Bleedthrough set too high in H3s

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Aeras, Jan 23, 2023.

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    I have seen the same things as Aeras has presented data on. This would make the second expansion in a row, two years running, where Shaman operate completely differently in the zones that really matter. This causes some of us who play shaman to have to operate two toons: one to raid/do everything else, and one to be able to do these zones for the stuff that comes out of it which is needed elsewhere.

    It is simply not appropriate for one class to behave one way in most of the content, and behave a completely different way in some of the most important content. If nothing else, that's more work for the dev team to set up the "Shaman can heal" combat engine alongside the "Shaman can't heal" engine. Save yourself some work and fix this two-year old recurring problem.
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    I have a feeling bleedthrough just plain does not work how it is supposed to or how it's intended, with some kind of stat calculation to give a bleedthrough scale that's way too high and results in bleedthrough values that don't make sense. Like doing h3, one attack in like a hundred will randomly be warded from our defiler, with the ward destroyed. Why? Who knows. But everything else always bleeding through every time.
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    Geomancers have a ward which says it is not affected by bleedthrough. That ward has a zero percent contribution to my heal parse in H3.

    Bleedthrough undoubtedly has a role to play in the topic, but it isnt the only component.