Can we get purchasable Gear Crates back?

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Vibrid33, Jan 7, 2023.

  1. Vibrid33 Member

    Or at least something to spend our coins on, I know we have those temp adorns and stuff, but even with all that I'm still piling up so many coins, and would really like to be able to increase the amount of drops I'm getting. I pretty sure it's not a bug or locked behind something to my knowledge, so if this was an intention decision I would like to know why at least.
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  2. stink Member

    i agree, if not crates then some of the rare gear we cant get to drop in solos or red runes, something. Once i have shinies done there is NO reason to do solo zones for insanely rare 425 pieces, waste of time to do solos
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  3. Athenia Well-Known Member

    Pretty pretty please. I'd love a one-a-day crate purchase like VoV had. It would definitely help some of us being smashed by these steep stat requirements for H1s.
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  4. vlada Active Member

    the requirements are not steep
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  5. girney Active Member

    the devs seem to be quiet about the gear crate issue. i asked in the roadmap post and crickets. what are we supposed to do for gear upgrades until april?
  6. Taled Well-Known Member

    Run instances?

    The only message since Beta regarding the crates was a post by Caith specifically stating they aren't currently on the merchant, and it seems unlikely they'll add them but it's possible considering how few people actually have resolve for T1 raid.
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  7. Clintsat Well-Known Member

    The gear crates we had last year were a horrible experience. Getting gear progression simply by logging in once a day and buying a crate vs. actually running zones and raiding turned a lot of people off.
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  8. Bentenn Well-Known Member

    No, let’s go ahead and just the crates where there are, in a dormant darkness somewhere.
  9. girney Active Member

    horrible experience? for who? as a solo player they were very valuable and welcome. the current instances have nothing in them to help my toons. i already have 410 gear in all slots and have experimented on all crafted items. there currently is no path for progression for me and my fellow solo players. in april, i suppose there will be another instance with better gear, but what do i do in the meantime? since there has been so little content in vov and now ror, i spent most of last year doing old heroics for no trade shinies. doing the weekly quest only gives 10 coins and the cheapest upgrade is a waist item for a total of 250 meaning it would take 25 weeks to obtain a waist with an upgrade.
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  10. Beee Well-Known Member

    I wonder what we can buy if we have more than 3000 coins... would guess nothing like with 2500 coins ;)
  11. Taled Well-Known Member

    Nothing special yet and I'm over 5500.
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  12. Priority Well-Known Member

    I mean, you could do groups or raids for better gear. The old saying "high risk, high reward" ring a bell? Not sure why you feel your character should continue to progress in any meaningful way simply doing the simplest, least involved, most self-reliant content.

    I'd equate it to folks believing they deserve CEO salaries for intern work.
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  13. girney Active Member

    You are missing my points and i am done explaining to someone like you
  14. Priority Well-Known Member

    Maybe I missed your "point" because you expect to be rewarded the same as players spending more time collaborating with others to achieve higher level goals than simply running through solo instances face rolling the keyboard with the Grace of Norrath buff making it nearly mindless?

    Better gear should be rewarded for more difficult content. Even single player games ascribe to this mentality. Its how they entice players to actually continue running content and the game in general. Its how they take more of your time, thus, improving their "engagement" metric.

    Its also the reason why most people go to work. Time=money, after all. More time, more money. If you're good at what you fo, you get better rewards. Why should I as an employer pay you the same as the guy thats pulling overtime, doing more difficult work when you're sitting at home scrolling reddit?
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  15. Athenia Well-Known Member

    That's not what they're saying, though. They're saying that for the time being, solo players have nothing to work on. Until April, they're done with the game save for getting lucky with rare drops.
  16. Dude Well-Known Member

    That's EQ2. For years it's been primarily a raiding or decorating game. Solo players were forgotten long ago.
  17. girney Active Member

    that is exactly my point. last year we had the crates which took mindless trips thru the solo instances to earn enough coin to buy a crate. nothing was given and no solo player expects to receive heroic or raid worthy gear from the crates. i was able to complete an old expacs heroics for shinies(bol) which kept the game interesting.
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  18. Athenia Well-Known Member

    I'd suggest then if a one-a-day crate is too much, then push it to 48 or 72 hours and/or make the required coin higher. Maybe there's another kind of carrot to dangle for solo players that hasn't been touched on.

    I feel for solo players in this regard - I know you guys don't want stuff handed to you, you just want something meaningful to accomplish from now until April.
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  19. Priority Well-Known Member

    What did solo players have to work on in the past after theyd completed the solo content? In fact, i don't even remember any specially designed solo zones before like COE maybe?

    Its been the same as its always been. Do quests, level, do heroics, do raids. Ad nauseum.

    There was nothing besides quests and alts for them to do.

    Thats exactly what youre expecting. you want heroic and raid quality gear for doing solo content. Idk what you think comes after solo zone gear for progression, but I'll give you a hint. Its heroics.
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  20. Clintsat Well-Known Member

    Getting a daily crate doesn't give solo players anything to work on. More gear will just make the solo content that much more trivial for them.
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