Bonuses Beginning on 4-30-20

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  1. dreamweaver Developer

    Starting tomorrow at 12 PM (noon) PDT until Thursday, May 7 at 12 PM PDT, we will be running another set of bonuses.

    Double Status
    Double Familiar Experience (Reminder does not include Familiar XP pots)


    Double Hunters Coins on Kaladim!
  2. Lightt Member

    Does this by chance mean that Familiar experience pots will be dropping ? or JUST the double experience from consuming familiars?
  3. Tajar Well-Known Member

    Familiars still drop? I used to get loads and now I rarelt get even the rockhopper
  4. Svenone Well-Known Member

    Good question....I don't think I've seen any familiars drop this expansion, or at least it's been a while now. Maybe they expect us to do the old Familiar's Wild quest (or whatever the quest was named from the NPC in town) to get the familiars? Oh well, free is free.
  5. dorotea1 New Member

    This surely will be the same as the last familiar bonus week. Potions will drop or not drop as the Gods will and the event will not affect this. Potions will also still be available from the Panda merchant. But none of these potions will give more than the specified amount of familiar xp.
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  6. Thand Well-Known Member

    do double exp from the 100xp familar which are 99.999 percent of the familar drops. I was hoping for direct exp pot drops :0
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  7. parissa Well-Known Member

    Woot.... I just got the big guide quest for luclin on all my characters, so this is perfect timing.... I almost starting doing them and thought its so close to a new bonus round (if DBG was still doing them) I will wait to see what they announce... yay me :)
    Thank you darkpaw

    The familiar part i read as we get double experience like if you get 500xp instead you will get 1000xp... Just that it won't double on familiar xp potions themselves like the 25k experience will be 25k experience not 50k
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  8. Suedoenimm New Member

    I think the double familiar experience will be from consuming dropped familiars to add to the xp of your current familiar. So that would include one from the Familiars Wild quest and the ones that can drop from other quests (the rockhopper ones were dropping all the time a while back).
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  9. Cassta Well-Known Member

    Thank you team! I for one really appreciate all of you getting together and granting us all these bonuses. It might not always be the combination I was hoping for but so what! There is always one I can use, so thank you very much. :)
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  10. Thatdarncat Active Member

    I just got two status xp items from the weekly Overseer mission yesterday. So glad I didn't use them straight away!
  11. barcevik New Member

    What I wonder is if there will be an increased rate on familiar or familiar potion drops (like we had in spell research, mount training, etc) or not.
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  12. Peredhel Active Member

    Thank you all!
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  13. dirgenoobforreal Well-Known Member

    They want you to buy familiar crates off the marketplace and get twice the familiar XP. Another week that hardly anyone benefits from.
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  14. AvenElonis Well-Known Member

    Arclite - Good time to do Guide quests :)
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  15. Avithax Well-Known Member

    >>>>FAST FORWARD>>> After this double familiar week ends and you loot legendary or fabled familiars, stick them in a bag until they double again. Potions excluded because someone at DP Gaming still hates players who spend less than a couple hundred bucks a month in the store.
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  16. Sekander New Member

    Does this affect crafting writs? I'm not seeing any bonus. Sorry if a stupid question
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  17. Jinksie Active Member

    I am not seeing double status yet. Did this go live? Thank you!
  18. dreamweaver Developer

    It appears that it did not go live yet. I am having the team check.
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  19. dorotea1 New Member

    Tell them to take their time I still need double xp <chuckles<
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  20. AshianaDragon Member

    Hmmmm...Still not seeing double status...but I need double xp and it's not happening either. Dreamweaver would you please check into things if you have time. Thanks ever so kindly <3

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