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Discussion in 'Berserker' started by ARCHIVED-kmc410h, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. ARCHIVED-schizolic Guest

    i did notice that guards got more love in the next update....
  2. ARCHIVED-LygerT Guest

    duh, cause you know it's such a broken class and all.... i think i'm ******* wasting my time watering down this list, all it's going to do is make me more pissed off i wasted my time.
  3. ARCHIVED-Davish_Darkwolf Guest

    With games like Age of Conan, Warhammer Online or even WOW expansion coming out this year, SOE really needs to rethink their strategy towards EQ2 or we're about to see a massive exodus from this game.

    Where in the hell is the class definition in EQ2? 24 classes with a "you can do anything" system in mind, that doesnt work when it REALLY matters, specially in the end-game content.

    To be or not to be a Berzerker? Our ZERKER state is completely useless when you have so many ways to be in "Haste mode" with other class skills or items.

    What's so special in being in Zerker mode? It isnt anymore.

    I remember the good old days when people actually praised me and said, hey your group buffs are GREAT. Now is more like "oh... this guy gives us a bit more speed... so what... lets get a Guardian instead".

    If we are to be a DPS class in Plate, then let us be that, specialize our DPS abilities and our Zerker aspect.

    The buckler line being the best DPS choice is the most ridiculous thing in the Warrior tree.

    If you have the TANK tree (aka stamina) with the best DPS option, something is terribly wrong in here.

    Solutions - Improve our BERZERKER AAs

    For the BESERKER TREE only (yes, guardians left out here):

    - Shield Rage: 30 secs duration, 10secs re-use, works only while in Zerker mode - snap aggro skill that instantly increases hate for xxxx and more xxx each time the zerker is hit - only useable while wearing a SHIELD (of any kind)

    - Weapon specialization: constant effect while wearing a 2H weapon or Dual Wielding - increases critical percent by 20% - works only while in Zerker mode

    There you have it, a Snap-Aggro Zerker only skill.

    An option to make 2Handers or Dual Wielding a valid option again for off-tank DPS.

  4. ARCHIVED-LygerT Guest

    we already have aggro tools, why don't people suggest revamping those for a snap aggro ability? insolence could easily have a +1 position modifier to make sure mobs like the adds on overking comes right to you and stay there, comparable to amends but still only temporary. we have a taunt proc stance, it needs a little love. defensive stance needs a taunt proc associated with it to be more viable for a zerk tanking to make up for our lack of attack skill in that stance, that or give it a bonus to attack skill to make sure we can hold aggro in defensive.

    for the life of me i have never understood why guardians got the attack skill self buff over zerks, i mean in our rage i guess we just swing around violently without a care for hitting our enemy? come on...
  5. ARCHIVED-Zeuhl27 Guest

    I can definately agree on that Lyger, there's no reason why I should hope for a warden just so I can get a +skills buff just so I can hit something in defensive. Why can't I hit stuff on my own? Shouldn't guardians have gotten a +defensive skills buff and zerks the +attack skills?
  6. ARCHIVED-LygerT Guest

    Zeuhl@Mistmoore wrote:
    that's what you would believe by our class description but sadly it is one of the huge restrictions to our class and it's castration from tanking in defensive, even if we could take the hits.
  7. ARCHIVED-Bremer Guest

    Originally with higher melee rates Guardians can hit more often, but we if we hit, we hit for more thanks to Beserk. They also have stuff like Precise Strike with build in guaranteed hit. Or their combat arts counterparts usually have higher minimum dmg and lower max dps, so they hit for or less the same number, while we can hit for a lot more (or less). I'd say the idea behind it is, that they are more designed as a precision tool and we as a tool of brute force, like an axe.
    With this was nothing wrong until EoF, when they changed the combat system so, that we can only cut holes in the air without melee skill buffs and at the same time don't hit for much more because of dimishing returns on haste and DPS.
    So the problem is that they changed the system we were designed for, but not us.
  8. ARCHIVED-Zeuhl27 Guest

    Kinda evens out to the same if they hit more often and we just hit harder. Honestly I think we should hit more often if only for the fact that we should be throwing out twice as many shots with berserk and all our attack speed. I would love to have a +c/p/s skill so I can hold aggro in defensive.

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