then they should benefit from pet buffs like Blood Pact. Otherwise make them into a full DOT spell (and therefore not affected by melee/AOE dmg but dispelable).
    4) At each tier the summonable pets received a new CA or spell ability except at tier 8. The abilities from tier 7 to tier 8 did not scale correctly. A slight increase to existing CA's or spells on summoned pets at tier 8 I think would be appropriate. Also, add a new CA/spell to the tier 8 pets.
    5) Tank pets do not generate enough aggro for themselves at T8. This may be related to item 4, actually. Not an issue for raiders but for soloers this is a nuisance.
    6) Vampirism is a nice ability. But it should be a spell and not a pet. Don't let be destroyed by AOE dmg. Make it dispelable. Also, it could heal a little more. Remove the "dispeled when target take damage" feature.
    7) Revivification needs better health restore. Making it a group spell would be nice. How about an AA that removes rez sickness?
    About the only thing dispel magic is good for is healing the pet when you have tainted heals AA spec. Otherwise, its a waste. How about a groupwide spell that removes hostile arcane?
    9) Charm undead needs to have its resist rate lowered a bit.
    10) Summoned hearts need to restore more power. Right now they are easily replaced by regen gear and other power restoring classes.
    11) Reduce the reuse timer on Feign Death.
    Most of my suggestions come from the perspective of the soloer and not the raider (although I do both).
  10. ARCHIVED-Aviralis Guest

    Some quick Idea's for changes and fixes that I came up with for summoner fix whenever it comes.

    Spell Changes:
    1: Pet Stances/Debuff proc changed to work similar to conjur unabate, allowing the buff's to persist onto the next summoned pet as long as buff is active instead of having to wait the recast to reapply buffs saving setup time that is a problem for summoner classes after a pet death which makes reanimate and storage almost useless without these changes.
    2: Necro Fear Spell is a toggle but suffers the effects of a non toggle with dispell chance, would like to see this be unbreakable as reuse doesn't start till toggle is turned off or expires, or remove the toggle effect and make it a duration effect and work like other spells.
    3: Necro Charm Spells could use the sonic/ultravision break warning on charm, no need to add stun. Unlike coercer's, necro's can't monitor charm pet while having your pet still alive so will not see it drop until it is killing you.
    4: Darkness spell line needs a upper lvl upgrade the snare componet doesn't need to change, the dot portion needs to persist after snare effect has broken.
    5: Hearts make the hp/power transfer percent based example: 1% hp to power per tick at a 1 hp to 1 power for each hp ratio.
    6: Frenzy proc buff for pet change to a buff put on anyone, allow multiple buffs of this at 1 or 2 conc per buff as necro's currently only use 4 con slots also gives us some utility buff.
    7: Pet offensive stance applies plus caster skill but doesn't apply melee skill bonuses while conjur one is reverse of this, should buff both as this is used for all pets melee and caster. Along with these give Int bonuses but not Str bonuses.
    8: Vamperism's dispel on target being damaged needs removed.
    9: Swarm Pets Need a lowered cast time/recast/power cost in thier current state, and/or adding a effect they do on death and if they life full duration a detaunt on termination. Single target death effect on the pack line and a encounter effect on the stench line.
    9AA: Swarm pet AA lines in necro tree would need to change based on changes
    10: Tide line needs lowered recast in it's current form as thier is never the corpses you need to maximize this power to warrent the recast time or Changed how it works and recast based accordingly. Example Summon 1 undead tide swarm pet that last for 60 seconds every 5 second. Effectivly getting 12 swarm pets over 1 minute that last each 60 second from time each was summoned.
    10AA: Tide AA line in necro tree changed. In current form lower recast added.
    11: Pet Heal's heal amount change based on pet it hits, is nearly a full heal currently for mage pet yet barely scratches the tank pet where the heal would be most needed.

    Necro AA tree:
    1: Enhance Rot Line Reduces the duration of the dot but still does same damage over cycle since cast time and recast don't change effectivly giving no damage increase other then the damage it boost. Lower cast time or recast along with dot duration.
    2: Pet Hp to power transfer AA reduces the time this gives power back but doesn't reduce recast time to match.
    3: Revive AA at 5 points remove the rez penelty from revive.
    4: Dispell AA add a lower reuse 100%
    5: Ooze Crawler be made into a Swarm pet something to the extent of 1 sec cast, 30 recast 60 duration remove damage from debuff giving pet high hitting skill, or make it a pet proc buff.
    6: (This change would be followed with other changes in summoner tree) Change Bloodpact to be a passive effect that makes all the pact line effect group, limiting consume and pet heal to only effect pets in group, hearts/revive/transfer effect all in group.
    7: Allow any of the 3 main pet AA's unlock the cast time speed and remove the mage/scout from being required to get swarm pet aa's

    Summoner AA tree: Aligning Trees to certain effects, Str focusing on Summoner, Agi scout pet, Sta tank pet, Wis protection/buff/utility, int caster pet
    1: Possesion, With the lose of control to yourself this should buff your pet while possesing it to counter loss of self making it viable for other things then checking pet stats. Making the abilities of possessed pet cast/reuse/recover faster, provide haste/dps/da, maybe damage mod increase, or combined hps etc.
    2: Animate Dagger Make it a pet auto attack ability with points increasing da/dps/haste of pet using current equiped weapon that functions like ranged auto attack.
    3: Implode changed to a passive that when a swarm pet or main pet dies including termination of swarm's gives you a short duration buff of spell damage, castime, or recast etc.
    4: Unflinching servant remove the AE protection and stifle making tank pet immune to control effects.
    5: Animist Bond make it a pet AE protection except direct with low power cost upkeep and no special conditions like bubble or extreme cost like bloodpact.(Bubble and Bloodpact would need to be changed see Bloodpact above) No other classes have to deal with losing 30% of damage every major AE from raid mobs and all damage for 10 second not counting current restance/debuff proc other buffs time.

    Other Changes:
    1: Pet Sharing Magical Resist
    2: Pet Running faster then summoner out of combat to help it keep up.
    3: Fixing the Cannot attack implied target problem.
    4: Fixing the Pet's doing the running back and forth through target bug, happens alot in water and flying creatures.
    5: Mage pet could use more hp's
    6: Pet sharing crit chances, spell/ca damage. No other classes get only ~70% effectiveness out of gear bonuses.
    7: Pet Trauma/toxic/magic/elemental display and pet cure ability.
    8: Mythical upgrading pet instead of just mage pet, so as to include tank pet and scout. Making it a buff that next pet cast becomes master 4 quality.
    9: Raid/group wide buffs from pets str based on spell lvl app/adept/master, would not effect pets. Examples tank buffing defensive stuff like mit/avoid/taunt/detaunt, Scout melee dps/haste/da, CA resist/damage/crit, weapon skills etc, Mage pet buffing caster skills, cast/recovery/reuse times, Spell resist/damage/crit, etc
  11. ARCHIVED-Davngr1 Guest

    Necros need a dps boost and the suggestions in this thread seem great.

    i would like too add that i feel life burn should be changed it does not do enough dmg to justify the need for direct attention from a second class. if it did do enough dmg it would just be viewd as an *easy button* abillity and thus still not good for the class imo.
    i duno how the rest of the players feel about this ability. i for one would love to see it become something that improves our dmg potential with out putting such stress on another player. an idea i like is maybe make lifeburn a 2.5 minute reuse and have it be a 45 second buff that increases base dmg and casting/recover/reuse speed at the cost of health per tick, maybe something comperable to Blood Pacts. yes healer attention might still be needed but group/spot heals would do the job.

    also would like to see some type of perc/utililty added to the class, preferably one that would also benefit the summoner unlike IA,Tc,Ut,Bc,Ch that only benefit others. a proc would be cool but im open to anything that will make my necro less of a burden on a group.
  12. ARCHIVED-Plaguemeister Guest

    1.) Faster cast on Undead Horde. 15 minutes is just to much and it does not even do the damage of assassinate or other super big hits. On pvp the horde adds are often resisted and parried with some damage. So lets make this a useable skill by decreasing cast time, increasing the damage output, and scrap the corpse requirement - it was a GREAT idea but corpses disappear due to nothing on them or grp clean up and on raids, how often is there a mass of corpses about (excepting your own forces wipe) from which to call forth additional servants.
    2.) Add/swarm pets - are they a dot or are they actual physical adds. They can be killed (like a physical add) by blue AOES constantly firing off to the point where these pets become useless AND they can also be cured by a potion (on pvp) so they can be defeated any number of ways in addition to just stealthing - then they stand around like idiots. So, if they are a dot then they should not be stealthed off nor should they be killed by a blue AOE while if they are physical they should be uncureable and be able to re-attack/re-aquire target once the target id de-stealthed. This arguement is as good for pve solo, heroic, and raiding, as it is for pvp. Please pick a modality for our swarm pets - physical or dot and stick to it but not let them be defeated by both methods.
    2.a.) If swarm pets are to be physical they should benefit form our main pet blue aoe defense AA OR give us different AA to drop points into to increase swarm pet survivability.
    2.b.) Swarm pet damage should be increased - we are summoners so we should be doing more pet based damage then damage over time abilities.
    3.) Symbiosis - instead of mana shield allow us to share life with our primary pet.
    4.) Dead Man floating and Dead Grp floating - time to bring this spell back. Scouts get movement spells, furies are running at mach1, mounts are pretty much obsolete due to class run mechanics so please just give us our "invisible" carpet and be done with it. AA points increase speed (where - I have no idea yet) and it acts like fae flight for those really big drops.
    5.) Allow us to self port to ANY graveyard in ANY zone.
    6.) Tank taunt needs more power in PVP - not bad in PVE.
    6.a.) Pet should cast Pin like a guardian, current root is very ineffective at best.
    6.b.) Tank pet should have a hsield knock down/knock back skill OTHER than the blue AA choice. this can be random fired by the tank pet like current CA's.
    7.) We need a serious reason to be considered for a raid spot - either up our DPS, increase our casting speed to = speed of scout CA (.75 for my big scout hits not to mention my auto attack on scout) and/or give us back some of the debuffs we had a game inception.
    7.a.) Give us the ability to put a massive disease proc on someone (or our pet) for raid utility.
    7.a.1.) Give us a grp wide disease proc that grants a chance to cast disease damge on every spell or CA used.
    7.a.2.) Maybe, along this line, a raid wide buff that increase poison base damge of all scout poisons if not 1 of the 2 above?
    7.b.) Give us a grp or raidwide buff which adds a life tap and power tap - Necrotic Touchor whatever with a proc rate of 20% or 1x per minute at 500/500 each or some such thing.
    7.c.) Vampiric Orb - needs more survivability and slightly more damage. Immunity to a blue AOE would allow us to put this up just before an incoming blue AOE from the mob to help stabalize the mobs blue aoe hit.
    7.d.) Mana Wrack - give us this spell back form eq1. Maybe a 30s cast time with a 500mana drain given to each grp member or make 7.b.) Mana Wrack and keep it as a raid wide buff.
    7.e.) More health on all pets - mage is kinda just pathetic IMO. Should be at least 8k.
    8.) Add a % chance to avoid death to Lich - we are after all masters of death/undeath. Bertie cloak seems to be broken or I have been unlucky on the rng for a deathsave on it.
    9.) Seperat Necromancer and Conjures form the mage tree and add B- eastlor- ds to the new summoner tree. I will fill in the rest of the blanks for you freeof charge
    10.) Dooming Darkness - c'mon - a snare that breaks itslef , someone at SOE should really slap themselves silly over this one. Make it un breakable (only dispellable/curable please). Upgrade it and make the snare a slow attk speed too at 75% for t8 as it is after all sludge by now. Increase the range to 50m.
    11.) Give fear a 5% chance to break and a longer duration. YES I want to fear kite same as rangers/ brigs, swashies effectively snare kite. I know, you said you don't want this at eq2 launch but 5+ years in and it continues so just give us back a class defining skill pease.
    12.) increase range of all our abilities. Rangers can reach out and say hi at 65m+ spec'd and with the right bow and gear. They can do massive auto attk damage on pvp/pve servers at this range AND proc poisons (spels) to boot. We should be able to return the favor.
    More to come as I start playing my necro again.
  13. ARCHIVED-Mewse Guest

    "7.a.) Give us the ability to put a massive disease proc on someone (or our pet) for raid utility.
    7.a.1.) Give us a grp wide disease proc that grants a chance to cast disease damge on every spell or CA used.
    7.a.2.) Maybe, along this line, a raid wide buff that increase poison base damge of all scout poisons if not 1 of the 2 above?
    7.b.) Give us a grp or raidwide buff which adds a life tap and power tap - Necrotic Touchor whatever with a proc rate of 20% or 1x per minute at 500/500 each or some such thing."

    I am thinking take the Ooze Crawler and make it a debuff (instead of a pet) we can cast on either the pet or a raid member as a proc.
  14. ARCHIVED-Aristotle21 Guest

    Fix the second TSO 5 set bonus, we should get "Empowered Minion V" just like the conjorur's do. There is a space for the second 5 set bonus but it is blank. Please fix this, my pet needs all the buffs he/she can get!
  15. ARCHIVED-Lilithela Guest

    OK, the easiest thing that could be done to "Fix" the necro class is simply lower our casting and reuse timers by 20% on our main spells (Pre-RoK casting speeds) all the other issues are things we can work around. I could deal with the pathetic Swarm Pets, horrid primary pet mechanics, and weak EoF AA's, even the useless endline abilitys for the KoS tree don't bother me it's just something we deal with. the biggest issue is that all our casting timers were raised to that of a wizard and we do a quater of the damage for the same waste of time. we would not be "broken" if we were still the fast-casters we once were... but maby I'm just dreaming about the old days
  16. ARCHIVED-CorpseRun Guest

    This whole thread is kinda pointless. There's already a perfectly good thread about Necro issues stickied no sense haveing two.
    And Necro's can put up 16k "zonewide" parses. That's good enough DPS. What Necro needs is utility and all this useless nonsense needs to stop so the devs aren't drowned in garbage before they see the real fix.
    Can we get this duplicate thread removed please. THere is really no need for two threads about the same thing and the other one is much better organized and presented.
  17. ARCHIVED-Jasuo Guest

    Necros need a fix, you need to go back and play the class more before speaking. Stop trolling our forums.
  18. ARCHIVED-Jasuo Guest

    I know exactly how high end raiding necros parse thanx, but to hold every necro to that same standard of gear and parsing is ludicrous, you have to think about the casual types too (can't believe I just said that). Alot of those parses also show the insane proc rate of a few items that need tweaking even still and a very stacked group.
    A group wide utility spell for raiders is a given need, but there are other issues with the class that need fixes as well. Pet's missing abilities and current abilities being a low upgrade over tiers past, the ridiculous dependency on healers to make lifeburn hit for a decent amount, and how lifetaps are not given full benefit of spell dmg mods to name a few.
    Why I am even responding to a new player who obviously hasn't much clue about the class or most likely doesn't even play one is beyond me.
  19. ARCHIVED-Davngr1 Guest

    the only one posting infalmatory text is you man. this is a section for ideas about what the class needs.
    i suggest you post some ideas if you wish but calling other posters cry babys is pretty trolling and not beneficial to the thread.
  20. ARCHIVED-azraelteir Guest

    Please note, these are just my thoughts and ideas, nothing more. I love the Necro class and want to see it grow. I plan to continue to play this class no matter what changes occur in the future. I am not suggesting anything to change the mechanics of our class much beyond some cosmetic items to make playing a Necro feel like you really are the Master of the Dead/Undead.

    Revivacation: This spell could definitely use some fine tuning to make it fit more into the Necromancer theme. Necromancers are known for being able to raise the dead, but typically the target is returned to "life" as an "undead" version of their former self. With this in mind I think perhaps the addition of an illusion form and a lich effect buff would be ideal. Give the target of the Rez a temporary Mana Regen buff similar to the ArchLich buff the Necro has, perhaps also giving a Lifetap or heal proc effect as well (for the duration of the temp buff). It might even be good to allow this to delay rez sickness till the buff wears off. A quicker recast timer couldn't hurt either, would make us more competitive in rezzing during fights.

    Addition of Temp Buffs (Self and/or Pet): Conjurors have the ability to plane shift their pets to give them a super temp buff, increasing their survivability and DPS (at least as far as I understand, I have never played a conji so I am not 100% sure). I could see a Necro being able to cast a temp buff on a group or raid member, giving them mana regen and heal, perhaps a really powerful disease proc.

    Dumbfire Pets (General): Personally I like the idea of Dumbfire pets actually being Dumbfire pets and not just a DoT with a visual component. I do agree that they should be AoE immune and only able to be damaged if directly targeted.
    Undead Horde - With Undead Horde, the pets that are summoned seem to be split between Fighter, Healer and Caster classes, but they offer no utility. I could see this being reworked to give the spell some utility. As a well rounded group, the undead horde component classes should be able to step into those rolls, the tanks should step in and take damage off of the group or raid tank (similar to the Mystic's Ancestral Sentry, with less effectiveness however), the Healer pets could run around healing players in the group/raid, perhaps even be able to rez players who have died (maybe as a chance to proc a rez on players who have died) and the Mage pets would cast Debuffs and damage the given mob. Something like this would perhaps justify a 15 minute recast timer as it could be a very powerful spell to help a failing group recover at a pivotal moment or just help the over all group/raid make a difficult fight a little easier.
    Dumbfires (Imps & Grave Disturbance) - Perhaps making this caster type pets (as we are a mage it makes sense these too would be a limited caster type pet) that do ranged damage and are AoE immune. It may also be feasible to make these a limited debuffng pet, giving the pets the ability to cast and maintain a decent mit Debuff for the duration of the spell in lieu of the DPS aspect.

    Lifeburn: Lifeburn is a very powerful tool in the Necromancers tool belt. According to the description the spell does not appear to be effected by outside forces such as Debuffs on the mob or crit chance. I believe that making this more of a spell that drains your life to build up a large one shot damage nuke (drains the necromancers life for 10 seconds, at the end of the 10 second or when the Necro runs out of life to give, the nuke goes off heals help to make the nuke larger because the Necro has more life to give in the 10 seconds). I would also give a damage spread, with the ability to Crit and the ability to use Debuffs to its benefit. This would ultimately save the damage for the end of the spell, which would keep the Necro from pulling aggro off the tank mid burn, thus cancelling the spell due to premature death. (I know this one isn't a huge issue, but would be nice).

    Undead Charm: I like this spell, its fun but very dangerous for any Necro to use. The chance that the pet will break the charm and kill the Necro is way too great, we need a warning and stun/stifle of the charmed mob when it breaks, to give us a chance to recharm (much like a coercer). This would make the spell useful in group zones to help add extra damage to the group and I think it would also make necromancers feel more like the masters of death that we are supposed to be.

    Raise The Dead: As I understand it, in EQ1, there was Necro spell that allowed the Necro to revive a recently killed mob to serve him as his pet. I understand we have the charm pet, but I think it would be really add to the experience of being a necromancer if we had this ability. I do realize this spell was vastly overpowered, but I feel if properly designed and managed it would be a great addition. My feeling on how it "could work" is this. The mob would have to have been killed by you, your group or your raid. You cant Raise a name. The raised pet (or pets, I think we should be able to raise more than one but not more than say the number of free concentration slots we have) would scale down from it original form. The raised pet could not be an undead or golem prior to being killed and raised, it would need to be a true "living creature" prior to its death, therefore allowing it to be raised as an undead minion. If its already undead before it dies then you just charm it. As for golems, they are not true living creatures anyway, they are summoned, mindless, beast and should remain the territory of the Conji. I could also see whatever creature you raise, coming back as an undead version of its previous self.
    Again, just my 2c here. Hope that when the Devs start looking at what they can do for our class they come here, I have seen some pretty good ideas posted.
    *edited for spelling

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