Coercer PvE rebalancing

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Ucala00, Mar 23, 2013.

  1. Ucala01 Member

    if worse and worse you mean more dependable on the reactives than I would agree. but really I don't see any simple fix for that, only thing would either revamping all their non reactive damage moves some to compete or low the reactive damages to compete, nah I rather it stay like it is.
    but what they need to do is what Milambers brought up, changing sda to make it mean something to coercers
  2. Buffrat Well-Known Member

    The reactives get better and better since the ability modifier assumes it only has 3 triggers but they actually have 8/5/5, and since coercers cap mod so easily it gives the illusion that potency has absurdly huge returns for Hostage..

    So there's that.
  3. Davngr Well-Known Member

    well.. my coercer compared to my illusionist is doing less and less damage every expansion.

    both have about the same stats and i actually know how to play a coercer better than an illy.

    i blame reactive damage not scaling as well as procs you can blame whatever else you want but over all there is an issue.
  4. Controlor Member

    Is your comparison just purely solo play? Or is it based on raids? Because depending on the group set up i can either lose to our illy or beat our illy in raids (it also depends on # of mobs).
  5. Davngr Well-Known Member

    doesn't matter tbh.. illy just has better damage.
  6. Mindsway Active Member

    Thanks! For PE it won't take much. Maybe have the 3rd rank of Coerced Protection lower the cast time and/or give the pet AE immunity, or at least a decent proc chance for said immunity? The pet is nice dps when it lives, but it's the living part that's often the problem.

    Also, moar troubadour mobs, please. I love giving my group some troub buffs through my PE pet. Bard mobs in general are way too rare in raids.
  7. Ucala01 Member

    I would agree in AoE fights, disagree in single targets, Coercer should lead that, atleast I always have across several guilds. maybe you just need to re evaluate your spell priority and get rid of any old spell cast order you may have?

    they can't really do something like that I would say since that would neglect certain items that already give you that proc (the avatar earrings) and I am sure more procs like that will come, but an AA for it? seems doubtful
  8. Mindsway Active Member

    Well considering how few of us can actually get avatar gear I'd hope they'd make it more readily available. Nothing wrong with making it part of the prestige, Coerced Protection probably isn't getting used much by raiding coercers so this would actually make it viable.
  9. Ucala01 Member

    more common on new group zone procs would be ideally, but every raiding coercer I know (myself included) use coercer protection. Not really their fault that they put the better procs on gear that is few and far between people can obtain
  10. Mindsway Active Member

    Really? My pet seems to die constantly even with it so I gave up on it, seemed useless. :(
  11. Ucala01 Member

    not gonna lie it could use some help, but it's something and it's more of a something than the power regen boost to ether balance, or any other option you could pick with those 3 prestige. and I have noticed slight increase in living better
  12. Controlor Member

    It might be due to a lot of things. The only fight i really have trouble maintaining a pet on (to the point i dont bother casting) is the first named in DC. Have a macro for your pet for sever hate, that helps a lot with big aoes are due. Call your pet out when you have to joust out from red text. Get a shaman in group for group wards to help keep it alive. Make sure the pet does not path in front of the named (as it tends to do).
  13. Davngr Well-Known Member

    both illy and coercer pets should be immune like shaman pets and coercer should be able to resummon the pet when it dies with out having to target another mob.


    also.. please fix illy pet AI. i know understand the reason behind making the pet stay max distance all the time but what usually ends up happening is that the pet runs into obscure places and falls out of reach of group heals and cures and thus dies anyway.
  14. Ucala01 Member

    this is the coercer rebalance thread, not the illy one
  15. Dinwiz Active Member

    would be nice to make ether balance actually trigger more than once or twice when i solo :rolleyes:
  16. Jokirr Member

    I pushed for that change in CoE beta but noooo nobody wanted to listen :p tbh i still think it should go back to the 5 sec recast 10-13 trigger ability with the 4 hits per trigger it used to be, with 1/6 the dmg of course to rebalance it out. Either way agreed, it should have its trigger rate increased
  17. Torquem Member

    You remove concentration cost for charm... great, except a few mobs in Contested ST, can you remind me what decent mob can be charmed ? And for amnesia... no change at all ???
  18. Ucala Well-Known Member

    could have atleast lowered the cast time on PE
  19. Dinwiz Active Member

    well on beta it was way too laggy , but yea i liked the way it worked more then how it is now
  20. Alarra Active Member

    What mobs can be charmed at all, every one of the ones I've tried has said it doesn't work on the target. Not a named either. Just annoying. What are the benefits of using it over PE, seems almost none, only disadvantages.

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