Berserkers looking for an answer, a comment, anything... pretty please... with a cherry on top...

Discussion in 'Berserker' started by ARCHIVED-kmc410h, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. ARCHIVED-kmc410h Guest

    Due to recent events, the berserker community is very unsettled, the main thing we seem to be looking for at this time are some answers, simple questions that should have simple answers...
    What are your (the Developers) plans (if any) for the Berserker class?
    What is the berserkers role intended to be?
    Is there a fix slated for Adrenaline?
    Is anything going to be done about the negative impact diminishing returns has on our class defining abilities?
    Please see the Berserker class forum for more info and countless threads containing our issues, ideas, comments, etc...
    Thank You for your time.
  2. ARCHIVED-Gnobrin Guest

    I'll be happy to forward this to the developers, and see if there is any information to give. As soon as I hear anything, I'll post it back here.

  3. ARCHIVED-kmc410h Guest

    Gnobrin wrote:
    Thank you
  4. ARCHIVED-LygerT Guest

    i'm still working on getting the list of suggestions from the berserker players to have stickied, pretty much everything is already listed in the main complaint thread but it also has gotten pretty lengthy so i figured it wouldn't get any attention unless it is watered down to the main points in the thread. giving it a few more days but if i hear word from someone that the issues have all been noted i will save the time putting up the sticky.
  5. ARCHIVED-kmc410h Guest

    Lyger@Mistmoore wrote:
    I'm sure it would help and go a long way, please do it.
    The questions I presented were simply things I recalled seeing time and time again, some of the more pressing ones at least. Regardless, make the sticky, more info can't hurt if it's organized in a presentable way as opposed to the very lengthy, sometimes incoherent threads we have :p
  6. ARCHIVED-LygerT Guest

    yea i know, i'm just giving it some time to let people put their lists together, likely by the weekend i'll start making it.
    glad to see PR and the devs finally putting out the effort to let everyone know what is going on, that is definitely something many people wanted to see happen.
  7. ARCHIVED-vladsamier Guest

    Gnobrin wrote:
    A certain beserker has asked Aeralik in game IIRC about these issues being asked here, and pretty much Aeralik's response was " LOLZ WAT IZ A ZERKER?!?!?"
  8. ARCHIVED-Zeuhl27 Guest

    I'm just happy to see a red name posting in here. That atleast lets me know that someone from SoE is aware of our concerns. If anything is going to change however remains to be seen but it's a start. 1 of our biggest issues was the lack of any response from SoE, so thank you Gnobrin.
  9. ARCHIVED-Powers Guest

    Zeuhl@Mistmoore wrote:
    The developers read the forums. They read the forums so much they don't have time to post in every thread they read. In all cases, one should assume the developers are aware of any widespread concerns voiced on the forums.

    By the way, I play a Berserker (level 43 now) as my main. Haven't noticed any problems. Should I have?

    Powers &8^]
  10. ARCHIVED-LygerT Guest

    you won't notice any problems until you have max gear/AA, then you'll start to see the problems.
    if the devs read these forums then they obviously aren't taking the complaints seriously or bothered to test the issues zerks are complaining about or simply don't care which has led so many to betray- my point being in just a few words is always good to see from any of the devs or PR that what people write is read and noted, hopefully these issues do get noted and not blown off. i see my zerk can fetch twice as much on bazaar as a guard compared to if it was as a zerk.. i don't know if guilds will even allow me to continue raiding, if so that's it.
    i'm glad to see Gnobrin posted but whether anything will change, only time will tell.
  11. ARCHIVED-Zeuhl27 Guest

    Powers wrote:
    You know what they say about assuming right? If they read everything and that's all they did our other post wouldn't have gotten to what 13 pages with still no red name in it.
    Most of the issues we are talking about are when you hit max level and start hitting the end game instances and raids. It's not so much noticible when you're still leveling up but you'll see what we mean when you hit 80 and get into the harder parts of the game.
  12. ARCHIVED-Chenvayne Guest

    Gnobrin wrote:
    We can but hope
  13. ARCHIVED-Gisallo Guest

    Inquis@Kithicor wrote:
    In all fairness he is the Assassin/Ranger dev but also Aeralik was the guy who said NOTHING was wrong with Rangers since Kunark came out. Even when a tier 8 bow did less damage than a tier 7 because of the arrow mechanics. He also said "rangers were fine" when it was pointed out that the class (along with Assassins) was said by SOE themselves to be a "top pf the parse" class due to no utility, but was being out parsed by Conjourers, Swashies, Brigands...on lets just say ALL other dps classes with utility before Kunark came out. It took him about a year to change his tune and even that was only after Rothgar came on to that thread and said "yeah we're listening". That appears to have been at least partially prompted by the fact that Aeralik was actually threatening Rangers with a nerf if they kept complaining on another forum. <shrug> So lets see I started this game playing a Ranger last year. I just started playing a Berserker this year, either its all my fault due to Karmic debt or I just know how to pick em
  14. ARCHIVED-Zeuhl27 Guest

    Hehe you forgot to mention that Aeralik was the dev who was ridiculing zerks on that other forum.
  15. ARCHIVED-Powers Guest

    Lyger@Mistmoore wrote:
    ... or they are still investigating the problem and possible solutions.

    Why always assume the worst?

    Powers &8^]
  16. ARCHIVED-dbzone25 Guest

    Gnobrin wrote:
    Hope is the first step on the road to dissapointment.
  17. ARCHIVED-Albert2180 Guest

    Zeuhl@Mistmoore wrote:
    How far into the end game do you have to be to notice a problem? Why is it I have no problem with the class? Seems either ya'll need to betray to Guard because you don't know how to play a Berserker, or I'm playing a totally different game then you are. From 1-80 I've had no problems, Until I came here I didn't know there was one.
    Please don't quote me and give me your laundry list of what's broke, I've read enough of the whining. I just can't belive I'm the only one that doesn't have a problem. I would quit the game before I betrayed to Guard, or even gave it a second thought. I still say if you betray, you sucked at being a Berserker in the first place and wanted to take the easy road. I say good riddance, the class is alot better without you.
  18. ARCHIVED-Fiercemind Guest

    Please don't post about how the class does not need changed, unless you know what we are requesting to have resolved. You've read the posts, but apparently you have not experienced them. That is because we are refering to the end game content.
    Once you hit the end game, you raid. That's the only challenging part of the game left unless you are grouping and helping others prepare for the end game. I've defended a post of yours earlier, but I'm starting to wonder just how much you really understand the concept of the end game.
    Before you post and disagree with all the other zerkers, you need to qualify yourself.
    How many ROK raids have you been to? What Raid Zones? What's your role that you play in them? Has your guild beat any of them?
  19. ARCHIVED-Zeuhl27 Guest

    Sometimes Gemo I want to choke you for telling us to betray. We DON'T want to betray we want our issues resolved.
  20. ARCHIVED-kmc410h Guest

    Gemo@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    You seem to forget that the #1 WW zerk betrayed to guard, among many many others that held the MT spot in many raid guilds... tells the whole story in and of itself right there...
    If you don't believe there is a problem or don't want to help fix it, save your posts for something else. You obviously don't understand the game mechanics and the way they work to be making a viable comment one way or the other... I mean... you're using a tower shield... sorry

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