Coercer PvE rebalancing

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Ucala00, Mar 23, 2013.

  1. Ucala00 New Member

    Been talking with a few other coercers in game to discuss what we are hoping for to see out of the GU66 rebalancing. here is a few things I came across.

    1. Posses essence be made to be able to cast on players (not just raid/group members, but any randoms too) as well as keep a few basic abilities from the class you possess (just like it does already now on mobs). probably the most important thing we are shooting for.

    2. Power of Mind- group spell that increases resist to arcane and gives the group a small amount of power. It's a useless thing at the moment, and been useless for many expacs now, I would advise a complete redo of the spell to make it something worth casting, but if anything just remove the concentration slot and keep it as it is so I might actually cast it now.

    3. Simple Minds- needs a serious revamp on AE dps I think too as it's almost never gets casted and the times you do it isn't even all that useful.

    4. Thought Snap- I personally don't use it but from what I hear it doesn't work on epic targets and it would be nice if you would fix that.

    5. Amnesia- should also make it be able to work again on epics and stuff just like thought snap

    All in all I don't think anything asked for is that major and hope that some things can be addressed
  2. Froggleg Member

    To expand upon the Thought Snap and Amnesia comments. If these two spells aren't going to be useful in raids, can we at least get rid of the AAs for them and make them something that might be worth the random leftover AA points? There are 10 possible points that can be spent on Amnesia and it does absolutely nothing in a raid environment. I'm not sure about heroics, I've never had the need to use it and I rarely run heroic zones anyways, but it is kinda dumb to have to burn a god ability if you want to reset a mob.

    Most of my complaints that aren't listed though are mostly about our AAs: Agi line being almost completely useless now (save for the recovery speed), interrupt barrier being pointless to name a few. I'd also like to see something done with Mind's Eye, it is completely and utterly useless.
  3. Awesomo New Member

    Possess Essence NEEDS to change. At least extend the RANGE on it to 20 and change the Cast Time from 10 Seconds to 5 at least! Waiting 5 seconds to get a pet with max reuse is terrible. Is there a longer casting ability or spell in game than PE?
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  4. Azomonas Active Member

    Tied with call to guild hall.
  5. Buffrat Well-Known Member

    The range on PE is already 20 meters, bro.

    Also PE should just be changed to a warder like spell where you can recast it at will with whatever you targetted last or whatever instead of getting it castable on players.

    Also yeah Simple Minds is pretty awful but meh.

    I'd really like to see the 2 group flowing being nerfed and all the power drains in game being brought down to not-******** levels, but that's only a dream.
  6. Dinwiz Active Member

    it's 19m
  7. Awesomo New Member

    Not sure what the exact range is but it's definitely not 20...I just checked it and it's somewhere in the 18 make it 25 then just like Charm is. Distance increased or yes Buffrat...make it like the warder pet would be great. As long as it's something where we have an option to have a pet before we engage a mob.
  8. herem Member

    make PE Insta-cast are darn near. Fix Channeled Focus to reduce recast and also make the "improved trigger chance, attack speed, and casting speed" actually work.

    Add some buff or temporary buff/proc which improves the group's ABILITY REUSE by 5% or 10% would be pie-in-the-sky.

    Adding an Illy-style DR would be even moreso.
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  9. Ucala01 Member

    Don't know why this thing keeps making me have to remake names to write stuff here, oh well, but I would like to add another thing Milambers said, he wishs that you make the stat Spell Double Attack changed somewhat to actually be of use to the melee mages. such that so it works on our reactives.

    but also to what Buffrat said I kinda agree, I brought it up to another coercer once more as a joke, but our manaflow is tech bugged where you do 2 groups at once, which is pretty needed at the moment, but if you change the power drains of all the mobs you can fix the bug of 2 mana flows at once, that would be good. But it does seem that the devs take in mind that coercers can do 2 at once when they are making these mobs for some reason
  10. Balbasur Active Member

    remove the two group power feed it's game breaking
  11. Kraeref Well-Known Member

    It is kind of bad when two power drains one after another. You hit channel, your tank is fine for the whole one sec and bum his power gone and you have to power feed two groups. It's a waste if everyone in both groups except for a tank has full power. Then wait 30 sec for recharging. Not that I don't have other tricks to keep power restoring but it's exhausting sometimes.

    I still have troubles to figure out how manasoul spell works. Does it work with 10 points assigned on expiration? It gives so little power back per point I feel like it useless. Maybe i don't understand something.
  12. Mohee Active Member

    you used to be able to flow 3 groups at once
    they fixed that.
    2 group flowing is working just as every "Other Group(AE)" spell does.

    Regardless... I don't really find issues with the whole, power feeding thing.
    The thing I wish they would change is making more of our crowd control abilities actually work in raids.
    You don't need them in Heroics (where most of them work)
    You could really benefit from them in raids (where everything is immune...)
    Whats the point?

    @Kraeref - My main use for Manasoul, is a tool I use when I get completely power drained. It gives me enough power to Manaflow.
  13. Xelgad Developer

    Crowd Control abilities (and Thoughtsnap) work in the Dreadcutter raid and they should work more often in future raid zones.

    Changes to Possess Essence and Manasoul are coming with GU66.
  14. Ucala01 Member

    such as...pretty vague, and also I would still push for just removing the concentration slot from Power of Mind, cause no one has used that move since atleast Tso
  15. Jokirr Member

    We find out the changes in 8 days, I think you'll be okay :p
    I don't understand the push for Power of Mind honestly, 700 max power even if its turned into a free buff doesn't sound that great to me, now the mechanic change for our reactive spells is something I do support, that would very nice to have.
    Also Mind's Eye being changed would be nice too, into some kind of temp buff would be my opinion.
  16. Ucala01 Member

    It's because it isn't that big of a deal that I would want it changed :p it wouldn't take long and really just needs to be fixed anyway.
    nothing game changing, just fixing stuff that needs to be fixed.
  17. Kraeref Well-Known Member

    Overcloaked manastone works better for me than manasoul. Manasoul is an irritation for a healer :)
  18. Jokirr Member

    Ok fair enough lol :)
  19. Davngr Well-Known Member

    i think there needs to be a change to how coercer deal damage. their reactive damage seems to get worse and worse with every expansion.
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  20. Mohee Active Member

    Wish they'd work in CURRENT raid zones...............
    It's not game breaking to allow coercers (and other classes) to use their force target abilities, specially on mobs that mem-shuffle. An extra 6 seconds for tanks to re-establish agro when they drop to the bottom of the hate list is reasonable.
    It just makes sense to allow us classes with these crowd control abilities to use them. This is one of those situations where player skill makes a messy situation easier to deal with. It just seems like Thoughtsnap was meant specifically for mem-wiping or mem-shuffling mobs . But as it stands, every named is Immune to it. (ok fine except for dreadcutter and future zones) But I really wonder why all current mobs can't be thought snapped?

    @krae - Yes I use the Overclocked Manastones as well, but sometimes they do not work, and have a super long recast time :)
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