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  1. Dude Well-Known Member

    All your comments about forums aside.

    Many people asked for it. See the feedback threads. If people aren't going to provide feedback, then they get what they get and need to be ok with that.

    As for whether it's good for the server, that really depends on your point of view. If you want a PvE server with PvP enabled, then you will hate it. Of course, a short term server isn't great for that, anyway. If you want pure PvP (i.e. the thing most quoted by the people asking for level locking) then you don't care about leveling and will love it.
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  2. Kazooooooooooo Active Member

    Alright you're [deleted insult] to look at the bigger picture. It isn't depending on my point of view. I was running around level locked this whole time, doesn't mean locking doesn't ruin the population. And if you want a "pure PvP server" you're playing the wrong game, this is a PvE game with PvP enabled and always will be. Wouldn't you rather enjoy a PvP server for months, years instead of 2 weeks? Then start thinking about the health of the server and not the quick fix. We're trying to heal a broken bone here, bandages don't work.
  3. Dude Well-Known Member

    People usually resort to name calling when they can't support their argument or realize they are losing. I'll leave you to whatever it is you want to say. Peace out.
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  4. Keexx New Member

    Problem is he isn't wrong.... Level locking is 100% detrimental to this server and always have been you have scouts level locking at a tier they can't be seen and can't be fought then twinking to a point that they can 1v3 without too much issue. Poisons proc too hard at low level for the nerfed state of healing to handle, and IT deters new players when you try to play anything other than a scout just to get 1-2 shot by a scout before you can react b/c you had no chance of ever preparing or seeing him coming. This gets slightly better after 20 with the see invis/stealth totems, but they buffed scout dmg b/c it was "too weak" last time... This was a bandaid to broken mitigation. They buffed AA dmg for same reason as before at level 25 i walk into CL with 780ish mit and i have 72% absorption of physical dmg... Yea that's busted for sure.... They pvp templates ALL heals, and increased dmg hmmmmmmm this seems wrong. You pick one or the other and adjust from there. Wards however got no attention, making them very very strong early and late. As a Mystic i can 1v1 almost any class and take next to no dmg as i can drop 1k worth of ward on me while i dot them for 100-300 dps. They haven't fixed anything only made too many changes with no testing.
  5. Dude Well-Known Member

    And if you're a player who likes level locking, then not having it would be 100% detrimental. See? It works both ways.

    My point is that the problem is that people want diametrically opposed things from this server. It won't work. The solution would be to have two servers, one that is enduring and caters to players like you and one that is seasonal and caters to people who prefer pure PvP. I don't think that's going to happen, but it's the only way the majority of people would be happy.
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  6. Siren Well-Known Member

    It actually makes *more* sense to level lock with a 3 month server duration. That way, people who mainly want to PvP can twink more quickly at low level and spend the bulk of their time PvPing, instead of PvEing all the way to cap only to have the rug immediately pulled out from underneath them.

    And no, I'm not level locking, and I do wish like heck they'd make Nagafen a permanent TL Progression server. I can still understand both sides of this issue, though.
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  7. Kazooooooooooo Active Member

    Frankly I'm just tired of discussing this with you because you're not looking at the bigger picture and continuing to defend your side with arguments I've already broken down for you but **** it we'll do it one more time with your latest post cause I'm feeling frisky.

    You're right, either way it will be detrimental and there is no way you're going to make everyone happy but that isn't the point and that's what I've tried to explain to you countless times now. If you introduce level locking with such a small population you immediately kill the growth of the server. You're going to lose a number of players for a multitude of reasons but the primary two being casuals getting their teeth stomped by twinks and a lack of players populating the higher tiers. The players that are experiencing the full game, adventuring out, interacting with the community and making the community feel full are far more important then a handful of level lockers who are going to roam the same 4-6 zones. At one point in time level locking made sense but with the population size it simply does not. If you're going to quit because you can't level lock then you're playing the wrong game. It's an MMO, not a battle royale. Just look at season 1's launch compared to season 2's. Both had roughly the same start, maybe season 2 was a bit behind in terms of numbers but you need to look at how fast those numbers dwindled. In season 1 your population made it almost 2 months before numbers fell below 100, in season 2 that took just days. 3 days ago numbers fell below 100 and I caught them spike over 100 twice. That is absolutely pitiful and you're looking at an absolute ghost town in 16 days when classic WoW launches.

    Your whole perspective and line of thinking is flawed. Everquest 2 was once a fantastic MMO that had some of the best world PvP I've ever played. that's why you and I are both still here. Everquest 2 is and never will be a pure PvP game. This is not Apex Legends or Overwatch. You don't just queue up into a game and play, you invest time into your character and you become stronger. Look at Kaladim, I'm willing to bet a lot of those players wouldn't mind playing on a PvP server but the idea of a server where they can't invest their time because the population past t2/t3 is scarce at best is extremely off putting and that's why our initial launch numbers suck. Then you want to take the small population and reduce it even more. None of these ideas provide growth in population but rather stunt it. And that is what server health is, population. You gonna run around and level lock if you're the only player left? I completely get level locking, its less of an investment but it just dont work with the population.

    So sure you can hit me with that holier-than-thou attitude because I called you a name. Or you could sit down for a moment and look at this whole situation in a different light and realize there is more to it than simply PvP or level locking. Why DBG has insisted on attempting to replicate the formula of success used by other companies in other genre's is beyond me. They have a niche community and they need to design/market for it. Not attempt to tailor what was a phenomenal MMO into something that it isn't. Frankly I hope their plans moving forward are to launch a proper PvP TLE that is scaled with Nagafen's currenty XP/difficulty level. Cause this season stuff we got going on right now, this ain't it chief. I wont be wasting my time with another season nor will a number of my friends and guild mates.
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  8. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    Maybe if people could actually level up to cap without spending hours days trying to level they would do that instead of just level locking because of the time invested.

    Some people just want to level lock, sure, but people who want to play at end game right now aren't because of the leveling curve that's a lot of time invested, for such a small duration server frankly.

    I've already posted how long it takes to level to max, if level locking wasn't an option, people would just be leveling up for the most part, but a lot are just locking at the lower tiers because it's where pvp is, and pvp is there because frankly; leveling is just aids.

    I'm of the opinion that most who are level locking to are just killing people 3/6v1/2 who are trying to level up/trying out the server and all who are trying out the server just frankly leave because they just get rolled by these 50 AA level 14's with best in slot gear. It's not fun to me at least to just three shot people with out of balance poisons, autos, and a scout M2 hit, it's more fun to be level 70 and actually have to fight someone for more than 10-15 seconds.

    The thing I posted in the above paragraph is true based on how the population of those "trying" the server have already left, there's no point in getting killed by a locked group for hours while it takes an hour or two of questing to level once; it's frankly, not fun.

    I can't see very many people playing this until the bauble.
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  9. Xiao Member

    OMG Kazzo nobody reads your walls of text. I almost fell asleep just looking at it.

    Both of you are naive for thinking they listened or considered anything before rolling out the most hardcore server eq2 has ever seen as a temporary server, with timmy the trashcan xp rates.

    They just faceroll, hit enter and the new TLE or event server comes out the other end. They don't even consider the timing of the releases.

    Kaladim sucks, Nagafen is dead, the live servers are an absolute memehouse. There are less than 100 people game wide that enjoy EQ2 at the moment across the game.
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  10. Somedude Active Member

    I'd be surprised if 40 people max level before the bauble. I think that might only happen cause botting is allowed in this season. Actual players doing it, I'm not seeing 40 people suffer that.
  11. Somedude Active Member

    Except for the fact that pvping at that level range is dog poo. Higher levels bring better pvp. Running around rolling M2's on noobs is only engaging pvp for very simple minded players.
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  12. Satyr Well-Known Member

    The developers do listen and tried to implement as much feedback as possible this time. Unfortunately there was a large contingent of people who incorrectly begged for locking, twinking and slow XP because the 'disco xp cheat' and 'lies about xp pots' ruined the game for them. Those people didn't come back and then locking and slow rates ruined it for everyone else.
  13. Jarvan New Member

    no offense and no aggro here, but only half of this is truth. Dev's hardly listened to anything other than people winging about fast xp, level locking, healers being absurdly unkillable, and scouts crying because they cant kill a shadowknight(granted they were and are still way too strong.) Not sure where all the actual useful feedback went.

    Season 2 mitigation its still busted af. If your a melee class other than a scout or shadowknight, rip your pvp experience. Scout posions proc way too often and way too hard. level 42 MC poisons are hitting for no less than 300dmg a proc, and ive seen them proc at-least 10 times in 60 seconds in pvp. Do the math, its busted. Let us not forget that "interrupt" proc that procs twice a second, damn near every second, but scouts are "balanced" thats why 85% of the server is playing one.

    Shadowknights are still too strong, this coming from me an SK main for basically the last 15 years, as a berserker currently i literally kill myself from their reactive procs, while they take no damage. pointless to even attempt to engage one.

    Meanwhile it's cancer to try and get gear upgrades if your solo, overland heroic ^^ green con mobs are unkillable as most classes, aside from SK and certain casters it seems. (referring to Sinking sands at this point, as this is where i am currently) As a relatively well geared zerk, i can barley get them to 50% hp before im obliterated. Even small groups of 2-3 flat heroic mobs with obliterate you in seconds if you arent careful.

    Don't get why these things just cant be properly addressed. The code is there, its been in the game before. Deathtoll was tenfold better than these awful servers, and it was even a **** show. It's just not getting addressed, because the dev's either dont care, or simply dont listen to the people who actually play the game past level 20.

    Let us not forget telling everyone your releasing a level 70 bauble 6 weeks in, basically killed the population of the server because why stress ourselves out grinding in this abysmal xp when i can just buy level 70 and go pvp then. Big fivehead decision from the devs.

    Game's bust. until they start listening to the right people, who actually play the real game past level 20 level locking dogshit pvp, the server's will just die faster and faster.

    If they released an exact copy of the deathtoll server, same code, different expansions, it would thrive. plain and simple.
    But instead we've received these bust ***, spaghetti coded, lack of attention, "event" servers. and the only thing eventful about them is seeing how quickly they die.

    Enjoy my angry wall of text, call me kazzo. TLDR; Server is awful, Dev's dont listen, It's dead already.
  14. Prasecisqo New Member

    Listen to Jarvan Devs, do it.
  15. Vandrago Active Member

    Looks like they're making the same mistakes as they did when pvp was first introduced years ago. It's amazing to listen to a few people like they did before and get the same results.

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