Can we get purchasable Gear Crates back?

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Vibrid33, Jan 7, 2023.

  1. girney Active Member

    that is not my point. i want to get better gear to go back and do heroics for no trade shinies as there is so little content for solo players.
  2. Dude Well-Known Member

    As I've said before in this thread, EQ2 is focused almost solely on raiding or decorating. Those are the things that it does really well.

    For my solo play needs, I play DDO or LOTRO. Both have a TON of solo content and, if you so desire, can play in higher level group play. I've never done it, though, so I can't comment on the quality of group play in either game.

    (Side Note: Both DDO and LOTRO are owned by Daybreak Games through its subsidiary, Standing Stone Games, so I hope it's ok to mention them here.)
  3. Obano Well-Known Member

    I thought the point of purchasable crates was to get people gear for their alts. In previous expansions before VoV this was done through unlocked gear merchants. The point being is you had to earn the right to get the unlock the gear and nothing was simply handed to people. That in my opinion was the superior system.
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  4. Taled Well-Known Member

    It's odd they removed the crates *and* the unlocked by achievement gear, though. Even though the unlocked stuff was pretty bad for what it took to unlock it, it would provide an outlet for alts to get *some* gear options.
  5. Drona Well-Known Member

    I am not big fan of crates. They kill off any excitement of killing bosses and getting gear from them. Far more importantly, they kill of the "social" aspect of sharing gear. Some people have been running h2 and giving away 440 resolve gear to their friends or guild mates and its huge moral booster when this happens. It bring players together. It also has its fair share of drama but its what MMO are all about :)
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  6. jbc1948 Well-Known Member

    Ok I've seen responses that some people didn't like the crates either because they prefer do get gear from drops or if you got lucky and got a better item you didn't deserve it.
    To the first group nobody makes you buy a crate and it doesn't stop you from running heroics, raids or whatever you like doing. In fact it might make a few more people available to do those zones since they will get needed resolve sooner.
    As for as "you don't deserve it crowd" what is your problem? Excluding FTP players who as limited because they play for free I believe every soloist, heroic or raider pays real money to play the game. Maybe soloists should get a discount? Raiders pay more? If somebody gets a crate item it's almost always going to be H1 at the most if that. Do they remove at item from another player to give to that player? Of course not. You spend hours doing a raid and get the drop you are after is somehow superior to some who spends hours doing solo zones to earn enough coin to take a chance with RND?
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  7. Clintsat Well-Known Member

    There's nothing that stops a solo player from grouping to do H1s though...
  8. Dezum Member

    Except RNG/P2W Resolve.
  9. Drona Well-Known Member

    Do you support P2W in this game? That is people who pay more should get more stuff?
  10. girney Active Member

    there are no upgrades for solo players who kill named mobs. there is no path to get better unless you do heroic/raid content. i dont expect heroic/raid gear but i would like some reward so that i can do old heroics for the no trade shinies. quest count and collection count are why i play the game now. started in 2004 and have done the raid and grouping with friends thing but everyone i know has left the game and i refuse to do pug and raiding no longer appeals.
  11. Priority Well-Known Member

    Ok. Couple holes here.

    1.) You want upgrades so you can go do old content, balanced for old gear with less stats.

    2.) The old zones over the last couple years often have script elements you can't bypass alone. Gear wont help you.

    3.) You refuse to do pugs or make new friends, yet want "better gear".

    For what? It would literally serve zero purpose. You've completed all content that you're willing yo actually do that you feasibly could do. It would serve zero purpose to spend dev time itemizing for solo only players.

    There are loads of single player games that allow you to become infinitely powerful as it appears you want. Its not even story driven desire that you're after here.

    Im genuinely confused.
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  12. Faery Member

    Well, I love those boxes too. Would be happy to get them back.
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  13. Juull New Member

    I liked the boxes for a chance at reducers and other goodies - it's like buying a powerball ticket when I have to go into the gas station for some reason. Could I have done something else with that couple of dollars? Probably, but it was fun to see what I won (or not).
  14. Drona Well-Known Member

    It will be nice if EQ2 had separate progression path for solo player, group player, raider etc. We all all know that EQ2 is very small game now with very little budget so we are not going to get that. The progression now now seems to be signature line, solo zones, group zones and eventually raids so there is only one progression path. If you are solo player you are out of luck.

    There are many other MMO out there which are more suited to the solo player who like to play along with other rather than play with others.
  15. FuRiouSOne Well-Known Member

    I want a loot box that injects more players into the game!!