Golden Path to Levelling (and book)

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    Community feedback needed!

    I'm back doing my book shenanigans, this time with levelling 1-125.

    This time I do need help with what dungeons and instances are listed, particularly at the later levels 110+.

    What instances were fun for you at those levels? Where would you recommend your fellow Norrathians explore? Did I miss anything else?

    Renewal of Ro is 8 days away, so if anything changes in those later levels I will edit this!

    I will also put this book up for sale as soon as you all deem it good to go. :)

    The Golden Path to Levelling
    By Nari of Maj'Dul


    Whether you're new to the game or rolling a new character, it helps to have an idea of where you're going next for the smoothest progression in levelling.

    This guide is based off of “The Legend of Roger Goldie” hallmark quest series that starts in Butcherblock Mountains at lvl 20, and from community feedback on how to get from levels 1 to 125.

    ------ Agnostic Dungeons ------

    They are a great way to supplement levels and gear while soloing if you get absolutely stuck somewhere along your journey. These are available from levels 10 and up, but in my experience level 94 is the highest you can use these solo. For levels 95-100, you will need to group with someone below 90 to make these work. Past level 100 these dungeons do not give adequate experience; you will need to head to Plane of Magic to continue levelling.

    ------ Shadow Odyssey Instances ------

    These Heroic instances are available starting at level 50 through 80. If you've got some friends these another way to supplement if you've done the other at-level dungeons and instances. These instances are: The Deep Forge, Najena's Hollow Tower, Mirgul's Phylactery: Scion of Ice, The Anathema, The Crucible, Befallen: Cavern of the Afflicted, Halls of Forsaken, Necrotic Asylym.

    ------ Level 1-20 ------

    Solo ~ Darklight Wood, Greater Faydark, Frostfang Sea, or Timorous Deep.
    Dungeons ~ Blackburrow, Wailing Caves

    ------ Level 20-32 ------

    Solo ~ Butcherblock Mountains
    Dungeons ~ Stormhold, Fallen Gate, Crushbone Keep
    Instances ~ The Condemned Catacomb, Gobblerock's Hideout

    ------ Level 32-42 ------

    Solo ~ Steamfont Mountains
    Dungeons ~ Runnyeye, Kaladim
    Instances ~ Nektropos Castle, The Obelisk of Lost Souls (up to level 50)

    ------ Level 42-52 ------

    Solo ~ Lavastorm
    Dungeons ~ The Obelisk of Lost Souls, The Temple of Cazic-Thule, Solusek's Eye
    Instances ~ Icespire Summit, Tower of the Drafling, Sanctum of Fear

    ------ Level 52-57 ------

    Solo ~ Sinking Sands, Pillars of Flame
    Dungeons ~ Klak'Anon, The Klefts of Rujark
    Instances ~ The Mines of Meldrath, The Hidden Cache, Court of Innovation

    ------ Level 57-65 ------

    Solo ~ Tenebrous Tangle, Barren Sky, The Bonemire (follow the quest series to cover all content)
    Dungeons ~ The Living Tombs, Shimmering Citadel, The Silent City, New Tunaria
    Instances ~ Ancient's Table, Cazel's Mesa, The Poet's Palace

    ------ Level 65-80 ------

    Solo ~ Kylong Plains, Fens of Nathsar, Kunzar Jungle, Jarsath Wastes (following the Kunark quests should leave you at about 80)
    Dungeons ~ The Forsaken City, Mistmoore Catacombs, Castle Mistmoore, Karnor's Castle, Chardok, Sebilis (upper part)
    Instances ~ The Nest of the Great Egg, Den of the Devourer, The Estate of Unrest, Shard of Fear, The Crypt of Agony

    ------ Level 80-85 ------

    Solo ~ The Sundred Frontier, Stoneburnt Highlands
    Dungeons ~ Sebilis (lower part), The Hole
    Instances ~ Charasis: Maiden's Chamber, Obelisk of Ahkzul, The Deep Forge, Ykesha's Outer Stronghold
    ------ Level 85-91 ------

    Solo ~ Great Divide, Eastern Wastes
    Dungeons ~ Kael Drakkel
    Instances ~ Vasty Deep zones, The Fortress of Drunder

    ------ Level 91-95 ------

    Solo ~ Eidolon Jungle, Vesspyr Isles
    Dungeons ~ Skyshrine, City of Dracur
    Instances ~ Sleeper's Tomb, Forgotten Pools

    ------ Level 95-100 ------

    Solo ~ Tranquil Sea. Do the signature timeline to the end or until you reach level 100.
    Dungeons ~ Sleeper's Tomb, High Keep: Bloodless Incursion, Kralet Penumbra
    Instances ~ The Fractured Hive, High Keep

    ------ Level 100-110 ------

    Solo ~ Plane of Magic. Faction with House Yrzu is recommended. Follow the signature line to the end or until you reach level 110.
    Instances ~ Any zone in Coliseum of Valor

    ------ Level 110-120 ------

    Solo ~ The Blinding. Check your mail from Head Scholar Nabihan. Follow the signature line to the end or until you reach level 120.
    Instances ~ (Insert interesting instances here)

    ------ Level 120-125 ------

    Solo ~ Svarni Expanse. Follow the signature line to the end.
    Instances ~ Karuupa Jungle: Heart of Conflict, Castle Vacrul: Suite of Screams


    If you found this helpful, please pay it forward by helping out your fellow Norrathians with their needs and questions. Teamwork makes the game go 'round! Good luck, friend!
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  3. Fangrim Active Member

    For level 20 Dungeons you missed Stormhold.
    The Vampire Chronicals is changed now and the lowest mob in there iis 53 or 54 and you have it in 32-42.
    Deathfist Citadel is also an Instance.

    I'd like to say even on TLE where xp is nutered it's incredibly easy to level, that's without xp pots, I've never used those.
    I try and do as many quests as I can so do adventure writs at level which change every 5 levels 10-14,15-19, 20-24 etcetera and can say that I've not even been able to do all those without having to turn xp off to get them all before I move out of level range and can't get them without mentoring.
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  4. Athenia Well-Known Member

    Ah thank you for correcting my brainfart! That's much better.
    Yrzu is indeed faster in my playthroughs, too.

    I'm still unsure what Heroic instances are fun to explore in the BoL range. I was not here during that time and came in at the end of VoV, so if anyone has zone suggestions I'm all ears.
  5. Athenia Well-Known Member

    Thank you! This is why proof readers are so important, haha.

    I went off of the dungeons timeline here but obviously it needed updating! I went and updated that wiki chart so it should read the proper level now:

    I fixed all of that and adjusted some of the instances in the 42-52 range. I'm still all ears for any and all suggestions and fixes.
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  6. Zornar Member

    I believe Agnostic Dungeons end at level 96. I was soloing an Agnostic Dungeon at level 95 and mowing down the mobs easily. Then I dinged 96 and suddenly couldn't kill anything. I had to leave.

    Agnostic dungeons are also good to get spell upgrade books. During the Extra Life bonus event, I got all the Master level spell books for my Necromancer from about 90 to 100 in Agnostic Dungeons. The great thing about Agnostic dungeons is you get spells just for your class. In the open world you get for all classes so have a low chance to get one your character can use.
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  7. Soara2 Well-Known Member

    They do not end until 100 for experience. But you have to group for levels 96 to 99 in order to do damage to the mobs, even can group with a level 10. So basically the level 10 would be the one doing the damage. Anyone not in the levels of 96 to 99 can suffice. A mercenary won't help you either. At least not if it's yours at those levels. So this is actually a thing a level 10 can do for plat or just to help others or meet people, or even just have someone to group with, until they hit 96 and then again at 100 (they just won't level after unless they do PoP quests). Pretty sure they nerfed the experience to death by now though. At least in the regular ones Agnostic zones.
  8. Tassya New Member

    Nothing to see here, I obviously misunderstood
  9. Athenia Well-Known Member

    I've been thinking on how to re-word the blurb on agnostic dungeons. Right now I have:

    "They are a great way to supplement levels and gear while soloing if you get absolutely stuck somewhere along your journey. These are available from levels 10 and up, but in my experience level 94 is the highest you can use these solo. Levels 95-100 you will need a full group to do damage, and past level 100 they do not give adequate experience; you will need to head to Plane of Magic to continue levelling."

    I'm going to hold off on this as my solo timeline recommendations for lvl 1-77 come from a dev project on where to level fastest:

    Here's another link showing solo timelines:
  10. Arandar Well-Known Member

    IIRC, you can't use agnostics at all at 100+. And they are a fantastically tedious way to level, but that's just my personal opinion.
  11. MightyMeaghan Well-Known Member

    Obelisk of Lost Souls will take you from 35-50 easy.
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  12. Athenia Well-Known Member

    I'm able to zone in and get a quest at 125, but all the mobs are greyed out. I think the exp pool 100+ makes these obsolete, you'd just be helping your lower level friends if the level difference still lets the little guys gain xp.

    Thanks for this! I put that in and replaced a couple other zones.

    I left Nektropos Castle since it'll get you those first few levels in that bracket. Plus it's just a neat zone to see.
  13. Carynn Well-Known Member

    Another solo supplement is to kill overland mobs that are yellow to you, zero to one arrow up, between level 1-100. These give the most xp in relation to mob difficulty. So if for some reason you don't want to dungeon dive but do want to grind a little to mix things up, this is the way to do it. It's especially helpful for FTP players since their AA/XP is locked and they might need a boost over the line to the next questing level.

    Another option for 96-100 is to do adventure writs in Tranquil Sea/Phantom Sea, offered by guild writ givers. It takes between 13-15 writs per level. So if people want to do an exact by-the-numbers leveling, this is an option.

    If you want to add a special edition section: Puppets during Heroes Fest give a lot of levels. Frostfell's repeatable Icy Keep does as well.

    As for agnostic "Levels 95-100 you will need a full group to do damage" - I would put "Level 96-100, you will need to group with a level 10-90 to do damage." You don't need a "full" group, only a lower level member. We found it pretty quick to get levels if you use xp pots and had someone at a lower level within the group, as Soara said.
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  14. Athenia Well-Known Member

    Edited how things were worded, but everything in-game still seems to be as it was last this was updated!

    I'm holding off releasing this into books on Live as the expansion is just around the corner which means another level increase, but unless folks have more input the path from 1-125 is as-is. :D
  15. Traesta Member

    Another good thing about agnostics is if you are a member you can slide the aa slider to be 100 percent aa xp and then max your aa's. I forget what the max is for 95 and below but I do know it maxes out until you hit 96 again.
  16. Sssantaclawz New Member

    I liked this path a lot. Thanks for this post. It's been a while since I last leveled a toon fully but gotta say the exp slump from 80-100 especially when compared to the light speed leveling rate of 100-125 still gets me to this day.