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    Need some family in the game? Let us adopt you!

    Cloudwalkers has been around since 2006! Our first form was an adult-oriented, neutrally-aligned RP guild on LDL. In our current form we're also aimed at adults (18+ please) but now we're a soft place to land for all friendly playstyles of the game at all levels. We'd like to think of ourselves as if the New Combine if it had continued on!

    Since your (mostly) fearless GM is an artist, this is also a place for creatives of all kinds to mingle. Share art, stories, RP, music, and whatever else your little art heart desires. Norrath is a great place to draw inspiration from! Pun fully intended.

    I also have the ongoing project of building a player-based library with books full of information to help you on your adventures in Norrath. Thus far we have [EQ2 in 2022] and [The Golden Path to Levelling], and I am planning others on grouping, raiding, and more.


    Want to have a taste of our sound? Guess what, I'm completely extra and made Spotify playlists here and here, both made to listen to while we adventure in Norrath.

    To break us down in bullet points:
    • Creatively-focused
    • All friendly playstyles welcome
    • All levels welcome
    • RP optional but welcome
    • Newbie-friendly (happy to tutor)
    • We love our tradeskillers
    • 18+ because I swear like a @#&% sailor
    • My SK is full of dad jokes
    To keep our guild at its best, naturally we gotta turn away toxicity. If you like to be a troll, be racist, homophobe, have entitlement issues, think women belong in the kitchen, and generally like be a jerk to others this is not your space! Away with ye.

    Does this sound like a place you want to call home?

    PM me here, or contact Masako, Olisha, Sargon, or Athenia on Maj'Dul!
  2. Athenia Well-Known Member

    We're slowly growing our little fam!

    We've been asked if occasional players are ok to join, and yes! Absolutely. :D
  3. Athenia Well-Known Member

    We're still welcoming folks in! We've got a few RP-friendly members now and we're having a lot of fun both in our Discord and in-game. :D

    Here's a peek at our all-in-one crafting area! Stand in the circle and you can create anything you desire in one spot. We love our tradeskillers. Let us spoil you.